Stalking: Spaceship Candy


Hahahaha, Junsu is Meesh’s (of Your Daily K-Shot of Hot) spaceship candy at the moment! And guess what? I’m hoping on it as well! *jumps in the air and kicks legs* Woohoo! But it’s hard to stalk this fabulous boy. He’s very private about his life. And you hardly can find any CF of himself alone… most his CF is either collaboration with his team from DBSK/TVXQ time or JYJ. I think he’s very loyal friend and will not do anything alone, except for his singing career. So instead of regular CF I usually have for Stalking post, I decided to do a little special just for all of us and of course, his noona, Meesh *grins*. Cccccchheeeeck him out on this intimate photo shoot for Singles Magazine! Hawwwwwwwttttt! *cranks up the fan* Is it me or is it getting hot in here?


4 thoughts on “Stalking: Spaceship Candy

  1. Dear god, I love you for this!!! Junsu sizzles right off the screen. HOT HOT HOT!!! He’s gorgeous. Frankly, I am shocked I get anything done in any given day lately with Rain, YSH, JCW and Junsu. It is a cute K-men festival every day of the week!!! Thank you. Thank you for stalking Junsu!! ❤


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