Stalking: Ji Chang Wook


Am I predictable or what? After Warrior Baek Dong Soo, I started falling hard in love with Ji Chang Wook. His charisma, his maturity, his greatness are simply irresistible element of fine actor he is. He is the FIRST man I’ve put on as my phone wallpaper. Yeah, he is that IRRESISTIBLE! Sorry, Yoo Seung Ho… you’re still my number ONE  *grins* I’m stalking Chang Wook again by watching Five Fingers with Michele of Your Daily K-Shot of Hot and we both swooning nonstop over his evil yet sexy character. And we find it hard to hate him despite his evilness… Well, that’s the power of Ji Chang Wook. He has weaken our knees, melted our hearts, hypnotized us completely. This 26 year old actor recently celebrated his 5th year anniversary as an actor. For a still “new” actor in the industry, he has quite a good resume! Chang Wook is currently staring in Empress Ki as Emperor Huizong of Yuan, his 8th drama since his acting debut. Impressive! I’m definitely proud of this hottie and very satisfied with the work he has done thus far.

Ji Chang Wook is an actor I will definitely will keep my eyes on. He is super talented, super handsome, super hot and shupar sexy! What more can you ask for, right? On the YT vid below, the hottie is the main character in K.Will’s MV, I Need You. Ji Chang Wook…. I need you right now… *squee* *melted* And if you watch this MV carefully, we also got Yeo Jin-Goo, another rising star in the making (he played the young Baek Dong Soo).


3 thoughts on “Stalking: Ji Chang Wook

    • I’d love to watch Smile, Donghae after I’m done with Five Fingers. I’ve heard great things about it. But most of all, as a legitimate stalker, I should watch all his dramas from now hehehe


  1. He is HIGHLY stalkable. Handsome, charming and hot. YES! I am loving his intensity in Five Fingers. Can’t wait to get back to it!!! I have missed InHa very much!!


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