Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 16


Episode 16

Hey guys, annyeong! Sorry for this late posting again… Life interrupted as usual but I’m determined to finish this timeline-cap and ready for all of you. This episode is rather boring. The series got extended by one episode due to celebration of autumn in Korea. And I can just say one thing, this is an unnecessary episode. I hate filler episode but what can I do… I’m only an audience. Well, I hope you enjoy reading our timeline cap for this episode. As usual, we saw it from Viki and I hope you watch it from there too *not a Viki spoke person* 😛


ahsokaseoul: I’m here!

ADGirl: Me too. Good thing we are not watching on DF, it is down.

ahsokaseoul: I only watch DV when I have to. Wait GF

ADGirl: I knew what you meant!

ahsokaseoul: What in the hell is wrong with my autocorrect?

ADGirl: hehehehe I am at Viki now watching Just you. I like no commercials and $5/mth is not such a bad idea for DF.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t mind the commercials. DF just takes so long to start…

ADGirl: Not for me.

missienelly: I’m here

ahsokaseoul: Yay!

missienelly: I hope you guys didn’t wait for too long.

ADGirl: YAY no

ahsokaseoul: No, I was just watching a little Baek Seung Jo *grins*


ADGirl: Sorry, trying to sync the K-Pop to my new MP3

missienelly: Awwww I was trying to stay awake but so difficult

ahsokaseoul: If you needed a nap – you needed one…

missienelly: I needed to sleep too lol I’ve become spoiled going to bed ard 8 pm. Lol Ok I’m ready. No commercial for me. I’m at 0:04.

ahsokaseoul: Has anyone seen Goddess of Marriage? I’m on the 7th episode and still trying to figure out why I’m watching it… I’m ready for MS. I’m at :6


missienelly: Hahaha yes I’m watching it. I’m current with the entire episodes. I’m watching coz of KJH LOL

ADGirl: Commercial for me as usual

ahsokaseoul: Me too, but the other guy is hot too.

missienelly: Ok. Yes but he’s so dopey coz of his role hehe. Let us know when to play, Laurie

ADGirl: Not watching Goddess. I started and said later. I am at 5 sec. Play?

ahsokaseoul: kk

missienelly: Play! Yay!


ADGirl: Dang forgot the tissue. Just use my shirt. *sniff*

missienelly: I forgot we are at the airport scene…


ahsokaseoul: Not this again.. I’m emotionally destroyed already! *bawls*

missienelly: He was playing reverse psychology, Meow!

ADGirl: They had better rip this band aid off quick I tell you and fix things.

missienelly: *Wipes tears*

ADGirl: Does she really remember him, or is it because he sees ghosts too?

ahsokaseoul: If I see Meow anymore…. *cry* The song!

missienelly: Sec Kim! Do something miracle! I know…! Lonely love! She’s there!!!

ADGirl: She is on the plane.

ahsokaseoul: You missed her by this much.

ADGirl: He better gets on that plane too and declare his love. *angry face*

ahsokaseoul: I know!

missienelly: Why is Cruella on the plane too? For her movie?

ADGirl: How the hell did he take her all those places? I think her movie. She told Rocker she was leaving and he would regret it.

ahsokaseoul: Of course, they have to be on the same plane! *rolls eyes*


missienelly: So turquoise! Haha even Candy Kang Woo is blaming King lol


ahsokaseoul: love the music *sways left and right*

ADGirl: Love Candy Kang *squee*

missienelly: Double the salary? Wow.



ADGirl: Commercial!

ahsokaseoul: ok

missienelly: Ok pause.

ADGirl: Sweet mother of pearl this was 30 seconds! Play!

ahsokaseoul: Oh that smile of Kings…

missienelly: Ok. Haha King taking over Now! Good job Cruella! *thumbs up*



ADGirl: Bahahahaha

ahsokaseoul: Good acting Cruella…

missienelly: Her eyes!

ahsokaseoul: Hahahahahaha

missienelly: Moved by her acting skills lol

ADGirl: My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! ROFL

ahsokaseoul: That was precious! King and Sec, Kim were too!


missienelly: Haha Sec Kim feeling a bit… Upset lol

ADGirl: Cruella is playing the same game and letting Meow know it.

missienelly: I can see ghosts! Here we go… She’s gonna ends up with a dark circle lol

ahsokaseoul: Is Meow playing hard to get or is she really sad to leave? Cruella is scared.

missienelly: Sad to leave… The boy! Awww poor mommy


ADGirl: If I was alone and he was all I had I would be in that state too. The boy will help her find her way back to King.

missienelly: Pause

ahsokaseoul: Make the ghost kid feel bad… kk

ADGirl: paused 17:13

missienelly: Viki kicks me out. Lemme login back. Damn you! 


ahsokaseoul: 17:08

missienelly: At 16:51

ADGirl: Gives me time to go to my room and crawl into bed *grins*

missienelly: Play! The other guy dum dum dum. Face off hehehe


ADGirl: Play

missienelly: Ok. Where you at? I’m 19:19 now.

ADGirl: 17:45

ahsokaseoul: 19:11

missienelly: I’ll wait until you caught. Let us know.

ADGirl: HHHMM! Still not sure about this guy.


missienelly: I’m still confuse as well *scratches head*

ADGirl: Play

missienelly: Ok

ahsokaseoul: Ok

missienelly: Do we want her to keep her ability?

ADGirl: King’s going to let her go… *sniffs*

ahsokaseoul: I want her to be at peace.

ADGirl: Me too

missienelly: But she has King! Andwae!

ADGirl: I want what will make her happy…

ahsokaseoul: If that means keeping it, so be it.

missienelly: Because he’s a Master lol

ahsokaseoul: She can have King and her ability, can’t she?

ADGirl: Sec Kim: I don’t know about Master because he is Master. Hahaha

missienelly: Yes she can, ahsokaseoul!

ADGirl: Yes she can.

ahsokaseoul: Don’t go!

missienelly: Yes yes, go back to King please!

ahsokaseoul: It’s really easy to say, King.

missienelly: Sexual harassment lol


ADGirl: Hahahah I will never let you go gracefully.

ahsokaseoul: I will never let you go gracefully

ADGirl: That’s it King, you fight for your woman.

missienelly: You go, King! Yes! Haha King assuring himself.. Pep talk. King is so cute!


ADGirl: Aawww someone needs a hug and a pep talk from us.

missienelly: *smiles*

ahsokaseoul: *smiles*

ADGirl: Commercial

missienelly: Look at that hand and long fingers! Pause.


ahsokaseoul: Pause.

ADGirl: Play! Love the way he gave his aunt the hand *laughs*

missienelly: Ok play!

ahsokaseoul: Ok

ADGirl: Holy crap my commercials are getting longer! Play!

missienelly: Uncle cute! Ga Se yo! With that hand gesture lol Aigooooo

ahsokaseoul: Everyone please go with the double hand gesture

ADGirl: The Uncle is on Meow and Kings side.

missienelly: Yes. So everyone thinks she’s playing hard to get. Hmmm… Haha cheap mouth secret is out

ADGirl: Hahahah the look on his face!

ahsokaseoul: The kid again!

missienelly: Even the aunt is approving this relationship!

ADGirl: Have to take a break, some groceries to put away. You can keep playing if you want.

missienelly: Pause

ahsokaseoul: kk pause

missienelly: Go ahead. I’m going to run downstairs to turn on AC. It’s hot!

ahsokaseoul: Ok I’ll do the hokey-pokey I guess…. AFK

missienelly: What’s afk? Nvr mind. I remember *winks*

ADGirl: I am back! I am at 31:13.

ahsokaseoul: I’m back too! 32:11

missienelly: I’m at 32:50. Play first and let me know when to start.

ahsokaseoul: Let me know when to play, ADGirl.

ADGirl: Love how she told the Aunt she was leaving. Play, I am at 32:34.

missienelly: OK, I’ll count 10 secs.

ADGirl: ahsokaseoul, are you playing?

ahsokaseoul: Yes.

missienelly: Why is the boy still around? I’m confused…


ahsokaseoul: His mom is in the hospital…

missienelly: Because she still doesn’t know he’s dead?

ADGirl: Right. He wants Meow to tell her.

missienelly: Cruella, sleeping like an angel now…

ADGirl: No, I think she knows he is dead. The police found his body in the car.

missienelly: Aaaaaaah she’s pretty slick this Cruella…. stealing a kiss from Kang Candy


ADGirl: Hahahah Cruella. Go get Salary Man!

ahsokaseoul: Slick move Cruella!


ADGirl: Commercial

missienelly: Pause

ahsokaseoul: Pause

ADGirl: play

missienelly: Hahaha deserves ya for being a slick, Cruella!

ADGirl: Wish Candy Kang would give into her.

ahsokaseoul: She does too.

missienelly: C’mon Meow, you know you want King!

ADGirl: You love him just go for it! *yells at her screen*

missienelly: Yum! I want udon too!


ahsokaseoul: They’re on a date!

missienelly: Did you see his face when he said “palli!” LOL

ADGirl: I think it is good she want to be strong without him. He sneaky King.

missienelly: Before the fat noodles get fatter… LOL


ADGirl: hahahaa

missienelly: But they have been holding hands, and they are now!

ahsokaseoul: YAY! They’re holding hands! And walking off into the sunset… *happy sigh*


ADGirl: I am the complete leisure support

missienelly: Clearly we can tell this episode is just buying time….

ADGirl: Let them break up. Mine is going to too; I can’t stand to see others happy… Yes for the extra episode!

missienelly: Oooooh! Isn’t this the brother/sister duo? Tae Gong Shil. Gajima awwwwwwww


ADGirl: I wonder are they going to do like Lie to Me and she does go off and “finds herself”

ahsokaseoul: He said don’t go awwwwwwwww stop


missienelly: Is that how it ends in Lie to Me? I don’t remember… It takes big courage for King to say that…

ADGirl: She went to find herself and work on Jeju and then he has to go get her.

missienelly: Oooh, right! He did come to the island to find her…

ADGirl: Yep

ahsokaseoul: ADGirl you are bursting my bubble and I’ve never seen Lie To Me yet…

ADGirl: HHHMMM! Wonder how everyone will help them?

missienelly: Whoa! Tequila shots!


ADGirl: Her poor sister…

missienelly: Ooooh, we need to zip our mouths, ADGirl *winks*

ADGirl: Hey Cheap Mouth *snickers*


missienelly: Omo omo omo! He kissed her! With that cheap mouth! Your excuses are… short! Bahahaha

ADGirl: commercial

ahsokaseoul: Pause

ADGirl: Hey did you just kiss me with that cheap mouth? Hahahahaha Play

missienelly: Here we go with beer cans LOL

ADGirl: Finally they are not drinking coffee! 1 tequila 2 tequila floor

ahsokaseoul: Will there be a Beer Ghost? No, but there’s the kid ghost.


missienelly: C’mom Meow, just help the boy… I knew she’s gonna disappear…

ADGirl: He will come back and she is gone. Poor King

missienelly: Smart Kang Candy. Ooooooh this is stalker-ish, King!

ahsokaseoul: The mom is going to jump if you don’t talk, Meow!

missienelly: Oh no, suicidal case! Don’t tell me don’t tell me….. Yes! Crisis averted Yes Yes Yes

ADGirl: That was some terrible acting for the jump! Looooove that she is fine tho…


missienelly: I can see how this really affected Meow… that’s why she wants to leave and get her special ability remove from her.

ADGirl: Meow is really afraid she will be the reason he dies…

missienelly: No! He’s letting her go for her sake…. He walks funny though LOL

ADGirl: Commercial at the crucial moment!

missienelly: Pause. Always hahaha mood killer

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Lonely Love….


ADGirl: 100x’s

ahsokaseoul: Aww poor

missienelly: Uhm, can i lay down next to King?


ahsokaseoul: King.

missienelly: 375 days?????

ADGirl: A crying King *sad* What Skyline is that?


missienelly: Whatever you wear King… you still look hot!


ADGirl: What? She is still on forcing him to get married!

missienelly: Bonding time with trash bin ghost hehehe


ahsokaseoul: It comforts him *nods*

ADGirl: Hahahaha

missienelly: She is here!!!!


ADGirl: I hope so. A trick by Sec Kim, ? Maybe… *shrugs*

missienelly: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Omo omo omo

ADGirl: She would forget his voice…


ahsokaseoul: Not after a year…

missienelly: Ok now I can’t wait for next episode! *grins*

ADGirl: Commercial

missienelly: Commercial again? Right before the Heirs preview

ahsokaseoul: That’s the point… I must feed the cats now…

ADGirl: Yep. Sad.

missienelly: How many cats, Angela?

ahsokaseoul: 2

missienelly: Yeap, sad. Cool. I’ve two cats too.

ADGirl: No cats, am allergic!

missienelly: Ok ladies, I’m off to bed.

ADGirl: 1 dog

missienelly: Booo @ Laurie

ahsokaseoul: They’re looking looking at me like I’m a drumstick! Night everyone!

missienelly: Hahahha night night

ADGirl: I am off to bed too. Have a good night ladies.


Well, there you have it folks. One booooooooooorrrrring episode *yawns*. I guess it let us squee a little bit… The girls happy, and I’m happy too. Stay tune for the finale and see what we think! Is it a Lie to Me ending? Will the ending be solid? History proven that Hong’s Sisters ending really sucky… It just….. lost its steam as always. Jaebal, no disappointment!


What do you think?

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