Song of the Moment: O-IWI-O


My current LOVE song! I can’t stop listening to it! *screams* LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE! I lost count how many times I listened to it yesterday! I am gratefully bless to my Michele eonnie for her quick ninja fangirl move for sharing this song with me. Our love for MBLAQ GO is too hot to handle at the moment. We constantly sharing songs, clips, videos, and pictures over the Tweeter and email. We are truly GO’s biggest fangirls from the States, no doubt. No one can outshine us, NO ONE!

GO walked in to my life early this year (let’s not go there…) and Michele just recently discovered him. I’m so glad that she is finally on board with me because it gets very lonely to squee, swoon, oooohs and aaaaahs over this mini-me Rain all by myself, to be honest. All I got was me and my jumpy heart *be still my heart, be still*… Seriously, GO has age me backwards…!!! I was told I look 25 again! And this time, I did not hesitate at all… Me and GO could definitely forever and ever be rocking in this relationship *grin*.

gonassun-oiwioAnd O-IWI-O just concreted my spiral love for him even more. This song is just the bomb, yo! O-IWI-O is unlike any other song I’ve heard in awhile! This song is so fresh, and has such a catchy tune to dance with. GO’s R&B smooth jazzy and velvety like voice I fall for collaborated with Nassun‘s out-of-this-world ultra crispy, impressive and marvelous voice produced the most stunning sexiest song I’ve heard to date. Mind you, this is not a new song. O-IWI-O is written and produced by E-Tribe and the song was released in 2010. 3 years later, here I am, madly in love with the song. And madly in love with GO. Aish… I’m about to explode! He is the ONE! He is the next Rain *smile*



3 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: O-IWI-O

  1. OMo!!!!!!! Love this, love G.O, love this song! These two just work this song together so well. G.O is such a hottie looking all kinds of handsome and sexy. Cannot breathe. He is driving both of us soooo crazy. I am so happy to share him with you and cannot wait until he and the rest of the boys come here to serenade us!!! LOVE!!!!!❤️❤️


      • I think One is VERY HOT!! I can’t find a live stage version of it but then again that is probably good because G.O is already doing enough damage!! I cannot even believe how taken I am with him. His physique and the way he moves, his lips, his eyes, he is incredibly sexy. He definitely has the sexy swag like Rain. It’s just way overwhelming!!!


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