Let’s Eat: Mok ja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 2


Our eating adventure continues… Laurie and I are still drooling over the food and the cast of Let’s Eat. Episode 2 continues to be awesome and hilarious. Somehow I feel like the food is stealing the thunder of this show. They look so, so delicious and to make it worse, the shots of our characters slurping, oooh-ing, aaah-ing, balling their eyes out over the food were ridiculously enticing to me!  If we could reach the food through our screen, *shaking my head* hmmmm mmmm, we would! My God, the PD successfully conveys that message from writing into acting!

A good point brought out by Laurie is that Let’s Eat shares the same premise as Flower Boy Next Door (FBND). I didn’t even think of that but she’s right! And come to think of it, both dramas are by tvN. Hmmmm, perhaps the network is plan to have a neighborhood theme in future? Can we read their mind this early? Well, shall I say, can Laurie predicts the future of Kdrama premise now? Hehehehe….

Episode 2


MyMyooz: I’m in. Ready to watch? Let’s Eat ep2. Yay!

Laurie ADgirl: Play?

MyMyooz: Yes! The credit is cute! *grins* I’m at 0:40.

Laurie ADgirl: Sorry, 0:39 now.

MyMyooz: Ok. This girl is cute! She has roomba! 805!


Laurie ADgirl: It’s so dirty? If only my house could be so clean! *raises brow*


MyMyooz: Relieve by eating? Con artist is a mess! My house is nvr clean!



Laurie ADgirl: Knew she was an emotional eater from ep 1.

MyMyooz: Goodness, she is. Remember her work drawer full of chocolate and snacks?

Laurie ADgirl: Mine is always tidy but never clean like that except for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

MyMyooz: Why is she so feisty? It’s only $5! I mean even if it’s a scam… Spinster! Lol


Laurie ADgirl: I know… Maybe he has so many people come ask for money? She has to be leery?

MyMyooz: Correction: Divorcee!

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha … Do you still think I am paranoid.

MyMyooz: Beautiful shot…


Laurie ADgirl: Right, the divorce.

MyMyooz: Always paranoid. But I don’t blame her. Cute song. Banchan! *drools*


Laurie ADgirl: We still do not have the full back story, to the divorce. I bet the ex, will have something to do with stopping her new romance *sniffs something fishy*

MyMyooz: Con artist is nosy sometimes *snickers*


Laurie ADgirl: Looking for praise!


MyMyooz: Lol he is.

Laurie ADgirl: Umm… A little embarrassed

MyMyooz: Hahaha he knows her name too! Hehe he’s a good observer.


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha, he follows her all the way home. Cute and funny.

MyMyooz: He laughs funny too.

Laurie ADgirl: Sh*t commercial!

MyMyooz: Ok. Pause. No ad block yet?

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 9:03

MyMyooz: 9:25

Laurie ADgirl: No, I did not order it yet. Soon as I have a day off. Something I noticed…. Let’s Eat is as same set as FBND.

MyMyooz: Aaaah. Neighbor set style. You’re right!

Laurie ADgirl: Play

MyMyooz: She’s very skeptical!


Laurie ADgirl: Like, I would take that little bark seriously *talk to the hand*



MyMyooz: Lol at the dog! Barassi has good sense of humor! Is she jealous that’s he’s always on the phone with girls? Hmmmm

Laurie ADgirl: Why would she not have the dog on a leash?


MyMyooz: I dunno.

Laurie ADgirl: I would freakin’ kill that dog!

MyMyooz: Wae? Oops just saw it. Lou what?

Laurie ADgirl: Not sure, I have to google the shoes.


MyMyooz: Fake Louis Vuitton! There! On leash now ^^ Che Guevara? Lol


Laurie ADgirl: Oh Right DUH!!! The LouXXX threw me off *laughs*


MyMyooz: Yeah lol

Laurie ADgirl: Her ex must have done a number on her. She is a man hater! *fist up in the air*

MyMyooz: She is!!! She’s skeptical and wary of people constantly. This girl is not bright!

Laurie ADgirl: The silver lining is his and her love of food.

MyMyooz: Yup. Wait till they eat together!

Laurie ADgirl: Start talking about food. Commercial.

MyMyooz: Jjang jjang again. Paused. 17:31. Pouring rain here. Start?


Laurie ADgirl: I am falling asleep. Not sure what you want to do…


MyMyooz: We can watch tmrw. You need to rest ^^

Laurie ADgirl: Sorry, did not think I was that tired.

MyMyooz: No need to be sorry. I’ll see ya tmrw. Rest well.

Laurie ADgirl: Chat tomorrow when I am much more rested. Good night.

MyMyooz: Yes. Nite.

3 days later…


Laurie ADgirl: Sorry never even went on last night after work. I came home, went out for about an hr, came home, ate, sat down to read A Christmas Carol to the boys…. passed out, on the couch! Ken had to come help me up to bed around 10:30. After calling me half a dozen times. Tonight works for me.

Laurie ADgirl: I have tomorrow and Thursday off *wink*

MyMyooz: Sure, tonite sounds good. We have a snow day today. Do you work today?


Ep 2 continues at 17:31.

Con artist is cute! *bat lashes*

This lawyer is so blondie at heart! LOL – just like me *wink*

Bahaha there’re also a lot of women with that kind of arm. Look at Attorney Oh’s face! Aigoooo…



Chief Lee is mad!

Lawyer Kim is kinda cute too hehehe *bat lashes*

Paparazzi shot? He’s modeling his ass off! Lol



Who in the world he’s taking too???? *raises brow*


Where in the world he get this car????

Uh oh, he got caught! Facebook you say, eh? Definitely a con artist!

Giggles with Attorney Oh!

Whoa! Looks good!


Eat it! Palli!!!


Omg, I’m in heaven with her! *gulps*


Bahaha Attorney Kim face! He’s definitely mesmerized by Chief Lee!


“An old woman eating like that isn’t blissful but uncomfortable”


Lol Second bowl of rice! She sure can eat!

I’m very suspicious of con artist, Laurie!!! Hmmmm… *rubs chin*


He knows how to network lol. Very marketing oriented person!

Con artist, saranghae! *smooches* He knows how to work the cam!

Omo. Is he…. Gigolo????? Omo omo *covers mouth*


Thunk! I’m melted into puddle of water…


Girls are really… He’s magnetic!


Gasp! She just got rejected! Awwwwww…

But she’s so slow…. aish



He is really my type. Lol she’s judging the blog by the food.

Beef rib eye? Lol got her all the time! Giggles


Wah! Daebak.

What? All the same? ROFL


I know I know, he must be the food blogger! *fist pump*

I’m in love with him already!!!! Is it very obvious, Laurie? *sticks her tongue out* Yes, I’ll eat meat for him!


Juicy! Aaaaaah! Hmmm! Yummmm! *wipes drool on her shoulder sleeve*


Food porn!!


This is better than sex!!!! I’m in heaven!


Wipe your face first aigoooo *shakes my head*


Inspector Gadget!

He lies! That’s the truth!


He didn’t! Whoa!

That explain! Insurance person sweet talk people all the time! No wonder he’s good in talking.


Now is her turn to walk away… LOL

Gasp! Omo omo, did she find a blood stain????


Lol perv!!!! Eeeeeewwww

Oh no. That’s not him, rite? So suspicious!



Preview looks good!

I can’t wait to hear your version!

The next day…

Laurie ADgirl: I was going to go over to the other FB page and start the episode. Good thing I came here first. Now off to start it.

MyMyooz: Yes! I just started doing some screenshots this morning on my way to work, didn’t get far coz i was too busy laughing my ass off on the train… *made a fool of herself* *blushes*

Laurie ADgirl: Accidentally went to DF first, and this came up. Sounds like a good one. 


I was so tired the other night, I do not remember what we watched, so  I am starting from the beginning.

MyMyooz: I’ve been watching it! Very good!

Laurie ADgirl: Look at vacuum! Hahaha.  Still not sure if the gross lawyer is her brother or brother in law?

MyMyooz: nope, he’s her BFF’s husband

Laurie ADgirl: The $10 scam. The innocent look when the lawyer comes in. Crack me up.


MyMyooz: Her suspicious pays off actually… Hehehe

Laurie ADgirl: I forgot about their meeting in the grocery store. He is too funny.

He loves her dog.


Telling the dog he has to bark harshly, at strangers. Instead he barks at her….Bahahaha

Still kills me she does not have him on a leash *angry face*

Barrassi, that is.

MyMyooz: I’ll kidnap Barassi if I could hehehe the dog is cho cho cute!

Laurie ADgirl: He is cute, but not for me. I love big dogs.

MyMyooz: I know. Small dogs are feisty.

Laurie ADgirl: It’s the constant barking that gets to me, in small dogs *major dislike*

Taking picture of her hurt leg, for Facebook. Do you SNS? 806 and I are friends, I will send you a request and we can all be friends. Love it.


One positive with the gross lawyer, he at least washes hands. He may dry them on his bacteria filled clothes…. But at least he washes them. *chuckles*

MyMyooz: I think he’s the office manager or coordinator. There are only two lawyers in the office: Attn Kim and Attn Oh. Our girl is Secretary aka Chief Lee.

Laurie ADgirl: OMO! 806’s pictures of his empty dishes *giggles*


That’s right and he is addressing the girl lawyer as his superior.

Now they have to create blog for the head lawyer… He is full of himself. Follow me to court and take pictures.


MyMyooz: Totally full of himself! He was modeling instead! Why not throw a peace sign while at it? LOL

Laurie ADgirl: If she doesn’t hurry up and take food they will eat all. All she will have done is drool over it.

Hahahahaha…. The men are drooling while watching her eat, deliciously. Kind of like an Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial.

That mackerel has me drooling. My favorite fish to eat *slurps*


MyMyooz: You know? I was drooling myself watching her eating that mackerel stew! OH MY GOD seriously, I will change my diet anytime!

Laurie ADgirl: Is it the first time the Lawyer sees her eat?

Right, you are a vegetarian. Forgot.

806 is a total scammer. Hot *wiggles eyebrows* but still a scammer.


MyMyooz: I don’t know but he fell for her for all I know LOL. And I fell for her too! LOL

Laurie ADgirl: I bet he went home and found out who was on the invite list of the Gallery opening, searched them, and then went in to con them all.

She is going to think the criminal is 806. 804’s confession was so sweet.

Innocent. I won’t blame her for becoming a bitch, when the con gets caught.

MyMyooz: She is a total innocent. Love her bubbly character though. I just wanna give her a squeeze!

Laurie ADgirl: Her character is a breath of fresh air, not the usual rich girl b-klead. Not like she was mean or snobby before the fall of her father.

MyMyooz: That’s right! Very refreshing! I agree!

Laurie ADgirl: No, I do not want to come to your place….Unni, I bought too much rib eye beef… stops dead in her tracks… Let’s do what you want.


This is where 805 will start to fall for 806, his cooking abilities.

*snickers* his description of the meat, ending it with… “and fall like a KO.”


MyMyooz: Ooooh, watch it! Don’t blink! I almost converted to being a carnivore! So wrong! ROFL

Laurie ADgirl: “Hey, I have one thing to ask, what on earth you do for a living…?” *mood killer* “I think you have to wipe the sauce of your mouth first, before talking.” 

laughing emoticon


Laurie ADgirl: I know he is a con artist, but I am hoping he is a food critic and they keep that hidden.

Con artist on the side.

Bahahahaha!  The BFF’s husband lifting her shirt, while they are on the phone, and she drops an elbow.


MyMyooz: He’s a perv! I know what he wants! Naughty naughty! But he’s being all man hehehe

Laurie ADgirl: Yes he is! That’s what makes it so funny.

MyMyooz: I hope the PD retains this funny genre to the end… I don’t want Let’s Eat to be a meh midway of the series. I want it to be as successful as Who Are You.

Laurie ADgirl: I hope it will be like King of Dramas. and maintain the comedy through the whole drama, with some melo thrown in there.

I do not think 806 is the criminal. I do think he is a con artist; he would never hurt anyone physically.

Although Ted Bundy was charismatic and liked by all. only to find out he was a serial killer *shrieks*

Ted, was not conning for money. Where 806, it is about money and status.

MyMyooz: I think it was coincidence that he acted very suspiciously when he passed the guard house.


Laurie ADgirl: Me too. Won’t we freak out if he is not a con artist, and his job has something to do with infiltrating and investigating the rich? *covers mouth*

They do not share anything from his side. to maintain that level of mystery and suspicion, from us..

Now to go teach my son, and then bake and clean. We can discuss later when you are finished work.

MyMyooz: Okay, sounds good. I think this is what I needed. I’ll start editing our convo soon

Well, did we get our questions answered? Uhmm…. not entirely. We still not sure if our con-man is working in insurance office. He seems hesitated to even say it. Who knows, he could be making up stories! That award could be his, or could be someone else’s. Oh my god! What if he is living on someone else’s identity? *covers mouth* omo, omo! Seolma…. you know anything is POSSIBLE! I hope you enjoy reading our rather messy thoughts. We will get better, we will… *wink* See you on episode 3!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Eat: Mok ja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 2

  1. “The silver lining is his and her love of food”
    “Lol she’s judging the blog by the food”
    “Like a herbal essence shampoo commercial”
    I just loved your post.. So funny..
    I’m quite enjoying this drama, myself and I already have so many questions. The two major ones are: does our hero have a double personality? Food lover by day, murderer by night? I really hope not. Really…
    And the second one why did our heroine got a fivorce? Does that have to do anything with our story?
    Hopefully the drama will continue to be entertaining..


    • Isn’t funny? Well, I should say, Laurie is funny. I giggle whenever I read her reaction. As for your theories, I know Laurie would be the best person to answer. She’s the woman of all theories and answers hehehe… She’ll get back with you.


    • I believe, what ever happened in her marriage. is what lead her to such distrust in men and a love of food. The divorce, may be the reason why she is an emotional eater. As I said. I think when 805 and 806 get close or admit their feelings, the ex will come back just to through a wrench in the relationship. As we know all Kdramas/ need a something to keep a drama going especially in the romance area.

      As for 806, my theory which has changed as a result of my brain working over time. 🙂 It does not help it is the only drama, I have time for at the moment. He is an insurance agent, who cons the rich to buy the insurance. If he is the attacker, this is how he would con them.
      We did see at the end of ep 1, on the rewind of the security camera that he entered the apt of the lady who died in 804 earlier that day…..
      Most likely not the attacker being he is the A-lead, Just the con artist/insurance guy and we are given all the clues to say he is the bad guy so we keep watching. 🙂 Sneaky. It will be what brings A-leads together.
      Oh wait better idea, he has an evil twin. o.O <..> What if it is her ex!!!!! Duh duh duh DDDDDUUUUHHHHH !!!!!! See this brain keeps working theories.

      Laurie Adgirl


  2. Reblogged this on adgirl22 and commented:
    Missie Nelly and I are at it again, here is our 3rd Kdrama blog, thoughts and comments, as we simulcast. I am so glad Let’s Eat, is once a week. Due to my awful shifts at work and RL the first two episodes seem to have Nelly watch and commenton her own in the evening and I watch in the morning, Nelly and I chat real time about it while she is on her way to work. 🙂 She is the real master at getting our caps up. Enjoy what we love our favorite things, food mystery and romance. Please comment and go over to Nelly’s blog and read our Master’s Sun simulcast.


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