Breaking News: Potato Star’s Last First Kiss


I want to be your last first kiss….. What a sweet, sweet song. Michele forward this clip of young Potato Star and it knocked me off my chair completely… How can a 16 year old kid kiss this awesome??? *jaws on the floor* This is my first time witnessing Yeo Jin Goo’s kissing scene. My oh my… this boy *howls*. He certainly mature up lately. Look at his face! Look at that jawline! And look at his cheekbones! He doesn’t look 16! Wow! I’m gonna keep an eye of this boy. For the record, yes I do feel like a naughty noona right now but who the hell care! LOL And Ha Yeon Soo? I wish she kisses this good in Monstar!

Some disagree with this kiss because of his age. He’s 16, she’s 23. What do you think? Did he do well? Too early for him to be in a kissing scene? Or was the kiss a bit too much? Let me know your thoughts and let’s debate.


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Potato Star’s Last First Kiss

  1. OMO!! Seriously….his maturity well above and beyond his 16 years. Yep….we have to keep our noona eyes on him, to be sure! I say, let an actor ACT! Like YSH, he has a maturity that will allow him the benefit of being able to handle scenes like these with confidence. There was nothing awkward here. I don’t know if his character is supposed to be only 16 or if he is indeed playing older than his true age. Regardless, he seems like a naturally instinctive actor and is very comfortable (obviously) in mature scenes such as this. Kudos to Yeo Jin Goo. He’s a cutie!!


  2. Ha Yeon Soo is 23? If no one told me I’d thought she’s the same age as Yeo Jin Goo! It’s not gross as long as the age difference does not show on their faces.


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