Currently Watching: Clinic On The Sea aka Umi no Eu no Shinryoujo


Ganbatte ne!!! That’s what I told myself when I decided to plunge into Clinic On The Sea, adding it to my ever growing watch list… Geez, Nelly… One day you’re gonna fall flat on the floor! When DramaFever posted this drama, I did not hesitate one bit! Instead, I cherished the idea of watching another Japanese drama. I love JDorama… It’s different than Korean and Taiwanese drama. They are pretty… decent, docile and obedient, in my opinion. *ducks* I hope no Japanese readers feel offended by what I just wrote *sticks tongue out* But it’s true, JDorama is rather different… In my opinion, there is a different level of innocent with the Japanese people and it shows so much in their acting. I’ve lived with my good Japanese friend for almost 4 years and witnessed how gentle, docile and polite she is. Don’t worry, I do not see this as a weakness but rather envy on how the culture has shaped its own people. Anywho… let’s focus on Clinic on the Sea.


This is such a wonderful and cute drama. I was not convinced the first time I saw it but I was curious however. The premise is quite neat and unique. A clinic on the sea, literally? Wow! Unheard of! My curiosity went deeper when a young sensei decided to be the resident doctor on this clinic ship. Kota Sensei is his name. Chotto chotto… Before I go on further, let me introduce you to Kota Sezaki Sensei. He is played by Matsuda Shota. I really don’t know him prior to this drama but the girls over the Tweeter-land went really wild over him. Obviously, this guy must be really good. His pic ID on MDL is so freaking cool but in here, he’s very…. ordinary! OK *ducks from Shota fans*, I said ordinary because that was my first impression. Now though… he’s growing on me as being the ever charm, sweet, quirky and dorky doctor. I’m not saying I’m falling head over heels with him… but he is dreamy yet funny with that smile. Ok, I better quit complaining before his crazy fans drag me to the corner and bitch slapping me in the face. Where was I? Yes…. Kota Sensei. The cutie sensei from the big city.


Kota Sensei is adorkable yet goofie! Though he is super talented and intelligent, his weakness when comes to women is just oh-so obvious! When he moved to the island, he fell in love with a woman. Frankly, he fell in love with different woman every episode. I’m currently on episode 7 and therefore, he has fallen in love 7 times. And each time he fell in love with someone, he will announced to his colleagues that he will leave the ship. But as soon as he made the announcement, something came up and the so called “engagement” will end. What a dork! This weakness however has its own reason. Sezaki-kun almost got married but he called off his engagement because… Hehehe, I’m not telling you now. But I do wanna share an important clue and key to this show. He’s been searching for the “one” so he can show off his fiancee to his mom but our sensei is really, really blind. The girl is in front of him, he sees her every single day! And she’s everywhere on this post! *winks*


Clinic on the Sea is one simple yet cliche show to be honest. But the interesting premise and plot are what got me addicted. This medical-meet-romance drama is only 13 episode long. I do not hesitate to recommend this drama to you. Its dry humor is the best, ever! Shota is super fascinating to watch! I love the way he carry himself as Kota Sensei. I’m so, so glad I picked this show coz it really gives me a much needed break from typical kdrama shows I’m currently watching! So get your fingers clicking clicking now and watch it, you’ll thank me later 😉


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Clinic On The Sea aka Umi no Eu no Shinryoujo

  1. I just finished the latest episode of Clinic On the Sea and CAN’T WAIT for the next one. I’ve had a love/not quite irritation relationship for this drama while I’ve watched it for the DramaClub. I love parts, if not most of it, but the tendency to be toooo cutsey, the desire to have the plot move as I said earlier “slower than a snail on valium” has driven me a little crazy. But I love, love, love the characters. I just wish they’d let more of them have a say. The last two episodes have done this and, I believe have made the show as great as it originally promised to be. I think as he and the girl now get closer together, we’ll get even more of the rest of the crew, and it’s possible that this show will leave me with a great feeling. It’s my second JDrama and since I had issues with the first one, I’m so glad I tried again!


    • Hey, aren’t you doing recap for this one of DF? Hmmmm I should put up yout blog post on mine.

      I really can’t wait for next episode to come too! Slow pace is not a problem with me, I’m used to watching jdrama. At least it’s slow and steady unlike kdrama. Fast –> slow –> slower –> end! But I’m glad you decided to watch it!


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