Wednesday Eu-Mak: Huh Gak

Good Wednesday, everyone from this cold weather! Wait, who turned on the AC? I’m not ready to bundle up since it’s still warm in the afternoon. It’s a tough season to dress yet it’s the best season ever to enjoy. As the weather gets cooler, my daily ride to work gets more beautiful with breathtaking scenery left and right. And speaking of breathtaking, this week music post is breathtaking as well. I’m featuring Huh Gak, one of few singers that does ballad songs very well. His voice is too much to handle, even for me. So let’s hear it!


I came to know Huh Gak when he lent his voice for Big OST. It was love at first hearing. Now just to be clear, I didn’t just fall in love with the song alone, which most people tend to get confuse between voice and song, I also fall in love with his voice too. There is something in his voice that I can’t shake it off of me. So, who is Huh Gak? This Incheon boy was the winner of the 2010 Superstar  K season 2. This dropout high school boy worked as a ventilator fixer and does festival singing as a side job before he became famous. All his hard work is paying off now… What a beautiful life story. He is currently under A Cube Entertainment and released his first album in 2011. He will hold his first solo concert this November. I wish I could be there… His voice is just so powerful. Ooooh, and one good news to share with all his fans… In mid September, he announced that he would tie a knot with his first love and the date was October 3rd! Chuga haeyo, Huh Gak!

So the first MV is called One Person, taken from Big OST. This is one hair-raising song when I first heard it and it still gives me the chill whenever I listen to it. His voice is so sweet and wonderful and you can almost feel the sadness coming out of him. The song IS indeed very sad and for him to able to transfer and channel his energy into making this song truly sad yet moving, now that’s what I called a true talented artist. I love, love his voice. One Person really made Huh Gak works his voice to the max! He can go really, really low and jump to a really high note without getting choke! *claps* Bravo, Huh Gak! Bravo! You deserve this spotlight from me!

The next song is called You’re Mine. This song is completely different from One Person. You’re Mine sounded very jazzy and R&B like, or should I say…. very Californian like. And I want to say it could be a little Indie as well… Don’t you think? But hands down, the song is too commercial for Indie. This style of music is kind of typical though. You can hear a similar style from John Park, Roy Kim, Eric Nam, etc. Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean but they are also Superstar alumni except Eric (Birth of Great Star alumni). Put that aside, they all have similar music taste or this is the easiest music style to go to start off their singing career. Heck, I don’t know anything *shrugs* but what I do know that this song is so cheery and happy! You’re Mine features Swings for the rapping part (who sounded eerily similar to Verbal Jint). I enjoy this song though and it certainly a pick-me-up song. Don’t you agree? *sways head left and right* You’re Mine was released back in August 2013 but it didn’t get that much attention as other singers with similar music style. A Cube Ent. needs to do a better job in marketing this boy’s album. It is available on iTunes if you want to purchase it.

I hope you agree with Huh Gak’s music today. I love it. And I can’t stop listening to both… The songs prove that Huh Gak can be very serious with One Person yet carefree in You’re Mine. I wish this new groom best of luck in his singing career! For next week, I’m going newly discovered artist. Well, at least they are in my dictionary ;). Happy Wednesday again and enjoy your day and week ahead!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Huh Gak

  1. I learned about him after I K-Shot your love… he shows up in the MV for Whenever You Play That Song!! ❤ Makes you fall in love with the song right along with falling for YSH. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, daebak! The song is the best and the MV is even better with my puppy! Did you see how long his fingers are? I just want to wrap my fingers around his…. I’m squeee-ing now like a little girl! Jjinja jjinja, I’m so in love with him more and more! Thanks for sharing this, Meesh! You know how to fill a gap in this girl’s heart 😀


      • He has the loveliest hands indeed!! Such long candlestick-like fingers…..LOVE! How cute is he here???!! So dreamy and romantical……! ❤


          • Even I admit to getting thunked by him in this one. I don’t know what it is. He is just SO GOOD. You believe his every move, his every expression…and this is just a MV. I love that kind of commitment. And SO handsome…omg, If I got to choose what my guardian angel would look like, believe it or not, I would choose him. He is so soft and ethereal. I bet he gives good hugs. O.~


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