Let’s Eat: Mok ja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 3


I’m raising my fork with Laurie! This time, our post is much more organize because we are able to simulcast Let’s Eat together! Rare opportunity! Laurie have odd working schedule lately and with Christmas around the corner, she’s busy preparing for the big day with her kids and with her Church community. I’m the flexible time, but only available at night. Amuden, here we are on yet another nom nom episode. The episode is still lingering around our cast. Unfortunately, I do not see any lead to the murder case we saw on the previous episode. The PD seems to be taking their sweet time in developing Let’s Eat. Since it is a once a week episode, I guess they are forgiven. Episode 3 is all about reliability. Who can you count on when you’re alone? Well, if you wanna know, let’s find out…

Episode 3


Laurie ADgirl: Goodness, we just can’t get our time together!

MyMyooz: I know but it is okay, one day we will *fist pump*

Laurie ADgirl: Actually, I have time now if you want to watch Let’s Eat instead? *happy chair dance*

MyMyooz: You sure? *jumps like a kid* Let me start my tablet! *grins*

Laurie ADgirl: Yah, I am sure *wink*

MyMyooz: *Jump happy*

Laurie ADgirl: Just going to grab a coffee.


MyMyooz: Ok. I’m signing in. I’m ready. Done with credit. I can’t help but smiling ear to ear. Even the credit itself made me happy *laughs* I’m at 1:06.

Laurie ADgirl: Just getting ready to play it.

MyMyooz: How can you drink coffee at this time? Will you be able to sleep later, Laurie-shi?

Laurie ADgirl: Oh yah, it is decaf.

MyMyooz: Aaah… Duh, i didn’t think of decaf *blur*

Laurie ADgirl: Play

MyMyooz: Ok. Yay.

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 1:06

MyMyooz: Nekkid scene *giggles* Great, I’m hungry again *raises brow*


Laurie ADgirl: I love each of their reactions. Giggles at 805 only concerned the window is open. ROFL


MyMyooz: Fried chicken! She’s very conservative. Walking Dead! Wow!


Laurie ADgirl: She watches the Walking Dead! We all watch K-drama they all watch North America drama. The irony *shakes ma head*

MyMyooz: I know lol. Did she just drink Lee’s drink?

Laurie ADgirl: Prabably Barasshi’s *wink*

MyMyooz: So, she’s frugal! *shakes ma head* Hahaha both husband and wife going to Lee!

Laurie ADgirl: Hahaha I love how she is trying to keep them together.

MyMyooz: But she can’t keep her own marriage! She’s their moderator! Lol Kicked out of her own apartment!



Laurie ADgirl: I would kill my hub if he took out a loan for a family member without discussing it with me first. *angry face*


MyMyooz: I would too! *evil eyes* Look at that dog’s face! Here we go! Gulp slurps slippery slurps


Laurie ADgirl: I know what I am making for lunch tomorrow. Ramyun!!!!


MyMyooz: Seriously, do they have to torture us this early? *tummy growls*


Laurie ADgirl: I just made a fresh pot of Chicken broth today *cheery claps*

MyMyooz: Count me two! (I lied! I had rice, kimchi and seaweed instead) *wink*

Laurie ADgirl: Commercial

MyMyooz: Oooh yeah, Laurie! Pause. I just made rice noodle soup on Wednesday. Looks like it’ll be on my menu again this week lol *giggles* My hub complained he saw stars coz he’s hungry. I don’t even get to see stars. I’m hungry all the time lol

Laurie ADgirl: Me too! Play!

MyMyooz: Arraseoyo!

Laurie ADgirl: I love that 806 just showed up!


MyMyooz: That dog loves 806! He address himself hyung to Gae Bara lol *snickers*


Laurie ADgirl: Yes he does. It’s so cute!

MyMyooz: Funeral cost? ROFLMAO The dog didn’t bark at all.


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha at the insurance game again….

MyMyooz: He’s a good sales person! Omo *gasp*

Laurie ADgirl: or Con artist!

MyMyooz: Goodness. Who is he?

Laurie ADgirl: hahahaha BFF and her HB?


MyMyooz: They ate her chicken! ROFL

Laurie ADgirl: Ummmm who has their kids? *drums fingers on her laptop*

MyMyooz: I thought the house is hot because they just had steamy sex! The in-laws.


Laurie ADgirl: Where are you at?

MyMyooz: 13:42 *waves*

Laurie ADgirl: 13

MyMyooz: Lemme pause. I’m at 14 now

Laurie ADgirl: kk Maybe they use an argument as their way to have uninterrupted sex, at her place….

MyMyooz: Can’t believe she drink from the can! They all sharing the same germs now eewwww *gross face*


Laurie ADgirl: At 14 now

MyMyooz: Hah! Smart!

Laurie ADgirl: Not sure how I would feel in a little apt and the in-laws living with me too.

MyMyooz: Me too. Did she cut her hair? I just noticed!

Laurie ADgirl: She really is a little kid.

MyMyooz: Yup

Laurie ADgirl: Scared of thunder, girls’ night!

MyMyooz: Bahahaha Girl talk! Is this episode about sex? *raises brow*


Laurie ADgirl: Unni have you felt O….. OMG I can’t believe censors let that go. Bahahahaha

MyMyooz: Yup. Awesome!

Laurie ADgirl: Girl Talk on her bucket list? Cute!

MyMyooz: Wait wait wait! Seolma! Could it be that attorney Kim her ex? I know! Who does that? She’s the only child, right?

Laurie ADgirl: Commercial!

MyMyooz: Ok. Pause at 18:55. What do you think? Were they married before? Since they attend the same university?

Laurie ADgirl: No because the Bff’s hub would have said something…

MyMyooz: I see.

Laurie ADgirl: Instead he asked if he heard of her because she was a famous beauty.


MyMyooz: Right right.

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

MyMyooz: Young Attorney Kim reminds me of trash oppa from Reply 1994 in that green track suit *snickers* Ok. Attorney Oh is so silly…


Laurie ADgirl: How would I feel being described as a plain cup of water?


MyMyooz: I’d cry *pouts*

Laurie ADgirl: I like the way Attorney Kim describes Attorney Oh as a bowl of caffeine *giggles*

MyMyooz: Awwww she waited for 806 like a little girl…


Laurie ADgirl: Makes me wonder if she is really 23!

MyMyooz: Lol is that grandpa over flowers poster? Omo!

Laurie ADgirl: I think so.

MyMyooz: Wait! Is he making up story based on the posters on the wall? *gasp* Why can’t he just turn her down politely?


Laurie ADgirl: Yes, he is. To think on the fly like that…. He is letting her down easily *sad face*

MyMyooz: Jjang jjang man again.


Laurie ADgirl: I think it is part of his con. Not only does he let her down, she falls for him more deeply.

MyMyooz: Hmmmm he is.

Laurie ADgirl: Drooling over 806 food blog again.

MyMyooz: Gasp what the…? So he sells insurance for real?


Laurie ADgirl: Not sure… I think it may be part of the scam.

MyMyooz: Shabu shabu! He’s too smart!


Laurie ADgirl: I wonder if he is insurance PI *rubs chin*

MyMyooz: Grrrr his scamming scheme. Seolma?

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahaha

MyMyooz: Her cards are all suspended! *pouts*


Laurie ADgirl: Food decides her life… No, I do not want to go… great, free food…I am in. Commercial!


MyMyooz: Hehehe she turns this around easily *snickers*

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 27:08

MyMyooz: Ok at 29. Aaah. Let me know when to start. Coz she’s a divorcee. She has nothing else to think but food.

Laurie ADgirl: No sex, no dates *shakes ma head* Just food.

MyMyooz: Funny thing is the place she wanted to go is the place 806 recommended *wink*

Laurie ADgirl: What Gallant? I think lost in translation *scratches head*


MyMyooz: No. Food is sex for her. Food is too orgasmic lol What minute?

Laurie ADgirl: I bet! At 28.

MyMyooz: I think she meant the wreathe?

Laurie ADgirl: They were talking about 806’s looks. At 29:00 play.

MyMyooz: Oooh missed that. Will screenshot it. Play.

Laurie ADgirl: Love how excited she is for the food. Like a little kid at Christmas!


MyMyooz: Lol here we go again *jumps in excitement*

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha Love his face

MyMyooz: Love the way he describe it too! And the music! Very erotic kind *laughs*

Laurie ADgirl: Don’t we just quickly eat the food so we can eat it… ? WHAT!!!!



MyMyooz: Lol I know! Big insult!


Laurie ADgirl: Then the big description! *rubs hands* can’t wait to hear it!


MyMyooz: Look at them! Oh my god!!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: Like a That 70’s Show smoky table moment.


MyMyooz: Watch these two! Lol yes yes yes! She finally caught on with her BFF doing lol


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha Comparing their food palates to having them date to sex… Back in a sec.

MyMyooz: Ok. Pause at 34:11

Laurie ADgirl: Sorry had to help Ken with something.

MyMyooz: No worries *wink*

Laurie ADgirl: Love how she is storming off. It helps keep her feelings at bay. The wall is up to let no one in.


MyMyooz: Yes. It feels human too.

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

MyMyooz: Play. Who’s paying for the massage?


Laurie ADgirl: And all the food and groceries too?

MyMyooz: Yeah!

Laurie ADgirl: She is totally alone. Maybe for now she has VIP membership at the Spa

MyMyooz: Ouch. Anti-social teaching socialist etiquette *snickers*


Laurie ADgirl: Commercial.

MyMyooz: Pause at 36:27

Laurie ADgirl: The New Year cannot come fast enough so I can add Viki to the credit card.


MyMyooz: Yes yes *nods* It’ll come in 15 days *smiles*

Laurie ADgirl: My own private Christmas Gift. *giggles*

MyMyooz: Did you hear that, Viki? We support ya! They better have New Year discount!

Laurie ADgirl: Well for $4.99 a month, it is better than DF.

MyMyooz: Wow! *thumbs up*

Laurie ADgirl: Play!

MyMyooz: Ok

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Girl… *sigh*


MyMyooz: It’s the manga I bet. Oooh, it’s on her bucket list!

Laurie ADgirl: No, I think she is all alone.

MyMyooz: Poor girl *sigh*

Laurie ADgirl: This is where 806 becomes the hero *rubs hands happily*


MyMyooz: Uh oh. Hmmmm he’s too cute!

Laurie ADgirl: He genuinely cares.

MyMyooz: He is! No doubt!

Laurie ADgirl: This is why I do not think he is the killer. Yes, he is cute.

MyMyooz: Yeah yeah *nods* Appendicitis? Lol he’s cute even when waking up!



Laurie ADgirl: MMMHHHMMM! He can wake up beside me anytime.

MyMyooz: Gasp! Life saver! Looking for praise again…


Laurie ADgirl: Not sure how my husband would feel about that. You know in my dreams *evil grin*

MyMyooz: My lips are sealed hehehe

Laurie ADgirl: Pfh! You didn’t get the insurance. Bahahahahaha


MyMyooz: Time to inject her into buying it now muahahahaha

Laurie ADgirl: Make her realize she could have died alone *wiggles eyebrows*

MyMyooz: He’s good at doing that! I think Attorney Kim likes Lee!


Laurie ADgirl: I think the Lawyer has always had a crush on Chief Lee even in College. Just watch from afar he will be the b-lead…

MyMyooz: Sigh another b lead victim… Hmmmm I hope she knows what lonely means. Barassi is having tons of fun without her *giggles*


Laurie ADgirl: She does not think she should thank them…WHAT?! She needs a good smack! Hahahaha look at Barrassi

MyMyooz: Yes she does need one. And her stubbornness just… urgh


Laurie ADgirl: She is walking and running so well for someone who just had her appendices removed. Commercial!

MyMyooz: I know. Does not make any sense! Kdrama SMH. Ok at 44:22

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 45:10

MyMyooz: Wow this is our first time watching it entirely together! Ok lemme catch up! So she did snore! ROFL

Laurie ADgirl: It is. Our post won’t be so confusing.

MyMyooz: Ok I’m caught up with you. Play? The dog is all dressy now lol

Laurie ADgirl: All mad that they dog put the dog in a dress!


MyMyooz: Violates privacy? This woman! Just say thank you!!! Goodness! At 45:13 now

Laurie ADgirl: I know right? Ok!

MyMyooz: She’s kinda selfish.

Laurie ADgirl: Ok!

MyMyooz: Play?

Laurie ADgirl: Like her BFF said she has a wall up and has to let more people in. Yes, play.

MyMyooz: Right. She can’t see thru things beyond her eyes. Bahaha yes make her get the insurance!

Laurie ADgirl: When Noona when are you going to by insurance? You know you have to buy before you put a knife in you.

MyMyooz: So she make Barrashi the man of her life? It’s his blog!!! Oh my god! She farted! LOL


Laurie ADgirl: Bahahahaha Nurse, I farted!


MyMyooz: Lol Omo the preview looks good! Wow. Not much clues to the incident from episode 2 though. Actually nothing much from this episode other than her surgery and no insurance. But we do get to know that Kim has a crush on her since college.

Laurie ADgirl: Well that was lucky, the NET crashed right at the end!

MyMyooz: Aaah I thought so too! What did you think of ep3?

Laurie ADgirl: It will probably crash again due to the storm. I am really enjoying it… not too melo and serious and not overly quirky on the comedy. I am totally going to make some ramen tomorrow for lunch though *nods to self*

MyMyooz: Hahaha do post your ramen pic here so I can put it up!

Laurie ADgirl: I wonder if from the preview etc if Lawyer Kim is the criminal?

MyMyooz: But there is no story, is there? Impossible he is the criminal… *shakes head*

Laurie ADgirl: Not really, it seems like they are building up to the story. Yet at the same time, I am ok with no real story after all the crap shoot overly done stories this year. Light and easy for the end of the year is a great for me *smiles*

MyMyooz: I guess I’ve been a little impatience *pouts* I’m just curious. Hehe Blame the melodrama Five fingers I’m currently watching hehe (I finished it by the way…. jjang jjang *wink*)

Laurie ADgirl: Me too! Maybe her crack pot ex we know nothing about. He truly had to have done something to her to make her so recluse and trust no one.

MyMyooz: No one but her Barrashi hehe

Laurie ADgirl: Well, I will be off now. Glad we got to do a whole episode together. Talk in the AM after I have mulled over it a little more.

MyMyooz: Ok. Enjoy your evening.

Let’s Eat continues to be witty and funny. The actors are superb, they gracefully convey all the messages that are not able to put into words through their awesome facial expressions. The ooohs, aaaahs, slurp slippery slurp nom nom nom… I’m just hungry just doing this post. Fine fine, tummy wins! Bab sa jul kae, my tummy!


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