Spotlight: Park Min-Woo

399px-Park_Min_WooWhoa, whoa, whoa! He IS a flower boy worthy. Look at him! Just look at this handsome face! I was kind of attracted to his dorky yet gangsterish character as Kim Ba-Eul on Flower Boy Ramen Shop. He has this dimple next to his left side lips that is so cute! He was very memorable *ahem ahem* not because of his dimples though 😉 but for his funny character. And I kind of miss him… Where is he now? I thought he is so well known among his fangirls but wae no news of you, buddy? Do you have another job? His latest work was in The Virus, aired early 2013 but it doesn’t look like he was the second lead. And  before that, he was in Play Guide (it is on my watch list, stay tune for the review), a tvN production aired early 2013 as well.

Min Woo is very tall. Model tall! *sigh* Why am I so short? I think he is as tall as Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. He has this really graceful and sincere smile and very fresh looking face. And he looks very comical to me… So that’s why, I really want to see him more on small screen… I don’t mind big screen too! The Virus was too heavy and definitely will not let him shine the most although as an actor, he should try all types of role before deciding on one that fits him the most.  A rom-com fits him totally in my opinion though. I hope for his next project, if not male lead role, at least he earns a spot as a second lead role. He deserves a push, if not from his agency, at least from us fans. Right? Min-Woo shi… hwaiting!


And before I leave, here is the sweetest song from the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST. This song is sang by Jung Il Woo, the male lead for FBRS. The title of this song is A Person Like You. I love his voice and this song is so, so touchy! *tsk tsk*


What do you think?

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