Thank you!

6 months

Yes, it is. Time flies… I started this blog 6 months ago to blog on my favorite things: dramas and music. I was blogging my favorite things out of my personal blog for years and years and drawn many followers under a completely different name. I’ve received numerous emails asking why did I quit, or am I dead (actual question!). I left a note but never direct these poor puppies to my new blog site because I was blogging anonymously before and under MyMyooz, I decided to be more open. However, looking back… I’m much happier with this blog and grin at myself for making a tiny success. Nope, I don’t have much expectation since I’m not a professional blogger like others. But knowing that I made a tiny dent in drama review is enough to make this girl happy! *big smile*

Amuden, the blog URL started with missienelly but I decided to change to MyMyooz two months ago to match with the blog name (it makes sense, right?). Well, let’s just say my poor decision 6 months ago came with a backlash. My poor bloggy baby suffers heavily because it lost readers and view stat plunged to zero. Yes, it was so very sad *pouts* and I was feeling jaded for weeks. In overnight, the stat went from 200+ views to 2-5 views. I, as a blogger, was upset but I already knew that it’d happened. My complete cheapskate attitude refused to pay $6/month to direct my readers and viewers to this new URL. Hey, it is my fault *nods* and I blame no one but myself for making this irrational decision after the blog has established *head desk*. Ok, enough ranting… All I want to say  is thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by, for your comments and for supporting this blog. You, yes YOU! I appreciate your time to read my unorganized thought posts… my motto is to be as unpredictable as I could and set myself apart with other established bloggers. THANK YOU! GOMAWOYO! XIE XIE! ARIGATO! MERCI! GRACIAS! GRAZIE! TERIMA KASIH! DANKE! OBRIGADO!



8 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Wow, has it been 6 months already??? Time does fly!! Happy 6-month blogoversary, Nelly!! I’m sure you’ve recovered many of your “lost” readers by now! I’m happy to report that I am now receiving alerts for your posts once again! Fighting! ^^v


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