Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 5


Whoa! I almost forgot to post the timeline for this episode! Blame real life drama… Nah, it wasn’t dramatic. Just busy with work and other stuff. Anway… Let’s Eat! Episode 5 continues to be awesome! A little more clues get to be revealed and our curiosity has risen a little more! Laurie and I enjoyed simulcasting it this time mainly because we were able to watch it commercial free! Hallelujah! Now, let’s not waste your time on me… Bap bap bappidi bap!

Episode 5


Laurie ADgirl: Ready when you are.  *huge grins*

My Myooz: Lemme start…

Laurie ADgirl: Ok. This will be a new one for me. Watching on tablet, no commercials and trying to send msg here on the PC. I am at 1:08

My Myooz: I accidentally start ep4! Ooops!

Laurie ADgirl: It’s OK, so did I.

My Myooz: This kid still up. I don’t care anymore lol. I need my kdrama! *V sign*

Laurie ADgirl: Hahaha

My Myooz: We are snickerdoodled out!

Laurie ADgirl: No school, no work tomorrow…you can sleep in.

My Myooz: Ok. I’m at 1:03. Let’s Eat! I mean play LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Giggle OK!

My Myooz: She talks to her dog like she’s talking to another person! LOL Barasshi!!! Omg, pizza!


Laurie ADgirl: Too cute. Pizza, MMMM!!!!



My Myooz: Hey, we are them. They are us! Taking via phone! Wow that looks delicious!


Laurie ADgirl: Pizza with kimchi? I mean… pickle?


My Myooz: I never understand why they’d serve pickles with pizza. They do that in Italian restaurant there. Mwo? LOL


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha Pizza tastes all the same…. WHAT!!!???


My Myooz: Here we go! Mother earth’s spring! 805 doesn’t care about him anymore LOL


Laurie ADgirl: She only knows how to eat food… *snickers*



My Myooz: Palli, mokja!


Laurie ADgirl: OMO!!! Love the words to the song…. *laughs*


My Myooz: Oh, Laurie! I’m starving! *tummy growls*

Laurie ADgirl: Still shocks me it passed K-Censorship!

My Myooz: Is it because it’s tvN?

Laurie ADgirl: Now I want pizza!

My Myooz: Me too!

Laurie ADgirl: They seem to get away with more. Wonder why? *rubs chin*

My Myooz: Hmmm I don’t know. But I do know I prefer all tvN production dramas. $500 for maintenance fee? Expensive!


Laurie ADgirl: Comparing bills? They really are getting closer!


My Myooz: Remember Go Dok Mi from FBND! She hugged warm plastic water to keep herself warm!


Laurie ADgirl: Yes she did. Let’s hope this girl can kiss!

My Myooz: Yes. They are very close now.

Laurie ADgirl: Sharing the coffee now.


My Myooz: Oppa, jjang jjang man! *laughs*

Laurie ADgirl: Did anyone say dessert?


laughing emoticon

My Myooz: Bang! Poor girl.


Laurie ADgirl: Wonder what that must be like for her? I feel so bad for 804 *pouts*


My Myooz: Wasted time? She’s sitting behind in the car eating it all by herself! LOL But 804 is down to earth tho. Uh oh, here comes trouble.


Laurie ADgirl: Pfh! She had cancer!

My Myooz: Wow. He didn’t know his client died?


Laurie ADgirl: She was the previous 804. I think?

My Myooz: I’m confused *scratches head* He’s been scammed!

Laurie ADgirl: I think so…

My Myooz: What’s up with attorney Kim? Menopause? LOL Hahaha he’s trying to get his revenge!


Laurie ADgirl: I think she does not need the chocolate bar, because she has 804 and 806 to eat with, and it relieves her stress. *giggles*

My Myooz: That’s what I thought so too. Attorney Oh must be a baby. So this episode is all about comparing costs…?


Laurie ADgirl: I forgot his butt whoopin’ (from episode 4) she gave him for the loan to his sister. Hahahahaha

My Myooz: Yeap ROFLMAO Ppl who has money are even worse! LOL

Laurie ADgirl: I would not wear that polka dot sweater… it really suits her though.


My Myooz: It does suits her well. She’s cute. She cud make lots of money if she sell her bags! Aaah she is selling it!


Laurie ADgirl: That is sad, for her to do it. *pouts*


My Myooz: Yes, yes. But she takes every situation very openly. Budae jjigae! Yum! Even though I don’t eat meat, I still drool LOL


Laurie ADgirl: Sweet mother of pearl, that looks so delicious! *major drools*


My Myooz: Omo omo I know! Wow. What is he up to? He’s letting her decides on food! Aigoo she sounded like 806 now lol A little jealousy on Attorney Kim’s face there *giggles*


Laurie ADgirl: More than a little…

My Myooz: *gulps*


Laurie ADgirl: Slurp slurp baby!


My Myooz: With red bean rice!


Laurie ADgirl: I have not had red bean rice before.

My Myooz: It’s yummy. You shud give it a try!

Laurie ADgirl: I have had it in a rice cake so I am sure it would be delectable.

My Myooz: Must eat it with something spicy tho coz it’s tasteless by itself… *snickers* Only Asian eats carbs with carbs LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Nope, Italians do to.

My Myooz: I see.

Laurie ADgirl: Look, he just had a big O watching her again! *laughs*


My Myooz: Did he just… come? LOL Corps stew? That’s a turn off! LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Now we know why he has a new attitude towards her… hahahaha


My Myooz: Ack! He’s paying the food from her bonus? That’s cheating! *raised brow*

Laurie ADgirl: She satisfies his needs. Bahahahahaha

My Myooz: Aigoo I’d be very pissed. He’s deceiving her! *shakes ma head*


Laurie ADgirl: Crap that’s her bonus… cheap guy *pumps fists*

My Myooz: Jerk! Lost appetite?


Laurie ADgirl: He is going to hope to get her in the end… F*** that! Attorney Kim just a little excited to see 806!

My Myooz: Hey! You’re supposed to save money! Aish this girl! She is! Her lipstick is bright red.



Laurie ADgirl: I wonder if Attorney Oh is a little pissed because of her ignoring him in university. He never spoke to her, just handed her gifts or watched from afar. I believe she was his senior…

My Myooz: You got the name opposite, Laurie! Oh is the female lawyer *winks* I think it started with the hair pin on ep4.

Laurie ADgirl: DUH! I need to pay more attention. Hehehe me too. Either way, he never truly expressed or expresses himself to her.

My Myooz: Nope. He was too shy. It’s his fault. *scoff* What’s with the bleep?


Laurie ADgirl: I think brand name, they do not have the product placement or ad license for.

My Myooz: Ooooh.

Laurie ADgirl: Pause. Play.

My Myooz: Ok. Ooh? Ok. This is fun. No commercial. Lol

Laurie ADgirl: I do not get commercials on Viki with the Kobo; but it stops and needs to be refreshed about half way through a drama.

My Myooz: 804 is learning a lot from BFF. I see. That’s no biggie.


Laurie ADgirl: Now she will doubt 806 again.


My Myooz: Yup

Laurie ADgirl: No it’s about 2 seconds reboot.

My Myooz: Don’t judge our boy *cries*


Laurie ADgirl: Love how Manager spoke up for our 806

My Myooz: What’s that got to do with marriage? LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Letting her know, either she leaves it with someone like 806 or a loved one.

My Myooz: Right. Just say thank you! C’mon!



Laurie ADgirl: He melted her heart a little more.

My Myooz: 806 is one thoughtful person. I’m touched, too. Gasp! How could she say that to him?


Laurie ADgirl: So now we know why he is living the way he is. Not to scam, but to make money and help others.

My Myooz: He didn’t ask for the money! Yup. He has a good heart. Very sincere. Recruitment!

Laurie ADgirl: Showing real family dynamics… It is so cute to see.


My Myooz: Look at how many books they have?

Laurie ADgirl: A few of them are mangas *winks*

My Myooz: Pepper shake! LOL


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha I would try something like that to get the truth. Another butt whoopin’ *snickers*


My Myooz: Good trick! Beat him good, lady! Aish lol at the kids


Laurie ADgirl: UM! Wouldn’t your shoes smell horrible from the rotten milk?

My Myooz: Eewwww

Laurie ADgirl: Love that 804 is not only seeing, but also trying to ship 805 and 806.

My Myooz: They are getting along! LOL Barasshi is cute.



Laurie ADgirl: Are they going to find a body?

My Myooz: 806 is definitely very business minded person.

Laurie ADgirl: Nope, they found the insurance and 806 is going to be the beneficiary. 😦



My Myooz: Uh oh, clues! Keep it! Why is she nervous?


Laurie ADgirl: I knew he was not the bad guy.

My Myooz: Aaaah she doesn’t know the whole story!

Laurie ADgirl: I wonder if her ex was abusive, or a gambler etc or a cheating rat bastard.

My Myooz: Omo! No way no way, that must be a dream. He’s not the killer!

Laurie ADgirl: Or all 3 which would certainly explain her fear and stone wall.

My Myooz: Yikes! Wow that was quick!

Laurie ADgirl: I do not think it is him; it has to be a dream.

My Myooz: Impossible he would do such thing.

Laurie ADgirl: What a difference in time, with no commercials!

My Myooz: Someone blackmailed him!

Laurie ADgirl: So glad I got the Kobo for Christmas *claps*

My Myooz: Yeap. Me too! So I guess the next episode is about confrontation. I feel uneasy with the preview.

Laurie ADgirl: I wonder if it is the dead girls brother…. I know that is why 806 cutie, will be attacked in the next episode.

My Myooz: I don’t trust her bro!

Laurie ADgirl: Me either.

My Myooz: Hmmm he could be the suspect too! Ok Laurie, I’m glad you got to do it tonight.

Laurie ADgirl: The one way is to go back and look at the other episodes. I am guessing it will be a waiter or someone we see, but does not cross our minds.

My Myooz: I’m sure you’re tired. I’ll work on it tmrw.

Laurie ADgirl: Lay down all my theories, while dreaming of pizza, and noodles.

My Myooz: Hmmmm you’re right. I want that jjigae!

Laurie ADgirl: Going to have to find a recipe for it, and try to make it.  I bet there is a veggie version!

My Myooz: With sausage! I’ll always find a good sub *wiggles brows*

Laurie ADgirl: To make it extra spicy, add hot Italian sausage. OK, well I am off to dream land.

My Myooz: I’m off to find food! Good night!

 Episode 5 left us thinking why the hell the deceased lady put 806 as her beneficiary? Was his frequent visit to her in the hospital really changed her mind? We know her asshat brother must have done something bbbbaaaadddddd for her to change her mind on who gets the money. Let’s put on our thinking cap together and figure out the mystery. Until then, be healthy and mokja!


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