Stalking: Yoo Seung-Ho


Is today my lucky day or what??? *pats shoulder* I’m back with another CF! This time, Yoo Seung Ho lending his baby face to the military commercial. How cute was he? This recent released comm (only yesterday) got me extremely excited!!!! Can you just tell? *winks* Through Mwave, this CF is a recruiting and/or promoting active duty in military service. And for me, I’m just wayyyyyyy too happy to see his smile again and him in real action! My gosh, that smile is so addictive! I just can’t… I can’t!!! I miss that smile so, so much! That truly genuine smile from the best actor in Korean history *nods* definitely gives hope to all his fans *coughs* “me! me! me!” that he’s doing wonderful in any tasks given to him, be it acting or performing military duty to his country. Seung-Ho ahhh…. hwaiting! *muacks*


6 thoughts on “Stalking: Yoo Seung-Ho

      • DAEBAK Sgt. Seung Ho!! That is awesome! I knew he probably would go up in rank during his service – so proud of him!!! And yes, he is plenty tall!


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