Wednesday Eu-Mak: Handsome People

Hello, hello, hello! It’s Wednesday! The first Wednesday of November to be exact! How are you all doing? I’m still groggy trying to adjust with this time changes we had this weekend. Yeap, we gained extra hour. It’s good and bad I must say *shrugs*.  As much as I want to complain, I should just deal with it like a grown up. *sigh* I sounded like a diva, eh? 😉 I can’t help it. And speaking of diva, this diva here loves handsome people. Yes, only handsome people can be around me! LOL just kidding! I’m talking Handsome People, the trio Korean rock band group I’m featuring for today’s music! Gotcha! Well, although, this noona loves handsome people in general… *winks*

handsome people

Handsome People. A trio band. How did I know them? I stumbled them on YouTube. My impression of them as a group? I like them! Their music is awesome!  Vocal wise? It needs more ooompph. But the music is catchy, I can’t complain. The group claimed to be a rock band but if you listen to the entire album, their songs are more Indie-meets-R&B. I don’t know… Would you agree? SeoulBeats (my best music go-to website) did a an awesome article on them, ccccccheeeck it out >>>>>> here.

I’ve decided that the songs that will be featured on today’s post are from Are You Handsome Album. This album is great! I believe this is their first album debuted in 2011 (I could be wrong and am lazy to research at this early hour). They are not just another hidden gems, they are the classy in their music too. And I really don’t know where to point what exactly I like about them. They sounded like they came from the 80s, and they reminded me of Boy George, Modern Talking and Wham…. Asian version, of course! The songs I selected are Hands Up People and Shall We Dance.

Hands Up People – that gaming element added into 80s style rock pop style, with a touch of synthesizer and organ on the background. This song is a total dance song! Naaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa, this is my favorite of the bunch!  Not too Indie, not too rock, not too ballad… yet awesome. Just put your hands up and dance, people!

Shall We Dance – awesome guitar plucking at the beginning, awesome music and the song is just so wonderful. It really made me wanna dance… One step two step first baby. Another groovy song to dance too…

Let’s give it up to these handsome people! *claps* So, I’ve been jamming and grooving to Handsome People at work. My colleague kept wondering why am I so happy! If only they share the same passion as me… IF ONLY! Ok, kids… adios! For next week post, I’m crossing to the a different land. Just wait and see… have a great week!


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