Wednesday Eu-Mak: Gomawo Edition

Hey all, Happy Thanksgiving eve! Yes, the holiday is here and I’m grateful. I’ve been looking for this week since January 1! I wuv thanksgiving day. I get to eat lots of good food and enjoy family time with the bestest people in my life. Unfortunately, I disconnect my cable so I don’t get to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC this year. Booooo *pouty face* This year though, Thanksgiving celebration is a bit special for me and my family. This is the first year my hubby started his business. He hasn’t take a day off for a loooooooong time. Yes, he’s been working everyday. We can’t afford to hire another person due to low volume in sales. But we have a lot to thankful for despite our decreasing income… It’ll pay off one day, I’m sure *fingers crossed*

Amuden, this is not the day to be sad *wipes tears*. What are you thankful for? I have a bucket list to thank for: my husband, my kid, my family, my cats, my wonderful career, a home, love, friends and Tweeter friends! They are so wonderful, I wish I could meet ’em all in person! And most of all, I’m not just thankful but also grateful to be alive! And for the record, this is not an easy post. I couldn’t find songs with Thank You in a title. I had to reach out to my Tweeter friends and thankfully, they are quick in turning things around for me! So thank you, both! *bows*

The first MV I found is by se7en. I’ve never heard of this song before. By the look of it, it seems that this is his final song before dedicating the next two year of his life to military service. This song is so warming to my heart. It sure brings back memory when I first saw him in Goong S. His gentle voice in this song would melt any heart… And the MV showcases the man himself with a few scenes with his fans. How so lovely! Gomawo, se7en for being the greatest singer for your fans! See you in 2015!

The next song is by DBSK. This song is recommended by SplashOfInspiration of A Splash of Inspiration. Gomawo, chingu! This is an oldie song, I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen it. The MV showcases the boys before their break-up. What a blessing to watch these boys during their good ol’ time. Funny that the MV was shot in Universal Studio and surrounding LA area. I’m like hey… that used to be my playground! And look at those hair! Jaejoong long hair? Wow! He wowed me! Daebak! Anyway, this ballad song is very amazing. As I listen to it, I secretly pray that they will be united again. The great 5! Is it difficult to ask for? Hopefully, one day my prayer will be answered *wink*

Lastly, yes a 3rd and bonus song is by Ra.D. This song is recommended by JoAnne, another Tweeter friend of mine. She doesn’t have a blog but she is a regular contributor on The Problematic of the Unproblematic. This MV is very unique. It is an 8 minute short story MV. And this is my first time hearing Ra.D. I don’t know him but now I do, thanks to JoAnne. This MV is very cute and quite stalkerish. But who never stalk another person? I have *raises hand* I stalk on my favorite actors all the time! So me and the MV lead? I can relate hehe. The song is sweet and very pop-ish/R&B-ish like! I like it! I think you will like it too!

So there you have it, 3 Thank You songs for Thanksgiving week. I hope you have a good thanksgiving. And for those who aren’t celebrating, have a wonderful week! I’ll see you next week!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Gomawo Edition

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your well-deserved time off with your family. I know your hubby’s business will take off too, so hang in there. Hwaiting!

    LA was your stomping ground? I spent a memorable weekend there a long time ago, including a stop by Universal Studios. But mostly it was going frm beach to beach to beach and going wow, just like Baywatch! 😀

    Hehe I hv to giggle at the DBSK one which is so great! Nostalgia rocks…


    • Awwww thanks DDee, I keep telling that with hubby. Being an Asian blood, he doesn’t have any patience. You don’t get rich overnight! And if it doesn’t go the way he want it to be, so be it and move on. That’s my philosophy but unlike him, he wants everything flowing at once. Oh well, and yes hwaiting!

      I used to live in Phoenix and follow my hubby to LA all the time. He works, I enjoy the beach and the drive along route 1. It is my fault that we are moving to the east, and now we both missing the pacific coast terribly. One day we will pack our bags and move back to do our life passion. Raising cows and nature. ^^

      DBSK T____T. I do not know where to begin. They are great but very nostalgic to see them all together. Miss them immensely…. And that long hair, chubby baby faces… Those were the days.


      • So true, I tend to be impatient also, but I’m learning to just let go! That’s not easy when you’re accustomed to being well, the way you are! Starting a business must be really stressful for everyone involved so hope you and the hubby are putting your feet up this weekend.

        You want to raise cows? Do you garden?? I’m planing to learn how to grow some veggies on my balcony when I move to my new place. I have zero experience with plants. I’m not confident but heck, I want to eat food I’ve grown myself for once.


        • Believe it or not, I have a thing for cows. I find it very…. Sexy? O_o hehehehe actually horses are sexy too.

          Yes, I love gardening. I never thought I could garden before, but now I’m enjoying every minute of it. I used to grow watermelon, tomatoes, veggies and sunflower back in Phoenix. I had a huge backyard to play with. Ever since I move to east coast, I only have time for flowers. Give it a try and don’t give up. Start small and once you get the rhythm, then you can expand branches out to grow other stuffs.


          • No wonder you don’t eat cows! 🙂
            Yes, everyone tells me to start small and with something easy like kacang panjang. Or brinjals. I like both so that’s probably what I’ll do.


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