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*Happy Veteran’s Day to all veterans (in States and anywhere else)*

Road No 1 has been on my suggested Netflix list for quite sometimes. By sometimes I mean it’s been there since last year. I looked at it, read the synopsis and tossed it away. It sounded very, very dull, and dull and Nelly doesn’t get along very well. Our relationship is just never meant to be *shrugs*. But lately, dull met up with Nelly again and for some strange reason, they fall in love and Nelly is now in heaven!!! How did it all started? It’s by Grace, an angel from Musings of a Twinkie who suggested it. When Grace said it was good, I got intrigued! A woman whom I never met (but we will soon ;)) is madly in love with So Ji Sub’s character Lee Jang Woo and her daily date with him on a treadmill got me thinking… Did I just bamboozled myself again with my untrustworthy feeling? Hmmm?


Road No 1 is based on true event. This Saving Private Ryan meets Band of Brothers drama is all about action and cliffhanger. Not a single episode I found it dull at all… The writings are brilliant, the acting are superb and surreal and the stories are intensely heartbreaking yet powerful. The selfless triangle romance is extraordinary. Never in my kdrama history have I seen two grown men who are deeply in love with the same girl can face each other, pour their heart out to one another and exchange their reasons for loving the same woman. Yup, you heard me right… And yes, just grown up talk and no fist fights! Indeed, a revolution! Hey writer-nims, can we get more of these??? *winks*


Road No 1 depicts a story of a young lad, Lee Jang Woo, who invested and dedicated his love and life to Su Yeon. The love bird was in separable since they were teens. Unfortunately, when the country was under attack by the north, Jang Woo was called for duty for his country. Meanwhile, Su Yeon received a hard breaking news one day that Jang Woo did not survive the war (a mistake you see). While grieving, she met Tae-Ho, another officer. They fell in love and later, on the eve of their wedding, Jang Woo came back *whimpers* and the wedding was called off. Se Yeon couldn’t let go of Jang Woo and broke her engagement with Tae-Ho. Like any other man with crushed heart, Tae-Ho couldn’t forget Su Yeon either and upset that his engagement ended in abrupt. Just after he came back, Jang Woo was called to the war again. So did Tae-Ho. Both men were immediately sent to the battlefield again to fight side by side against the north. The men left the woman they both love dearly, with hesitation but vow to come back to the Su Yeon.


As much as I wanted to say this is a romance drama, it isn’t. Road No 1 is a story of brotherhood. Each and every one of them are counting the days when they can go home and see their loves one, including Jang Woo and Tae-Ho. The struggles they had to go through in their daily fighting life is extremely painful and it shown on their faces. I believe this is my first Korean war drama and I really like it! It was artistically well made, top notch acted, brilliant story and very epic! If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Go!


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Road No 1

  1. Nice review Little Mama! I was like you I have seen it on Netflix and just never got the bug to watch it. But now thank you very much I will have to watch it. Plus Kim Ha Neul is one of my favorites! I am not one to worry about ratings some of my favorite movies tanked at the box office, I go to have fun and forget the outside world. Plus this mite hit closer to home than I want, because my late Father was in Korea during the war. He did not talk much about it but always said good things about the Korean troops he severed with. Thanks again Nelly for a good review!


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