Currently Watching: Warrior Baek Dong Soo


*cuss words* multiple that by 1000 times! My heavens, this is one awesome, FRRRRREAKING AWESOME, awesome part true, part fantasy period drama I’ve seen in ages! My god…. I can’t even type! And you know I never like period drama! Be it real, fantasy or fusion… NEVER! It’s a big no-no  in my kdrama vocab! But this out-of-this-world 2011, 29 episodes Korean drama is by far the BEST drama in my watching sageuk-drama history. Did I just repeat myself that? Well, who cares…  This highly intense, over the edge drama leaves me breathless each time I finished an episode. Yes, Warrior Baek Dong Soo is that engaging even my 2.5 year old kid is watching it too! We would be screaming and crying and yelling and throwing cats toys at the tv… The ending of episode 11 left us both screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!!! and clinging to each other for our dear character! Yeap, we were very well-absorbed and mesmerized all together by how engaging this show did to both of us. My journey with WBDS is not alone. Michele of Your Daily K-Shot of Hot is watching this drama with me as well. She and I are completely in love with this drama and smitten (and head over heels) by the male leads! Especially Michelle, she would send me screenshots of smoldering Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook every night. The shots captured the best features of both actors and…. made my knees shake a bit. Ok, I lied… shakes a lot! *blushes*


The story of Warrior Baek Dong Soo is complex yet very engaging. The characters are complex too and it can be very difficult to follow if you don’t pay attention OR FF is your favorite button (please don’t!). This is no romance drama but they don’t eliminate romance element entirely. This drama about constant politic struggles among the ministers and the royal is definitely testing one’s patience, loyalty and honor to his country, his brothers (brotherhood), his friends and his families. WBDS is not an easy drama to watch because you have to be a bit political savvy to understand what is going on. Thankfully, I’m exposed in this topic through my ever-so-political-savvy-yet-manipulative-mind hubby! LOL OK, let’s not go there… And exchanging opinions and questions with Michele helps a lot! One thing I want to share with you the reason I decided to watch WBDS is not because of my boy Yoo Seung Ho…. Shocking, right? Yup, you heard me… It is just so happened that he is in it *winks* *jackpot!* IT WAS THE MUSIC that made me falling for this show. I know this is very unusual and I don’t know if there are people like me who made judgement based on the OST. But here I am, watching it because of the songs! Here is a YouTube playlist I found for your leisure listening…


So what is Warrior Baek Dong Soo is all about? Ok, at episode 27 and I’m finally slowly, yes slowly, grasping the story of this epic as of now. The build up of the story is slow but with a good purpose. The writers are smart, in my humble opinion. They drag a simple crisis and release a small dose of clues episode by episode. I admit, at times, I get clueless. Meesh and I at times wonder as well how some characters managed to stay alive even after dramatic ambush. Yeah, it is a laughing stock but I guess it keeps the story going… And also, 9 cat lives apply to them hehehehe. And back to the story, WBDS  is about two friends went their separate ways but somehow fate let them together as frienemies. The two, Baek Dong Soo and Yeo Woon met on an unexpected circumstances and eventually grew up together in a martial art training camp. Both have different ideas and purpose in life. They are like yin and yang, black and white, goofy and… not goofy. This drama entails a painful journey of these two warriors of different kind in attempt to save the king’s life. Here is my take of the two characters (to my best knowledge) *winks*.


  • Ji Chang Wook as Baek Dong Soo – a happy go lucky child who was born as an orphan. His dad was used as a scarification (scapegoat basically) by the King in order to save the Crown Prince’s life. Dong Soo was left behind to noble Swordman Lord but later lost the baby, thankfully to Sa-Mo, a friend to Dong-Soo’s father. Dong Soo is one lucky boy to be raised by such caring “dad” even though at one point, his health deteriorate and had back and body braces to support his fragile body. He was then sent away by SaMo to martial art training school under Dae-Pyo to learn martial art and he eventually pulled himself together out of his poor health to be a man he always wanted to be. Later in life, he finally met up with Swordman Lord again and trained the true art of sword fighting and became one of the best swordman in the country.


  • Yoo Seung Ho as Yeo Woon – a mysterious child who was born with a killer instinct. His father saw it and made attempts to kill Woon since he was a baby but his attempt costed his wife’s life. Un as a child was full of rage and made numerous attempts to kill his father in which in the end, indirectly, killed him. Woon met up with SaMo who later sent him to the same training school with Dong Soo. Later in life, Woon went separate way and follow the step of Chun Lord, the leader of Black Ninjas. It is pretty unclear to why Woon decided to move to the darker side. However, one thing is certain, he remained to be skillful in his fighting and sword fighting skills. One of the best!

Black Lord vs Swordman Lord

Overall, my vote for this drama is a 10 STAR YES!!!! It is magnificent, glorious, excellent, grand and most of all,  A MASTERPIECE! This masterpiece drama has made me rushing to go home for the past two weeks so I can sit in front of my big telly and watch it with my son and Meesh. Heck, it excites Meesh way too much she almost ticketed for speeding! So you see how good Warrior Baek Dong Soo is? This drama is definitely worth investing 30 hours (if you’re Meesh, probably 35 hours…. watch, pause, screenshot and repeat!) of your time. Heck, it is worth a rewatch again and again and again! As of today, we are down with 2 episodes left and imagine  how we are dragging it by one episode per day so we can let this feeling of swooning and squealing over our boys last longer in our hearts and souls. WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! PLEASE! WORTH EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE!


17 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Warrior Baek Dong Soo

  1. OMO…reading this made my heart race and put me right back in the emotional storm I go through each episode!!! So wonderfully thought out and presented here. Plus, I feel the so many FEELS you are experiencing with this drama. Probably because I am feeling them right along with you!! AND THAT GIF LOOKS GORGEOUS here!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THUNK! Dong Soo versus Yeo Un. Good versus bad. Dark versus light….all perfect! Wielding the sword to save lives and not take lives – the theme the Sword Saint and the Sky Lord passed on to each of their protegees. Oh my goodness…this drama!!! <33 My fave character development has been Dong Soo. But I am still rooting for Un-aaaa!!! What an AH-MAZING job Ji Chang Wook is doing with DS. In E5 and those early eps before they go off to martial arts training, DS is goofy and nonsensical. He has yet to discover his purpose – once he does….back the heck up everyone because Dong Soo is FOR REAL! In E27 when he takes on all of those asshat fatso henchmen WITHOUT a weapon….I was like oh yes, DS, you are indeed a martial arts master of the highest degree!!! And, he was SO hot doing so. And, I am still of the firm belief that no one and I mean NO ONE can out-smolder YSH. He is perfection! ❤


    • I just read my post again and I’m still as emotional as you are. I still can’t believe it is over… I’m on week 2 of kdrama withdrawal and it so unlike me. I am afraid to do any other post coz I don’t want to lose this warm fuzzy memory feeling of WBDS to another post. The boys are perfect in their characters. What an incredible drama and a grand masterpiece, and this journey with you is definitely the best! I’m so glad to have you as my WBDS watching partner 😉 and am looking forward to our next watch together!


      • I seriously cannot wait until we take on Flames and Five Fingers together for future YSH and JCW squeeeeee!! But, I am right here with you on WBDS. I cannot get this drama out of my system. And, I don’t want it to leave – I love that it is lingering.

        When Cabby mentioned that a ‘romance’ was of not importance in this drama because the ‘bromance’ was potent enough, she was spot on. But, I love how the writers synchronized the subtle romance part concerning DS/Un in that they kept even THAT in tandem with the elders (Sword Saint/Sky Lord/Ji) and protegees (Dong Soo/Yeo Woon/Ji Seon). It was as if Dong Soo and Un were following EXACTLY in the footsteps of their masters, right down to being a part of a love triangle. I have to wonder if Un came back, would he have won Ji Seon from Dong Soo? You and I both know how smoking hot and masterful DS became. He became a solid leader and was (as he always had been) a good man. Perhaps history then would have had to step in as the real DS was married to Jin Ju. Un deserves some loving too, after all and I would have wanted him to end up with someone and since his heart was set on Ji Seon, I would have been ok with them together. After all, remember when Un made the statement that she was his life. OMG….UN!!

        Seriously, I cannot stop thinking about this drama!!!.


        • Haha, I intend to watch Flames of Desire and Five Fingers too! But Flames is too long. I started on Five Fingers quite a few months ago but I stopped at episode 4 because of other real life commitments. Throughout those 4 episodes, I was impatiently waiting for Ji Chang Wook to just appear already lol! I’ll continue with Five Fingers again soon. By the way, are you all watching Empress Ki? There’s Ji Chang Wook there too.

          In WBDS, I actually preferred the Dong Soo and Jin Ju couple, partly because she seemed to have more spunk and was more interesting than the somewhat lifeless Ji Seon. My dislike for Ji Seon must really run deep! Haha! But I think I just generally don’t like demure female characters.


  2. Hi! I saw this drama almost a year ago. I would say it’s one of the better sageuks around! I started watching this drama because of Yoo Seungho, but then I ended up falling in love with JI CHANG WOOK!! The bromance was just sizzling smothering hot in this drama such that I totally couldn’t be bothered about the romance. In fact, I was quite annoyed with Baek Dongsoo’s love interest, especially when the show focused so much on her ginseng business at one part. What I looked forward to most in this show were the fighting scenes, which were just pure ART! And not to mention the charismatic Choi Min Soo as the Sky Lord. I must say the love triangle between the older couple turned out to be surprisingly interesting to watch. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the OST! Not just the songs but also the instrumental track, and I still find myself listening to the OST even today.

    But I wouldn’t give the show full marks though because some parts were rather draggy, and I didn’t like the way the ending was handled (Cho Rip just suddenly became the “bad guy”). Haha sorry for long reply! It was really a memorable show despite some gripes I have about it.


    • I couldn’t agree more with Dong Soo’s love interest. It is a story filler and I couldn’t care at all. This beautifully made drama from the relationship between Sky Lord and Swordman Lord down to their descendants, i was just in awed by it. The OST is awesome as well. I’ve been listening to it more frequently these days…

      I don’t find it draggy strangely, maybe I was so into the boys I was able to put the draggy part behind! Thanks for your comment, I don’t mind long reply :). The longer the merrier, and I know from long comment such yours mean you loved the show as much as I am. 😀


  3. Yes indeed…the JCW-effect!!! How dynamically awesome is he in this drama??? The intensity of of the BDS/Un bromance was so powerful – it has out-romanced anything I have see thus far! LOVE!!!


  4. No, you’re not alone! I too fall in love with dramas to OSTs!!<3 and can decide to watch them just after hearing their OSTs – MUSIC LOVERS WE ARE! ^^ but the OSTs to a drama are really impt, I can't imagine kdramas without songs…it would be lifeless and emotionless!


    • Oh yes, it’s funny that sometimes I judge the drama by its OST but I can’t help it! Like you, I’m a musician. I can’t write or express my feeling like others, but I can express it thru music. And WBDS OST did really well in expressing it…


  5. hey i just completed this drama and in love with is lingering in my heart. i also can’t stop thinking about it day and night i always think about DS and YU specially YU.he is awesome and so is the chemistry btw YU and DS.right now my final exam is going on and i have to study but i just can’t stop thinking about it.


  6. hey i just completed this drama and in love with is lingering in my heart. i also can’t stop thinking about it day and night i always think about DS and YU specially YU.he is awesome and so is the chemistry btw YU and DS.right now my final exam is going on and i have to study but i just can’t stop thinking about it.


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