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I’m not sure if you are aware of my kdrama 2013 resolution. Early this year, January 1, 2013 to be exact, I vowed to not drop any drama I started. Why is that? The goal is to be fair and square to the drama itself. Yes, for many kdrama watchers, this is an utterly waste of time. I didn’t even think of my time being wasted though. If the ending was not as I expected, I just whine a little (or a lot) and move on. But at least I could say yes, I finished it. If I ever heard rumors (or read through my Tweeter feeder) of how bad the drama is before I even begin, then I will steer clear of it and avoid the “waste 16/20/30 hours of my time.”  So where am I going with this? I can assure you this is very much related to Five Fingers. Why? I started Five Fingers early this year but I quit because of how angsts the drama turned out to be (I was only at the children part!) and I was busy with my work travel. Sure enough, it was left forgotten in one corner patiently waiting for me… *tsk tsk* I’m such a bad watcher.


Amuden, here I am watching it again after “meeting” Ji Chang Wook in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Later on I realized why I started Five Fingers in the first place! *light bulb pops in head* It was love at first sight when I saw him on the drama poster. Yes, yes… I DO judge book by its cover! Hey, I heard what you said! Yes, I am shallow *sticks tongue out* Ooh well, whatever. Luckily, Michele is on board with me again and I have someone to share my squee with *giggles*


Five Fingers is a very angst-y 30-episode melodrama. When I started watching it, I didn’t put too much thought into it but to simply enjoy the ride. The first 4.5 episodes were dedicated solely to the children part and the rest on adulthood. But the writers did not waste any of their time toying us with cutesy and happy-like life. Five Fingers is a drama about rival between two brothers. Yoon Ji Ho is a talented pianist born out of wedlock. His father Yoon Man-Se, a famous pianist and a piano mogul found him alive and healthy living in a very poor condition, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Man-Se took him back to his family but received cold shoulder by wife and son, Yoon In Ha. Man-Se is an arrogant, unthoughtful and not sympathetic to anything but for his own personal goal. In Ha inherited similar talent and behavior from Man-Se, making him the evil brother you never asked for! Hence, the two never sees eye to eye… And Ji Ho, being a country bumpkin, it makes the family relationship a lot tougher. Man Se died in the hand of his own wife and left the fortune to Ji-Ho. Wife aka evil mom pretended to be all nice as a guardian and mom but holding a knife in her back. In Ha felt betrayed by his own mother because she saved Ji Ho instead of him on the night the fire broke that “killed” his dad.



Ji Ho was entrusted by his dad to take care of In Ha (secretly) and he stay true to the words passed down by his dad but for some reason, obviously since he’s considered an outsider, he continuously getting the burn from his stepmom. Stepmom is out to ruin Ji Ho life to make her own son the heir of the company but for whatever reason she came up with, no matter how pain it got, Ji Ho managed to escape it. I’m currently on episode 16, and I believe (after last night episode) the last big card she pulled is by far the worse and dirtiest scandal in Five Fingers. Evil mom’s persistence in ruining Ji Ho till the end is sniffed not only by In Ha even though he dislikes the idea of tormenting Ji Ho, but her own stepmom as well. Evil mom bribed Man-Se’s own company lawyer and collaborated with her evil scheme without realizing that he too hold a card that can take her down in seconds.


Heol, did I just give out the story? I thought I did but I have left out few important parts as well. Hints? Birth secret. Love triangle. Murder evil mom wrote. Blast from the past. Yeap, Five Fingers is jam packed with all fun melodrama angsts and cliffhangers, and Michele and I are only half way through the series. By the end of episode 16, the drama has left me screaming on top of my lungs! I was completely miserable last night I had to stop half way through and play Sudoku to calm myself down, and watched Playful Kiss (episode 3) to cheer me up after that. No, no… don’t be scared! You must watch this drama. In the beginning, I compare Five Fingers with Can You Hear Me Cry. Never again… It has similar plots in which the mom is the main drive of the storyline. I beg you, please please watch Five Fingers. Please endure the angst for my Chang Wook!



3 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Five Fingers

  1. Sometimes it can’t be helped that actors become the sole drive for us to keep watching makjang-filled drama like Five Fingers 😀 I watched it back when it was airing and boy, it was one of the craziest experience of live-watching I’ve ever had. I even dropped it at one point, too depressed with all the plotting against Ji-ho. But I somehow resumed watching and finished it! All for Joo Ji-hoon..heh.


    • I agree that the actor are the only drive that we need to finish the angst series. It was suffocating, watching how the evil mom trying the very hardest to out ruled the older son. While each episode forcing us to stay tuned with the next revelations, it was frustrated that the emotional turmoil making it harder to continue watched it without screaming yourself out in agony. I was too pissed off at In Ha and the mother that I end up cursing him every time I see him on the screen. But, boy the heart-wrenching moment between the ill-fated little family sure is something I know the mother, Ji Ho and In Ha were difficult to faced it and they were all cold-hearted that they didn’t show that to anyone, but deep down they loved each other too much that it hurts seeing the unexpressed love hanging by a thread.


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