Wednesday Eu-Mak: Happy New Year!


Or the Korean would say it… Sae Hae Bok Mani Ba Deu Se Yo (please received a lot of luck on New Year!). And Happy Wednesday! How are we all doing? Did you have a good Christmas? Did you eat a lot? Well, I thought I didn’t my rear end is widening as we speak! And I have a beach to hit in 3 weeks! *crazy eyes* Ooooh well, I just need to put my body into work now! Hmmmm, New Year resolution? Well, that’s another post! Anyway, let’s start our brand new year with spanking two awesome videos I’ve researched for weeks! These two songs are just great! They are very touchy and a bit sad but we just left 2013 so getting teary is appropriate!

The first song is by Huh Gak! Yes, I’m featuring one of my favorite ballad singer again… It can’t be helped, his voice is just that amazing! And the song I’m featuring is Hello! Why I choose Hello? Well, let’s say Hello to 2014! *wink* But this video is quite the opposite of celebrating our New Year *sad eyes*. The MV is very emotional and Huh Gak’s ability to project that emotional feeling into this song is incredible. I’m emotionally wrecked right now with this song. Too beautiful. And the friendship love between the boys aka the bromance is very sweet. Why a girl has to come between the two? Why? Waeeeee? *channeling my kdrama craze* This is not a new song though. It was released in 2011 but I only discover it now. Well, I’m not late, right?

The second song is by Lee Seok Hoon. Yes, yes… another ballad song. What can I say? I love ballad songs lately… It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling all over me. The song is called Today is Better than Yesterday. It’s true, right? I’m gonna make sure it is… at least for today *snickers*. And once again, another emotional MV. I am sorry, chingu-ah. I don’t mean to make you teary on the first day of New Year again, but I can’t helped it. The title is just too appropriate. Tell me this is not the best ballad song you ever heard? That harmonica, that piano, that bass… Oooh my heart! And that calming voice! Seok Hoon-shi, why is your voice so, so beautiful???

I hope your New Year is cozy with family. I promise I will get the pace up for Wednesday Eu-Mak post in future. I know I’ve been featuring tons of sappy love songs lately… Don’t blame me, blame all the emotional-drenched drama I’m currently watching! *crosses heart* I will bring more kpop in future!


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