Spotlight: Shin Dong-Wook


Poor Shin Dong-Wook shi. He has  been away from the spotlight for a very looooong time. First, he left the entertainment business because of military service calling. Later, he started to withdraw all his work because of the pain he suffers. How bad was his pain? CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) bad. Yes, you heard me right and because of this syndrome,  he was released early from his soldier duty. How very sad…. *tsk tsk*. I am only know Dong-Wook from Stars Falling From The Sky. And apparently, this drama was his last work before military duty.


This 31 year old actor was not bad in that drama. However,  I don’t see much passion in his eyes. He was kind of stiff. Maybe because of his role? I don’t know… But his face was kind of dreamy in it… I like it, and he was kind of cute. As I research for more news, I found out that he wants to do a comeback. I really hope so… it help him put his pain away. After all, acting is what he does for a living and obviously from his extensive resume, he’s been casted for main role for more than three times! Impressive! He must have done something to good to be cast for main role again and again. Now, let’s pray for his health and a fresh comeback soon. Fighting, Dong-Wook-shi!

So I leave this post with two spectacular ballad love songs from Stars Falling from the Sky OST. The first one  is Remember My Love, sang by Monday Kiz.

And the second one is Perhaps by Jaycade.


What do you think?

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