Stalking: Super Junior

Super-Junior-2013-Wallpaper-HDI’m sure by now you all know my love for Super Junior is very real! So real that even my son has been calling SiWon papa for few times *giggles* I love SuJu so much I even stalked them down whenever I’m on work travel. Success rate so far? Zero! We keep missing each other! Grrrrrr…! That’s okay, I’ll not give up *fist pump*.  Anyway, this quick post is about one thing and one thing only: fangirling all over the boys! When I first saw this clip this morning, favorited by Ceci, my thought was… what the f…? Hey, don’t judge me. The boys were all dressed up in church choir ensemble and looking very nerdy! I just can’t… I just can’t bring myself to open the clip (fresh from the oven I heard). But I did! And this post happened…

Thanks Laulau for putting this up on YouTube! Thanks Ceci for favorited the tweet. The video is hilarious! The boys really injected great humor into this. I love my boys! I hope they poke fun of themselves again in future!


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