Wednesday Eu-Mak: All about Young

Happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! I’m not feeling well… *cries* This is my fourth day with migraine. Yup, fourth day!!! Usually, it lasted 3 days but I guess it decided to stay a little longer… Nothing I could do to get this migraine away, so I’m enduring it as much as I can. And as for that, today’s post will be less elaborate as the previous posts but the goal is to have  you enjoy the songs I chose for y’all. And this week theme is all about Young. Yeah, please stay young *grins* and also, it just so happened that both artists have “Young” in their names. No, I didn’t plan it… Purely coincident *winks*


So, the first MV is called Love Me by Seo In Young. I don’t know who she is but this song is pretty addictive. I keep finding myself visiting YT for this song over and over again. This 80s vibe song is very hip and upbeat, and it’s great to listen to when driving around town. If I could dance right now, I would but this migraine is strapping me down to my seat *sighs*. Amuden, I know you’ll like this song…. Her voice is awesome!

The next MV is called Spotless Mind by Jung Joon Young. The minute he opens his mouth, my jaw dropped. Look at him! Jjeongmalyo? That mogsoli (voice)!!!! Did that voice really come out from this boy? Wow *claps* this boy is beyond talented in my opinion. Stunning voice is all I can say. He’s definitely under my radar now. Impressive! Knock my socks off! What do you think the genre of this music? It’s not so much of Kpop so I tag KRock instead… It certainly has rock ballad-y vibe and it is quite dreamy. I love it and I’m dying to know what you think of this song… Tell me what you think? Neh?

I hope you enjoy my rather short music post for this week. As for next week, I have this trio group I am dying to introduce them to you. Nope, they aren’t JYJ in case you are thinking of them… Need clue? Rock trio! Just wait, okay? Have a great weekend!


What do you think?

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