Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 4


Burp! Exsqueeze me…. Laurie and I just finished simulcasting episode 4 and we are happy to say, we are full from that red bean noodles! Hahahaha amuden, episode 4 reveals a little more about the murder case and the death of the lady on apartment 804. Laurie is starting to be a little bit suspicious now… Her alien thinking head is showing *giggles* And I’m curious with 806. Really this guy… Who is he? I want to know more about him now that we are certain he is an insurance agent. Ok, enough mumbling for now… Let’s watch Let’s Eat! Yeoreobun, mokja!

Episode 4 


Laurie ADgirl: Finished credits, I am at 1:07.

My Myooz: I’m at 1:06. Let’s start!

Laurie ADgirl: Playing! OMO scared the crap out of me *ack*


My Myooz: Oh geez! *pulls hair*

Laurie ADgirl: YUMMY! *drool*

My Myooz: Yes. That egg got me all the time!

Laurie ADgirl: Pause, Ken just came in have to say hi *smiles*


My Myooz: Ok

Laurie ADgirl: I’m back… at 2:07

My Myooz: I’m at 2:25. Let me know when to play.

Laurie ADgirl: I will play and let you know when…

My Myooz: Yes

Laurie ADgirl: Play!

My Myooz: Ok. Ack! I wouldn’t watch horror alone! *bites nails*


Laurie ADgirl: Hehehehe reminds me of my daughter after she watches a movie *giggles*

My Myooz: That’s right, girl! How did she dry her shirt? *jaw on the floor*


Laurie ADgirl: I had a shit day I had a shit day…. that is how a shit day starts! I will sour crap day on the blog


My Myooz: Barrashi!!!!

Laurie ADgirl: What dog would not eat the food? Not yet he isn’t

My Myooz: Hahaha I bet it’s jjajangmyun! ROFL


Laurie ADgirl: Giggle like a school girl cause he may be interested…. NOT!

My Myooz: But he is!

Laurie ADgirl: Pause I am needed for a few. BRB!

My Myooz: *thumbs up*

Laurie ADgirl: At 6:45

My Myooz: Hi back. I’m at 7:07. Everything ok, Laurie?

Laurie ADgirl: Play

My Myooz: Ok. I’m at 806 closets! LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Love that she scared the crap out of him *giggles* I crashed on Viki *pouts*


My Myooz: Pause? Oppa jjang jjang man hehe


Laurie ADgirl: I am at 7:49

My Myooz: 8:16

Laurie ADgirl: Fangirl squee for the dressing moment *wink*


My Myooz: Hehe

Laurie ADgirl: The darn pc causing the crash made it like a flash *clenches teeth*

My Myooz: I love his startled face *laughs* Hahaha. Surprise!!! Play?

Laurie ADgirl: Play. I would love that if I was her *giggles* Suave hero! *wink* Darn it now the stupid commercial. Pause!

My Myooz: Ok. Suave hero he is lol

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 9:05

My Myooz: I can’t believe this guy just lied to 806 just like that *raises brow* I’m at 9:25.


Laurie ADgirl: The length of the commercial is insane! *fist punch* Still on! *gnashes teeth*

My Myooz: I have lots of insurance lol I know! I found it less commercial on tablet. I think they forgot to update the kindle tablet hehehe Ssssshhh don’t tell Viki *wink*


Laurie ADgirl: Play

My Myooz: Ok

Laurie ADgirl: If I get one, my lips are sealed *giggles*

My Myooz: Hehe. Life saver once again…

Laurie ADgirl: Hah! 806 jumping the back of the bike is too funny *laughs*



My Myooz: The dead girl?


Laurie ADgirl: Eerie oooooooooo that would happen though…

My Myooz: Mail to the dead?


Laurie ADgirl: If the place was not notified of death or change of address, yes it would happen.

My Myooz: Geez. Is this a scary episode or something????? *reaches for pillow* Aaah right.

Laurie ADgirl: He is barking for a stranger?


My Myooz: Or barking at the ghost? *widen eyes*

Laurie ADgirl: SPOOKY!!!!


My Myooz: *giggles* He stole her candies!

Laurie ADgirl: Giggle at him stealing her snacks…. Rude or not it is funny ROFL


My Myooz: *laughs*

Laurie ADgirl: Wait till she notices her Kit Kat is gone.

My Myooz: His hair is funny too!

Laurie ADgirl: Suits the awkward character.

My Myooz: Ack! This is spooky! Lol this attorney Oh! He stop by to eat? Wow. You’re right, Laurie. He must be up to something *rubs chin*


Laurie ADgirl: Where are you at?

My Myooz: 17:11

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 15:30

My Myooz: I pause.

Laurie ADgirl: Food again. HHHMMM! He is seriously up to something? 806 that is!

My Myooz: I know! He stops unannounced. Hmmm….

Laurie ADgirl: Play

My Myooz: Ok

Laurie ADgirl: All brave without his wife around… *shaking ma head*


My Myooz: He’s a whimp!

Laurie ADgirl: Insurance agent must be it.

My Myooz: LOL after that big talk, he needs to consult with his wife *pergh* He’s quite persistence!

Laurie ADgirl: SFD commercial!

My Myooz: Pause?

Laurie ADgirl: 18:04

My Myooz: 18:47. How did I manage to be ahead of you? LOL

Laurie ADgirl: He is being male… puff up the wings without the wife. UGH! The same commercial 3 times in a row!


My Myooz: Did you see 806 calculating in his mind how many potential customers he could get if he follows Oh to her family gathering? LOL kaching kaching kaching He knows big talk lol


Laurie ADgirl: Play

My Myooz: Ok. Diet?


Laurie ADgirl: He was adding up all the insurance money he can get so I am guessing it’s legit and our hero is not a creep after all. Woot Woot! 806




My Myooz: LOL Is she flirting with him? I think not but creep enough!

Laurie ADgirl: Trying to keep his coffee down. Batting her eyes at 806!


My Myooz: Bat lashes with her short lashes! LOL

Laurie ADgirl: With a shake nod of her head *laughs*

My Myooz: What song is this? You must know this.

Laurie ADgirl: OH! Lawyer Kim has it bad! He drools over her like she drools over food.


My Myooz: What a turn off! He was so dreamy with her running towards him LOL Yup but he likes it. Oh is in love with 806 hehehehe


Laurie ADgirl: Is he going to dine and dash? Or say they were supposed to pay and left him there?

My Myooz: He’s going to try to sell insurance! Here we go with his first love again ROFL

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahaha the walker walk is hysterical ROFLMAO Everyone’s reaction is better!

My Myooz: She thinks she’s a model now lol I wanna try gif that walk lol *failed* *pouts*


Laurie ADgirl: That with a caption…These boots were made for walking or I’m too sexy for my…

My Myooz: Aigoo aigoo he’s truly a salesperson! He even touches her hand! LOL too funny, Laurie! Clam stew?

Laurie ADgirl: Her ovaries exploded as soon as he touched her ROFL


My Myooz: Son of a gun!!!! Ddeobbokki! My ovaries would too! ROFL

Laurie ADgirl: I can’t eat the clam but add mussels and I am good to go!


My Myooz: She even brought hair clip! R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: I love ddeobbokki!


My Myooz: Is that clam or mussel?

Laurie ADgirl: Spicy too! The color of the shell say tells me mussel!

My Myooz: I think he just had an orgasm!


Laurie ADgirl: That’s the best food porn he has ever watched! *evil grins* He has not even ate a thing yet.


My Myooz: Two bowls of fried rice? She really can eat! *shakes ma head*


Laurie ADgirl: Commercial!

My Myooz: Nope. He just enjoys watching her!


Laurie ADgirl: The sensuality in that… I am at 27:04

My Myooz: 30:49. I’m ahead lol

Laurie ADgirl: Snicker after he had the big O “would you eat quietly!” I think it is because my pc has so much lag time.



My Myooz: I see. I really hope you get a tablet! Lol

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahahah he was able to do that anytime he watched her. …. What a perv! Sexy but still a perv.

My Myooz: Just so funny the way he dress him up in that track suit and ear muffler *giggles*


Laurie ADgirl: Hahaha the wife tripped over the mess!

My Myooz: The mess 805 made that morning, right?

Laurie ADgirl: A little Rooftop Prince flash for me *wink*

My Myooz: Which part?

Laurie ADgirl: Their awkwardness and the suits!

My Myooz: Aaah hehe

Laurie ADgirl: Her BFF and 804, both suspicious of each other. Uhm, where is Barra?



My Myooz: Huh? I know!

Laurie ADgirl: Waiting for them right outside the store doors.

My Myooz: Probably… 804 and BFF exchange notes on 805 LOL


Laurie ADgirl: BFF and 804 talking about Lee like the new and old flame… hahahahaha


My Myooz: All the beans are spilled now lol Uh oh, I smell WWIII lol


Laurie ADgirl: Wonder how the sister in law will open out. If the BFF has a temper like she did in Secret Love, the Sister is dead!

My Myooz: I still can’t believe he did that to his wife… *shakes ma head*

Laurie ADgirl: I can’t eat cause of my diet…. bahahaha

My Myooz: She’s on cloud 9 because of 806 *giggles*


Laurie ADgirl: Wouldn’t you be?  I know I would be *fanning self*


My Myooz: Uh oh uh oh WWIII has begun!

Laurie ADgirl: Chief Lee, you are curious who the guy is right?….. She could give a shit bahahaha


My Myooz: Where you at? I’m at 36:48.

Laurie ADgirl: 36:01

My Myooz: Ok, tell me when to play.

Laurie ADgirl: And another mind numbing commercial sigh

My Myooz: Hahaha

Laurie ADgirl: Still on commercial… hang me now.

My Myooz: *hands rope*

Laurie ADgirl: The same mother trucking flippin’ Pandora commercial 5 times in a row *fist punch*

My Myooz: Bahahaha

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahaha she called manager home early… He thought he was going to get something ya know, instead she is beating him.. ROFL


My Myooz: Mine is always Verizon!

Laurie ADgirl: Love the characters she plays. Always strong tough smart women.


My Myooz: Wrestling, round 1 ding ding ding! Yes! I notice that too! It suits her.

Laurie ADgirl: He slipped into an alley. Proof again he is not the attacker WOOT WOOT! *jumps in joy*


My Myooz: Play?

Laurie ADgirl: Where are you at?

My Myooz: 36:48.

Laurie ADgirl: Yes play.

My Myooz: Ok! I hate waking alone in the alley… *shudders* The attacker has nice shoe though…


Laurie ADgirl: Me too!

My Myooz: It was attorney Kim?


Laurie ADgirl: No, I do not think he would have hid when 806 came out.

My Myooz: Ooooh he was watching out for her…


Laurie ADgirl: Aw poor Lawyer Kim…

My Myooz: Awwwww when the cat pops out of nowhere…


Laurie ADgirl: He remembered her, she never remembered him.

My Myooz: LOL he really think he’s desirable!

Laurie ADgirl: Feel more and more bad for him every day.

My Myooz: He’s wavering again LOL Poor guy


Laurie ADgirl: You know he got out of the car and picked it back up.

My Myooz: You think he would?

Laurie ADgirl: Yah, he is that sentimental *wink*

My Myooz: He’s a PI! Food?

Laurie ADgirl: HHHMMM! Maybe he is and he is investigating the legal team?

My Myooz: Hmmmmmm… You’re thinking! Mwo? LOL




Laurie ADgirl: Yes I am… Can’t help it *snickers*

My Myooz: Here we go! *rubs hands*


Laurie ADgirl: Love the way he describes food.


My Myooz: Come into my mouth!

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha

My Myooz: What the…?

Laurie ADgirl: I want to swallow you in one bite….

My Myooz: The song is too funny!



Laurie ADgirl: I can’t believe K-censor let this go on the air. Pause! Freaking fracking commercial again!

My Myooz: Is it because of tvN? Pause. Darn commercial. And I don’t have a single tonight *wink* Viki app on iPhone has tons of ads too *pouts*

Laurie ADgirl: Watching them eat is like a threesome *giggles*


My Myooz: The way he giggles when eat is too funny *laughs* Whatever 805. His bs reason. Whoa the CCTV *gasp*


Laurie ADgirl: I love how 804 really want to take care of them both.


My Myooz: Food group! LOL She’s too innocent! Did you see the preview? Gasp! 806 is the beneficiary for the dead 804! Omo omo omo!

Laurie ADgirl: Now my brain is working like an energized bunny!

My Myooz: It explains why he’s so enthusiastically in selling insurance.

Laurie ADgirl: He does sell insurance, gets the lonely people to make him the beneficiary and kills them? Do not think so how could he be the a-lead in the rom com then… *rubs chin*

My Myooz: Back to being a scam artist!

Laurie ADgirl: Yes, back to the scam artist.

My Myooz: Could someone hack his portfolio? But it doesn’t make any sense.

Laurie ADgirl: I am sure they could especially with in a company.

My Myooz: Hmmmmm who else could be doing it? How the murder case related so closely to him?

Laurie ADgirl: It had better be something good, I am praying it is not like Wild Romance…!

My Myooz: Like how? I don’t remember it anymore *lazy eyes*

Laurie ADgirl: All the mystery etc no real romance, except b-OTP, and the whole mystery was what they ended up focusing on… Well I am off to bed, I need sleep zzzzzzz

My Myooz: Aaaaah, I don’t mind…. Ok night

Laurie ADgirl: Night. Chat tomorrow I am sure.

My Myooz: I’ll work on it tmrw. Bye!

The preview for episode 5 is very fascinating! It hinted us that 806 scammed the late 804 for being her sole beneficiary to the life insurance he sold to her. Now, that’s a major deal!!!! I hope this isn’t true… 806 seems genuine and honest about everything! He’s just a little nosy and over caring, that’s all. Laurie and I can’t wait to watch it to dig more of this back story to 806! Are you too? Keep calm and wait for the next Let’s Eat episode *giggles*


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