Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 15


Hey guys, here we are on the episode 15. I apologize for posting the recap late (and not sure if there’s any people reading it)… I’ve  been too busy with life and caught on with some newer dramas. Anyway, here is a recap for Master’s Sun. The hunt is on again… Who is Cha? Who is Ha Na? Did they work together to steal the jewelry from King? Let’s find out! As a reminder, we saw this via Viki and I suggest you do the same *not a Viki spoke person*

Episode 15


missienelly: I’m at 0:05

ADGirl: Commercial

ahsokaseoul: Me too!

missienelly: Notice no more recap from previous episode anymore. Hong sisters are rushing it now.

ADGirl: Play? Yes they are!

ahsokaseoul: If people aren’t caught up by now… kk

missienelly: Ok. Just a little?

ADGirl: Sorry, I paused… had to go to the ladies room


missienelly: Ok

ahsokaseoul: If I didn’t incredibly recover my memory…

missienelly: Aim right, Laurie shi *sticks tongue out*

ahsokaseoul: I’m at 1:25

missienelly: 1:13

ADGirl: ahsokaseoul, play.

missienelly: Now I can finally walk into my tweeter-verse with a big smile since I’ll be caught up with the rest of them *evil laughs*

ahsokaseoul: kk

missienelly: Ok

ADGirl: Nelly play!

missienelly: *thumbs up*

ahsokaseoul: King is so good at faking…..


missienelly: Haha

ADGirl: Hahahaha

ahsokaseoul: His pain…


ADGirl: No wonder why we love him!

missienelly: Lol I just love his husky voice.

ADGirl: Mr. CEO, you must have been In a lot of PAIN.

missienelly: Seat belt, King! Black and white. Angel vs devil. Good vs bad. So they were separated at birth?

ADGirl: I am not sure at birth but young enough to forget each other

missienelly: I see.

ADGirl: So Hannah is doing all this because he won’t choose her?


missienelly: He looks fine hehe

ahsokaseoul: That was wrapped up in a neat little bow… Why would Hanna care after 15 years? Get a life… *fist palm*

ADGirl: She now blames him for Cha’s death?

missienelly: I don’t get Hannah story. Really. Move on.

ahsokaseoul: The quality I found attractive in you left… oh Meow…

ADGirl: Hahaha

missienelly: Haha I’m not… Attractive?

ahsokaseoul: Talking to his hand…

ADGirl: Damn commercials! Play!

missienelly: Pause. Ok.

ahsokaseoul: You tell that creepy lady, King! Paused

ADGirl: Going to look in the mirror and find an attractive quality

missienelly: Ok

ahsokaseoul:  *thumbs up*

missienelly: Play?

ADGirl: I said that a back, I am at 10:02

missienelly: What is this creepy lady say?


ahsokaseoul: I’m at 10:24

missienelly: 11 minute

ADGirl: 10:20

missienelly: Let me know when to play

ADGirl: Play missienelly

missienelly: Ok

ADGirl: sorry, meant ahsokaseoul

ahsokaseoul: That person is alive! Don’t covet him!

missienelly: Ok. Play now?

ADGirl: Yes

missienelly: Settlement sounds too ancient to my ears lol Ok

ahsokaseoul: My ears are open so I hear well… *laughs*

ADGirl: lol

missienelly: Lol 4th time!


ADGirl: You know Hannah is going to kidnap Meow

missienelly: Lol

ahsokaseoul: Saving Meow again will bring his memory back


missienelly: You think, Laurie? Muahahaha

ADGirl: Coffee ghost now bringing others into it.

missienelly: Bam bam bam ba ban She’s right. They’re dangerous if together.

ADGirl: With Hannah around it is.

missienelly: Awww she’s stronger now! He said jal ja?

ADGirl: Told you. Hannah’s accomplish *fist palm*


ahsokaseoul: Sleep well?

missienelly: Who?

ADGirl: Commercial

missienelly: Pause.

ADGirl: the guy who also sees ghost is the accomplish… Play!

ahsokaseoul: Jal ja. What does that mean?

missienelly: Coffee ghost must have told him about her.


ADGirl: Hong sisters middle of the drama new story line *head desk*

missienelly: Good night. Where is her sister?

ADGirl: Good night? Are we stopping for now?

ahsokaseoul: No!

missienelly: No *sticks tongue out*

ADGirl: Oh good *phew*

missienelly: King said good night to her instead of get lost *smiles*

ADGirl: Oh yah! Hahahaha

missienelly: I was surprise lol Why did she do that to Cha?

ADGirl: HHHMMM Curiosor and Curiousor

ahsokaseoul: Aww King is so excited to see Sec. Kim *smiles*

ADGirl: Like a little boy seeing his dad after work *giggles*

missienelly: I know!

ADGirl: Older twin?

missienelly: I thought younger twin…

ADGirl: She is placing the blame on her uncle?

missienelly: Yup. Making him look bad. *b*tch*

ahsokaseoul: Just go away, Hanna! Pbbblt!

missienelly: Damn it!!!

ADGirl: What does she have on the uncle?

ahsokaseoul: L!!!!!


missienelly: Hello, L! This is confusing. They made Cha the darker one. She’s reversing the story.


ahsokaseoul: Of course she is; she had something to do with it…

ADGirl: Commercial AGAIN I think King Kknows she is lying! Play.

missienelly: Pause. Ok. Yes I think he knew…

ahsokaseoul: What is Meow wearing????

missienelly: He quit?


ADGirl: So is Secretary Kim leaving?

ahsokaseoul: Because King doesn’t want him around?

missienelly: A shirt and a short?


ADGirl: YAY! She will not protect her long…

missienelly: Let’s do it meow

ADGirl: She is going to let her possess her body

missienelly: I’m glad King is not a fool

ahsokaseoul: The radar!

missienelly: 100 billion radar now?

ADGirl: HHHMMM! I wonder if she is protecting King…

missienelly: Why why why is she protecting her evil twin?

ADGirl: They planned it to see what his father would do and Hannah took it farther

ahsokaseoul: It would hurt King to hear the real truth… Rocky and Sec. Kim gone?

ADGirl: This leaves both unprotected.

missienelly: Rocker will know once the culprit is found.

ADGirl: The other guy who she saw when she was in a coma may actually be able to help her

missienelly: Yes. Chinese food? Lol


ahsokaseoul: Talking about spiking the punch…

ADGirl: Commercial

missienelly: OK

ADGirl: You have no idea how many curse words in my head

ahsokaseoul: They said spicy rice cake which is ddokbokki. right?

ADGirl: Play. Yes. Sneaky!

missienelly: Yes. Not Chinese…

ADGirl: This is how Meow will get kidnapped! UM would you not taste the alcohol?

missienelly: I’m sure he can taste the vodka! Hahahaha he’s drunk

ahsokaseoul: Not if it’s not in the script *winks*

ADGirl: hahaha Angela! So he is totally not the bad guy.


missienelly: Please don’t consider him, Meow *sad face*

ADGirl: Just the guy who fell in love with her and kept it from afar?

missienelly: Yup. One sided love *snuffles*

ahsokaseoul: Why would Meow consider someone else? The possession…


missienelly: WUT? Whoa!

ahsokaseoul: Wae?

ADGirl: Commercial! SON OF A BITCH!!!! Play!

missienelly: Pause. Ok.

ADGirl: Come on Meow/Cha!

missienelly: Where’s Meow???

ADGirl: So why continue to follow him?

missienelly: And why change face?

ahsokaseoul: Is Hanna Chae or Hanna? I’m getting a headache…



missienelly: Me too! Don’t listen to her!!!

ADGirl: She is Cha or she would have told Meow the truth asap

ahsokaseoul: Yeah

missienelly: Gasp!



ADGirl: DAMN She crushed him again!

missienelly: Oppa! Come lemme hug you. Where’s King???

ADGirl: Sitting there crushed *sigh*

ahsokaseoul: Busted!


missienelly: Huh?

ADGirl: He better save her!

ahsokaseoul: These are the first episodes (14 & 15) that I really need a nap after…

ADGirl: He can tell by how she is standing!

missienelly: Gotcha!



missienelly: Hah!

ahsokaseoul: Now Hanna is being arrested..


ADGirl: Commercial

ahsokaseoul: No Cha

ADGirl: Play

missienelly: Pause. Ok. Found it!

ADGirl: How are they dragging out the next 6 episodes?

ahsokaseoul: 6?

missienelly: What do you mean? We have one episode left.

ADGirl: Is there not 21?

missienelly: Not 20.

ahsokaseoul: I thought there were only 16?

ADGirl: That’s what I thought I heard they had added more episodes…

missienelly: Hmm?

ahsokaseoul: Where’s the single tear?

missienelly: So Meow was or wasn’t possessed? Or did Cha transfer all her thought to Meow when she walked thru/pass Meow? L!!!

ADGirl: I am thinking possessed her to give the thoughts and stop Hee Joo

missienelly: Buh bye Hanna

ahsokaseoul: *waves*

missienelly: There he is waiting for our Meow. Oh man… Don’t let her leave, King.


ahsokaseoul: King thinks Meow doesn’t like him anymore? Run after her!!!!!

missienelly: Sobbbbbb

ADGirl: held my breath the whole time.

ahsokaseoul: Why? o Why King?

missienelly: Aaaaaaaa No!!!!!!!

ADGirl: WTF!

ahsokaseoul: I guess I will see you both for the next one!

missienelly: Heirs!

ADGirl: Yes sir next week.

missienelly: Ok night night. See y’all next week.

ahsokaseoul: Jalja

missienelly: Jal ja eonnie

ADGirl: Heirs YAY Can I just say LMH’s new hair style WOW! LOVE IT!

missienelly: I know. I can’t wait for Heirs. I’m shallow and I don’t care lol

ADGirl: All the candies!

missienelly: Ok for real. Night!

ADGirl: Night I am off to watch some Secret Garden 🙂

Ok guys, I hope you enjoy reading our timeline chat. Unfortunately, there is no dramatic review from Jess Unnie but I know there are tons of  recap review out on net… Stay tune for our next timeline cap!


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