Wednesday Eu-Mak: Dreamy Wonderland Part 2

Hi and happy Wednesday from a very below freezing cold weather! Yup, we had a snow day yesterday. The whole area is covered with snow and leftover ice from the freezing rain we had over the weekend. Today, the weather is forecasted to be sunny at -10C. Hey, I’ll take it over windy day anytime to be honest. And speaking off winter, we are still in fall. The winter is not official until December 20. Speaking of winter, I’m continuing my winter wonderland music post again to gear up for the upcoming Christmas celebration. WE have officially 14 days left… Are you ready for this year’s holiday? Even though I don’t celebrate it, but I do enjoy it though. And yes, I am ready! All I want is a white Christmas… *wink*


So, to keep up with the winter wonderland theme, I have two more music videos to lift up your season mood. The songs are from Girls’ Generation and Crayon Pop. The songs are very festive yet maintain the kpop genre. I love all Christmas songs but it’s not catchy in this modern world but of course, nothing beats classic songs. Nevertheless, a little change will do us no harm, right?

The first music video is by Girl’s Generation aka SNSD. The song is called Diamond. It is a very simple MV and it features 5 out of 9 members. There is nothing special about the MV to be honest, it showed the members taking cute pictures for the holiday. They all are so cute and pretty. The song, if you listen carefully, is sang entirely (or almost entirely) in English. I know a few of their members are from the States so I’m not surprised to hear no accent whatsoever in this clip. I hope you enjoy this song.

The next music video is by the recent famous and rising kpop group, Crayon Pop. I know nothing about this group but their recent song Bar, Bar, Bar is a huge hit. The girls have been getting a lot of attention with their funky outfit and helmet. And they maintained their quirky outfit in this video too. Their dance choreo is very typical for girls kpop and I find it very dorky-ish. Sorry, this is just my opinion. Ready…..go! Enjoy!

I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. We are expecting another round of snow again… Hopefully we get a lot more than we wish for *evil laugh* See you next week!


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