Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 14


Episode 14


Wow, can you believe it… We are getting closer and closer to the end of the series! My gosh I can’t believe it, and I’m surprised there’s only one episode extension due to autumn celebration. Most of friends told me that Hong Sisters’ will be butchered if they decided to extend the series longer than it… Why? Heirs, that’s why. The fans will murdered them for sure! Hahaha… anyway, episode 13 ended with King making a pit stop at Meow’s shack and confronted her. Will this episode follow King around searching for his lost memory? Let’s find out together and watch it from Viki while reading our timeline.

ADGirl: I am here, sorry it took so long…

ahsokaseoul: No problem. Tell me when to play…

missienelly: Oooh hey. Ok. Lemme change my program.

ahsokaseoul: Ok

missienelly: Sorry. Change to a different app. I’m ready.

ADGirl: I am on the credits and paused.

missienelly: No commercial. Am at 0:11

ADGirl: only 0:03 in

ahsokaseoul: I’m at 0:12

missienelly: Let’s play!

ADGirl: Play!

ahsokaseoul: kk

ADGirl: Shit, are we on 14 or 15?

missienelly: 14!

ADGirl: Oops I am playing 15!

missienelly: Ok. We’ll wait. Am at 0:40

ahsokaseoul: Hehe. I’m at :40

ADGirl: LOL. Play.

missienelly: Ok. Haha rich patsy.


ahsokaseoul: You are not an appealing woman… *ouch*


missienelly: Voluptuousness lol

ADGirl: Love how she is playing it’s over

ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: I could hear her crying when she talks *pouts* He’s bewitched by her!

ADGirl: Hahahaha the beer. Forgot about that. Poor Meow. Wait till King figures it out.

ahsokaseoul: No nonononononono

missienelly: So saddddd! He looks puzzled! Report me your memory lol Yook gam hmm


ahsokaseoul: Learn Meow’s name Uncle!

ADGirl: !!!! I wonder if King actually remembers it or going by his uncles stories… *raises brow*


missienelly: By his uncle stories for sure lol That belly lol

ADGirl: Awww. Pause for commercial.

ahsokaseoul: Rocky is worried about Meow…


missienelly: Pause

ahsokaseoul: kk

ADGirl: Play

missienelly: I know. I’m glad he is still interested n concerned over her. Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Something’s empty…

ADGirl: His heart, she is talking about his soul. Maybe…

ahsokaseoul: Oh King if you would only remember… *sad face*

missienelly: Missing meow

ADGirl: Side by side they need to be.

ahsokaseoul: Coffee ghost


missienelly: Aaaa *screams*

ADGirl: Hahahaha

ahsokaseoul: I need to overcome my fears to protect you…

ADGirl: Rocker will be scared if he knows there is ghost *giggles*

missienelly: A talent to protect you hehe

ADGirl: Not like King.

missienelly: I wanna know coffee ghost story!!!


ADGirl: Oh no she better not! Creepy lady!

ahsokaseoul: Yes..

missienelly: Eeee

ADGirl: See, I told you she had more things she wanted from her! *fist palm*

missienelly: What the…? She’s being used!

ADGirl: Crap, she is frekin’ nuts!

ahsokaseoul: She wants Meow to help her with ghost matchmaking… This is one sacked out lady…!

ADGirl: Mist and rain in the graveyard… water ghost?


ahsokaseoul: Whacked out too!

missienelly: Omo *mouth wide open*

ADGirl: She must be on something! I bet it will be Cha!

ahsokaseoul: Are you single? *giggles*


missienelly: This is scary *bites nails*

ADGirl: This worse than creepy!

missienelly: Aaaaaa *screams! I can’t type, busy covering my face!

ahsokaseoul: Thank goodness for Cruella!

missienelly: Phew

ADGirl: Cruella will help out in the end.

ahsokaseoul: Nonononono not the creepy lady

ADGirl: That is just too much for words, marrying the dead.

missienelly: Lol. Couldn’t act!

ADGirl: Commercial again!

ahsokaseoul: Why does he want in exchange for using Meow? kk

missienelly: Pause

ADGirl: Who wants the exchange, ahsokaseoul?

missienelly: For bringing King back from coma!

ADGirl: Play

ahsokaseoul: The creepy lady. Ohhhh


ADGirl: That’s what I thought you meant. He is trying to let her down for now.

missienelly: Huh! Lol

ADGirl: Ask her what she did with the lady in black. Hhmm

missienelly: Yes, he asked!

ahsokaseoul: Back to the cemetery *giggles*


ADGirl: At least neither of them is beating around the bush.

missienelly: No!!! I’ll be covering face again *reaches for pillow*

ahsokaseoul: Back to the Kingdom

missienelly: Phew

ahsokaseoul: Damn! This episode is going fast!

ADGirl: Yep too fast!

ahsokaseoul: Do Re Mi


missienelly: Hong sisters are rushing us. No extension, please!

ahsokaseoul: The song!

missienelly: *melts* Love this song.

ADGirl: Lost in the moment… The Aunt.

missienelly: When is the spell going to break until he remembers her?

ahsokaseoul: Back to the creepy lady! Spell? Not the evil twin!


missienelly: It’s kind of spell, creepy lady did to King.

ahsokaseoul: Oh yea, right… *nods*

ADGirl: I bet King sees Meow with creepy lady and remembers it *wiggles brows*

ahsokaseoul: If Meow would show King the necklace… *frustrates*

missienelly: I know!

ADGirl: Oh she knows about Cha? Meaning the creepy lady?

Missienelly: Lol same position

ADGirl: Does she get off of you? Hahahahah

ahsokaseoul: If you don’t want to die, GET LOST!


ADGirl: *waves hand*

missienelly: The hand gesture lol

ahsokaseoul: No nonoononononono! King sees the necklace on Hanna!!!

missienelly: Love that blue suits on him though *winks*

ADGirl: Bitch! Commercial.

missienelly: Surgery? Ok!

ADGirl: I think I have so many commercial coz I signed in with FB *angry face*

ahsokaseoul: Not many people can pull off electric blue. I missed something…

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly:  *thumbs up*

ahsokaseoul: kk

ADGirl: I bet she kills Secretary Kim!

missienelly: Yes! Sec King remembers! No! Don’t say that!

ahsokaseoul: The Aunt is going to bring Meow in? ADGirl, shhhh!

missienelly: Geez, this aunt! Need to scare her with that vase ghost again *evil laughs*


ahsokaseoul: Hahahahaha

missienelly: Yes, he said that all the time.

ADGirl: Someone needs to scare or get rid of the creepy lady!

missienelly: Pretend you don’t know me? Awwww

ahsokaseoul: Please…

missienelly: King is hurts!

ADGirl: Don’t touch me! I don’t like! Poor King…


missienelly: He’s feeling something missing.

ahsokaseoul: Flashbacks

ADGirl: King will help Meow get rid of Creepy Lady

missienelly: Schweeeeeet!

ADGirl: Love it he is remembering on his own. SSSQQQUUUEEE

missienelly: Hug her! Oooooh, the necklace!

ADGirl: I am wondering what roll Rocker will play in helping her…

ahsokaseoul: 10 billion won radar…


missienelly: Geez, Cha! Do something evil!

ahsokaseoul: The three-finger waves.

ADGirl: Maybe not because that would give her away before she can make Hannah pay and prove her innocence. Damn commercial!

ahsokaseoul: Why would HE come back??


missienelly: Pause.

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Coz he’s an idiot! Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Isn’t that the guy who stabbed King in the back? I guess it’s in the script *laughs*

ADGirl: Yes, somehow the police never caught him?

missienelly: He’s tormented by what she said! *evil laughs*

ADGirl: Rocker to the rescue! Squeeee

ahsokaseoul: Rocker is not a very good security guard if he got in…

ADGirl: Kick Ass Rocker!


missienelly: What kind of self-defense is that? Lol Punch!

ahsokaseoul: Oh! He wants to see Meow…

missienelly: He feels guilty.

ahsokaseoul: You go Rocker!

ADGirl: Alright, Rocky! *cheers*

missienelly: Yes! Pink slacks!

ADGirl: Only the manliest of men can pull those off *winks*

missienelly: Poor Meow

ahsokaseoul: Ask Meow how you guys felt about each other instead of being angst… *facepalm*

missienelly: Lol

ahsokaseoul: Who is this?

missienelly: Aaaaaah Chung Hee!


ADGirl: Meow would not tell him the truth *pout*

missienelly: He can see ghosts too!

ADGirl: He must be working with Hannah *scoffs*

ahsokaseoul: dum dum dum

missienelly: No I refuse to believe! *fist palm*

ADGirl: How the HELL did he knows she could see ghosts?

missienelly: He’s an angel!

ADGirl: I wonder if Rocker brings King?

missienelly: Awwww Rocker so sweet… Is this the song he sang?


ADGirl: I think so

ahsokaseoul: As long as Rocker knows Meow is Kings…

missienelly: Awwwww my heart! Saranghaeyo Seo In Guk!


ADGirl: Commercial

ahsokaseoul: Pink pants again! kk


missienelly: Yes, pause.

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Nice pink pastel. Ok. Nice white shirt too *swoons*

ahsokaseoul: LMAO. Do something Cha!

missienelly: Aish I know!

ADGirl: *Melts* Poor Cha.

missienelly: Cupid

ahsokaseoul: I love the way King speaks with his hands *beams*


missienelly: He just love playing with his hands. Lol we said the same thing, ahsokaseoul *smiles*

ahsokaseoul: Jinx!

ADGirl: It seems natural too! He does use his hands a lot in real interviews. So his character is a part of him…

ahsokaseoul: Kleenex time *reaches for one*

missienelly: Sigh Can he start a new memory with her? Why is the old memory so precious to him?


ahsokaseoul: Get lost….

missienelly: Turn around!




ahsokaseoul: What????

missienelly: What are you guys what about? Omo Oooh what? I’m slow hehe

ahsokaseoul: I thought I missed something.. Nothing new..

ADGirl: I am at 53:23

missienelly: 54:13

ahsokaseoul: 54:25

missienelly: Play?

ADGirl: Not yet. Play.

ahsokaseoul: Tell me when, ok? Ok.

missienelly: Ok


ahsokaseoul: Finally but it’s too late…

missienelly: He saw it!!!!

ADGirl: But his memories did not come rushing back…

missienelly: Geez, say something Cha!

ahsokaseoul: Cha is the key…

missienelly: I think she just needs to let Cha use her body. Just once.

ahsokaseoul: She will possess Meow?

missienelly: No. But that’s the only way to get her message to King.

ADGirl: He needs to recall he loves Meow.

missienelly: Fudge!

ahsokaseoul: Why don’t you calculate how much that costs…

ADGirl: Whoever did her plastic surgery needs to have his license revoked! *evil laughs*


missienelly: Lol Heart ache


ADGirl: I can do the next episode if you want

ahsokaseoul: Know there are two more episodes… But get together!!!!!

missienelly: I’m fine. It is up to ahsokaseoul. What is it king? Yes!

ahsokaseoul: Yy! It’s not the genuine one! Yes I can do next episode…

missienelly: Not the genuine one…

ADGirl: Woot Woot

missienelly: Gasp! Yes!!!!!

ADGirl: Beautiful. Just beautiful.

missienelly: Aaaaaaaah my heart


ADGirl: Next?

missienelly: Next ep?

ahsokaseoul: Next!

So, as you can see, our timeline is rather shorter than previous episodes. Hong Sisters rushed this entire episode so much that we didn’t have enough time to comment on all. But, if you also noticed, there aren’t many substances in this episode too. It’s a shame… I’m disappointed a bit but it is what it is. As usual, please visit Jess Unnie’s blog for her dramatic view here.


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