Wednesday Eu-Mak: Dreamy Wonderland

Hello Wednesday! Hello everyone! And most of all, hellllllooooo December! How are we all doing? I’m excited because it is December. X’mas time… Party time… Fun time! All in one month. By the time January is gets here, I’ll be very exhausted! But let’s no worry about that just yet! It’s time for some fabulous time! The music videos I decided to feature today are dreamy and soothing to your ears. It fits the theme of winter wonderland (even though no snow in the forecast) and I’m in no mood of hearing noise! The artist I’m featuring for today’s post are Urban Zakapa and John Park.


So let’s start with Urban Zakapa. This is their latest release song called Walk Backwards. This song put me at ease the minute I heard it for the first time. It is so majestic, beautiful and wonderful! You just want to kickback and relax on a super softy and comfy sofa and listen to this song. The haunting voice, the soothing melody, the calming strike on piano keys… Heavenly! And simply breathtaking even just by listening it without watching the video. The MV itself is like a slow moving pace movie. It was shot in black and white with what appears to be a devastated Yoon Seung Ah walking away after a break up (or argument). Everything then seems to be going very slow starting with her walking away from the love of her life, driving around the city and getting lost in her own thought. In the end, she ended up back right where she started. With him. Face to face. I sometime feel like her too… Completely lost in my own thought. This song is really sad. Even though it is soothing, it would bring tears… *blows nose* But I really, really love this song. There is something magical about it that could tear my heart to pieces. I hope you like this song as much as I do.

The next song is by my favorite almost-idol, John Park. We know how god awesome his voice is. Too Late is another song, in my opinion, that would make you feel very relax and nod your head like rappers do. That voice… It was his voice that made me fall in love with him and it is his voice again that made me falling with Too Late. I don’t think he needs background music at all, his voice alone is enough to make the song stand out in the crowd. This song is very dreamy to my ears. Just close your eyes, John Park will transport you to the middle of an empty cathedral and him standing in the middle of podium preaching Too Late to you. Wonderful! And imagine a group of choir appears behind him suddenly like moving fog… gosh, some imagination I have this morning *wink* Well, this is what happened when I couldn’t find the real MV for this song.

I hope you’re having a good time with my music selection for this week. I will try bringing some more goodie songs on the next post. Until then…


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