Currently Watching: Marry Him If You Dare aka Future’s Choice

Marry_Him_If_You_Dare-p02It’s a romance comedy drama! Guess who is excited? >>>>> Me! Me! Me! I, me, moi,  a sucker for rom-com dramas, if you haven’t know it already, and I will never miss a chance for any types of romance drama. That love, warm fuzzy feeling all over me…. Hmmmmm, I love that sweet and delicious feeling. Don’t you? And well, well, well… what do we have here? Orange hair? Checked. Frizzy perm? Checked! Ahjumma funky fashion style? Double checked! Quirky Yoon Eun-Hye? Checked checked checked! I’m Yoon Eun-Hye’s biggest fan (in my world, at least) and I tried watching all her dramas and movies regardless of how bad or good her work is. Isn’t that what a fan should do? And after Eun-Hye’s rather depressing role in I Miss You, I’m very much looking forward to Future’s Choice. And for the record, this is my first time watching Lee Dong-Gun. Ya! Stop judging me, ok? *sticks tongue out* I know him but somehow never get to watch his dramas. I noticed that his Lovers in Paris is in my watch list so I’ll make it a go soon :). Plus, call me crazy but he share similar resemblance with Kim Hyun Joong *love love love*. Can you see it? Plus, we have Jung Yong Hwa, our very own handsome and cool singer/actor from CNBlue. I love the cast!


Now, moving on to the story of Future’s Choice. It is a simple story to my knowledge. The future MiRae took the time machine elevator back to meet her 32 year old self and to warn her young self not to repeat the same mistake again: falling in love with fouled mouth Kim Shin. Yes, that’s it! But unfortunately, Future’s Choice is written very poorly in my opinion. I find it a little confusing at times… There were so many unnecessary stories added that made me shy away from watching the latest episodes. Plus, it is sort of behind the scene morning talk show which I’m not big fan of (see my review for On Air).  It started strong, funny, full of witty, foul words but as the episodes progressed… all these were gone! GONE! What the hell? It supposed to be FUN and FUNNY! Not bleh and dull! And the chemistry among the cast? Not feeling it…*shrugs* *sigh*. What a pity.


This drama is losing viewers day by day. Several of my chingus have dropped this drama as they all find it disorganized and unmoved by the plot. I, myself, find it super hard to watch. I constantly get distracted by something else. I just couldn’t focus anymore. Future’s Choice is no longer a choice for me and it shouldn’t be a choice for you either. If you just started watching it, just save your time and quit it immediately. Don’t invest your precious time… Great cast, not great story *pouts* I want to like it, but I just can’t. CAN’T!!!! The music is, however, spot on but it doesn’t help. This is ONE BAD drama and I don’t suggest you watching it. If you choose to watch it, you’re on your own…


3 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Marry Him If You Dare aka Future’s Choice

  1. I liked it for like 4 episodes and then suddenly lost interest…..there were more questions than answers and one day, I didn’t have the urge to watch next ep 🙂
    By the way, I’m just curious….how do you watch so many dramas at the same time???!!!!!


    • I believe I lost interest after second episode… And yes, that urge to watch died out. I caught up with all of the episodes recently and girl, it was tough to watch. I’m glad you quit coz the story is going nowhere… The writers should be fired after this.

      Hahaha some of my dramas are once a week episode so it made it easy to catch up on the weekday. For other dramas, I usually sacrifice my sleep :P. Don’t worry, this is all temporary thing. I’m only torturing myself now coz I haven’t been traveling for work. But as of Jan 2014, my watch list will cut into half 😦 and I’m sad.


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