Currently Watching: Infinite Power


Found another webtoon drama!!! *jumps in the air and kicks legs* You know I’m a sucker for webtoon drama. It’s not only short and sweet, the story itself is usually very rich. Infinite Power is a 6-episode drama, 12 minutes long per episode and it is Samsung’s first online-drama debut. How comforting to know that DramaFever decided to air it though. The story is very simple. It started with Sun Jae, who excel in university yet having difficulty in landing a decent job in a corporate world. He went to 5 different interviews and on his last interview, he was criticized by interviewers for not figuring it out the reason why he was turned down from a job offers despite his good grade. Fed up with his rejected life, he decided to move into a boarding house in a suburb owned by an inventor “Macgyver wannabe” with his high school daughter aka cheapskate manager of the house and over-moody teenage son.


Sun Jae is not alone in this boarding house. Besides him, there are several other jobless housemates who are on the same boat as him and then, there’s Kim Sol. Sol is trying hard to success as a manicurist. The timing between the two was quite funny, they were introduced in the most awkward situation. Solo came home drunk and landed on Sun Jae… She almost vomitted on him *raised brows* or perhaps she did? *covers mouth* Aigooooo, yuck yuck yuck! Infinite Power got its name through this homemade power generator designed by the man of the house. Does it work? I don’t know… I’m currently on episode 4 and so far, the story is going well. It’s quite slow though and wary Sun Jae’s face really bothers me a lot *pouts*

Since there’s only 6 episode with accumulated time of no more than an hour and half, why not watching it? It’s not as funny as I hope for however… but the story is interesting. Watch it, you got nothing to lose anyway *wink*


What do you think?

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