Stalking: Gong Yoo


Gong Yoo oppa! Oraenmaniya! It’s been awhile since I last saw you on small screen! Wae oppa? No matter how unsuccessful Big turned out to be, I still watched it just for him… He has the power to do that! Oh oppa, wae you so magnetic? *bats lashes* This morning, I saw him on Running Man. Now, mind you I’m not a variety show person. Yeah, I watch it once awhile just to kill time. But this morning, I made an effort to watch the latest episode because of uri oppa. Having him as breakfast was…. *coughs* very satisfying! *burp* Exsqueeze me *wink* I mean, look at this hottie hot hot hot? Who wouldn’t drool all ova him? Tell me you’re not after seeing this?

To be honest, I haven’t watch that many of his shows. Just on top of my head, I only remember him in Coffee Prince, Big, and Finding Mr. Destiny. But hey, just because I haven’t seen many of his dramas and movies it doesn’t mean that I don’t like him. He’s awesome, adorable and most of all…. THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN THE COUNTRY!!! Sorry *i’m a married woman, i’m a married woman* *flips hair* basically Gong Yoo oppa is a woman killer and I’m at his mercy. He melts women of all ages *wipes sweat* His weapon: that smile! Dayum,  he got me all.the.time! He’s the guy you want to date and marry, basically. Lately though, I’ve always wonder how oppa like in person. Is he as outgoing as I saw him in his dramas? Is he shy? Is he normal? You know, that kinda of stuff… I don’t sound like a stalker, do I? *sticks her tongue out*

Amuden, Running Man happened early this week and Gong Yoo decided to be in it. Wow! Gong Yoo oppa is actually very, very sweet!!!! And he’s such a good sportsperson! Wow! At one point, he became quite competitive yet retained his awesomeness composure. Because I saw him at breakfast time, my meal was very satisfying and fulfilling! It was great episode. Oppa was great! Too bad he lost the game though… But it’s okay, oppa had fun! It’s written all over his face! I hope this will not be his first and last in Running Man. I want to see him more! Oppa, hwaiting!

pst: even though I call him oppa, he is deonsaeng to me since i’m months older than him… but does it matter? *laughs*


9 thoughts on “Stalking: Gong Yoo

  1. Burp, exsqueeze me, wink!!! LOL!!! Love it! He was all kinds of awesome, Gong Yoo arsonist!! My first experience with RM and it was hilarious. I still love the dance party in the container!! Too much fun! 🙂


    • Gong Yoo the arsonist! Set us all on fire! I love RM but I only select which episode I like. The last one I saw was with the cast of Heirs with Woobie. But they were all too shy though… I didn’t feel their vibes.

      Glad you liked it! And yes, I burped! Hehehe


  2. Wasn’t he great on RM?? He was so composed, right? I was surprised actually, I thought he’d be more excitable. But uri GY is super cool nonetheless. And super hot! When he had his legs around Ji Hyo…*ahem*. But these days, I wanna feed him some burgers or something. I hope he does another drama soon.


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