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Heol! I’m on Heirs wagon, like everybody else. I can’t believe I got sucked in by teenage drama again *head desk* Seriously Nelly, wae? Have you not learned from Boys Over Flower experience? *shakes head* I’m at the lowest point of my kdrama watch experience. Oooh my gosh *imitating Lee Bo Na’s tone of voice* all I can think of as I’m watching this over-hyped Heirs is why oh why these actors decided to go for this kind of mindless story? Oooh wait, I know! Money!!!! And exposure. And MONEY mostly! Beautiful cast attracted audience and I am *heads down* is one of them! *sigh* And audience means kaching kaching!!!

Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang

Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang

This modified Cinderella story mortified me! Jjeongmalyo, why do they have to make this drama really bad? Bad heirs *hairs*, dreadful clothing, seriously bad attitude, awful music… Yup, this is seriously by far the most publicized drama of the YEAR! Epicly heir-y bad!!!! I don’t even know where to begin… I almost, ALMOST, want to give up on Heirs. Why? Not only it is down right cheesy and bleh, but considering that all the characters hate each other so, so much… What good will I get if I am to stay with Heirs until the end? Stay for the boys? Stay for the laugh? Or just keep watching since everybody else are watching it too? If not because of my stupid 2013 resolution, I’d have quit Heirs way early *fist air*

Kim Won

Kim Won

If you have seen Heirs relationship map, everyone are inter-related to one another. A 6 degree of separation doesn’t go very far in Heirs world. But then again, this isn’t new in kdrama world. Heirs is a typical high school romance. A handsome looking boy *nods*, Kim Tan, is tore between a new found love for Cha Eun Sang and his duty as a second to the family throne to marry Yoo Rachael, a predetermined wife *what a shame*. Cha Eun Sang, daughter to a housekeeper working in Kim Tan’s household did not only caught Kim Tan’s eyes, but she also caught Choi Young Do’s eyes too, Yoo Rachael’s future step brother and Kim Tan’s onced BFF and now a close rival. On top of that, Lee Bo Na, Cha Eun Sang’s BFF Yoon Chan Young’s girlfriend once dated Kim Tan as well. What  a cobwebs mess! And these are not all! Yes, there are more! In comes Kim Won into this fairy tale, Kim Tan’s elder half brother and his scheme to take the family business all for his own good. Kim Tan was kept away from the family affairs by, Won’s evil scheme, sending him to the States *rolls eyes* (where else, right?) mainly because he is an illegitimate child. Kim Tan admires his elder bro but only to get cold shoulder by Won again and again… So Heirs is a struggle story for Kim Tan between home and school. But you won’t be able to see this much of struggle because we are all blinded by money, power, status, horrible attitude, awful clothes and many more. I’m sure you get it by now… It is another Boys Over Flower kind of story.


Yoo Rachael, Choi Yong Do, Yoon Chang Young and Lee Bo Na

Yoo Rachael, Choi Yong Do, Yoon Chang Young and Lee Bo Na

This 20 episode drama is not for me! Period! If I could pick up my bag and ship myself to Mars, I would. I don’t recommend Heirs.  Not worth a star IMO. And save your 20 hours for something more worthy… like sleeping, getting facials, eating ice-cream, watch better kdrama, etc. It’s crappy as hell, it’s greasy cheesy, it’s so high-school, and you guessed it? So obvious! Most people watch it for eye candies and for some teenage squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I watch it as a filler now when there’s nothing else to watch. Some watch it so that they can poke fun at it! Have you check out The Problematic of the Unproblematic? The ladies are having tons of fun poking at each character and their ‘tudes and clothings. I personally find it hilarious! But if you are a die hard Heirs fan, please visit Musings of a Twinkie instead. I would love to be nice and gentle to you readers to be quite honest, but sorry no way and I can’t be any kinder to Heirs. Heir-y, heir-y baddddddd!


22 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Heirs

  1. I have been hearing such negative things about this drama that even curiosity has not moved me to check it out even though I really happen to like Lee Min Ho. I suppose it doesn’t help that I (we) just came off of one of the better drama rides in WBDS. Everything seems to pale in comparison at the moment. ^^


    • Yeap, my second bad review this week alone. A 3rd one coming up… Everything seems so unreal, dull and awful after WBDS. I can never be the same person as I was pre Un and DS now.

      The show is alright, but season actors acting like teenagers throw me off a bit. I don’t get it. It’s tough to watch LMH and PSH acting like they’re in teens.


      • My first HS drama is actually the one I am watching now and it is engaging and entertaining, I am surprised I am enjoying it so much. But I am incredibly crushing on YSH.

        Un really pushed him into another category of actor. He really delivered such a layered wonderful performance. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with him.

        Watching him now as a HS student in GoS, his character is troubled but is principled and strong. He is the leader of the pack to be sure. But I love to see him melty when he likes a girl. We got to see that with Un with Ji Seon and I LOVED those moments of vulnerability. Dear GOD..the video scene at the wedding in OP is another fantastic example.

        He, his talent and his smoldery gorgeous eyes have me paralyzed right now.


        • There are some high quality high school dramas that are worth watching. Heirs isn’t one of them sadly… It attracted crowds for the wrong reason. I smell money in here… God of Study must be awesome. I can’t wait to pick it up. 😉


  2. So how do you REALLY feel about Heirs? HAHAHA…. I can honestly say, I do get my jollies from Heirs, especially in the early days when it was awesomely Cali-sunshiney and deliciously cheesy and good, before the shitstorm started that wretched school and all joy seems to have been flushed down the toilet. But after last week, I’m not sure whether it’s the point where the drama goes off the rails for me. I’m still gonna watch it though, and cheerlead when it deserves it.

    Love issssss the momeeeenttt!! 🙂


    • Ddee, you are officially mean to me. 😛 Don’t drag this thesongthatshallnotbenamed again! Lol I honestly don’t feel a thing about Heirs. I don’t completely hate nor like it. But I’m definitely leaning towards hate. And am I team Kim Tan or team Choi whatever his name is, I couldn’t decide either. Both are pathetic in their own way.

      I certainly got sucked in to this drama because of peer pressure. And I was able to let my friend know this drama not worth our time and thankfully she agreed. I will watch it when I have the time. The cheesy of this drama just got even cheesier… Eeeeeeewwwww


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