Stalking: Kim Woo Bin


Dude! It’s Woobie! It’s kfangirl’s boy! Who cares he’s taken? In my dictionary, he is always available for his fans 24/7. ALWAYS! *fingers heart* This model-turned-actor is simply irresistible. I first get to know him through To The Beautiful You as one super smooth and cool oppa. I found him so desirable and hhhhhhhunky handsome! My gosh, it was love at first sight! Ever since then, I tried following closely to his career more and more… Did I sound stalkerish? Nawwwwww *sticks tongue out* I’ve seen almost all of his dramas except Vampire Idol and movies Cupid Factory and soon-to-be-released Friend 2. I’m not a big movie fan so most probably I won’t be seeing them but who knows… I’m feeling naughty lately *wink*.

When I was “researching” Woobie earlier, I found out that his real name is Kim Hyun Joong (or Kim Hyeon Jung). But because his name sounded closely to SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Joon, he changed to stage name Kim Woo Bin in 2011. Well, frankly *wraps arms* Woo Bin sounds fitting to his look and personality.  And gwah, look what I found? Irresistable wake up call clips by mister eyebrow! Now, I don’t know about you but to wake up to these three hilarious yet playful vid clips by the man of the year is so heavenly… Would you wake up? Five minutes, honey… 😉


2 thoughts on “Stalking: Kim Woo Bin

    • I was disappointed of what they made of him in Heirs so I decided to look for something cheery until I stumbled on these 3 adorable wake up call clips. My gosh! If I could reach him through my lappy screen, I would! I giggled all nite long!


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