Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 6


*sigh* Laurie and I were a bit disappointed with this episode. Not enough food porn and Laurie thinks this could be the end of food fiesta and we will get more story out of it. Well, let’s hope the food will come back on the next episode. At the mean time, the story itself is coming together nicely. We are only at episode 6 so we have 10 more episodes to go and plenty of room for the writers to move the story to whatever they like. But I hope they stick to the original… And that includes more food! Okay, let’s eat with Let’s Eat crew!

Episode 6


My Myooz: I’m here. Are you?

Laurie ADgirl: Yes I am.

My Myooz: Hold on. This kid is asking for YouTube now. Sigh.

Laurie ADgirl: Let me get the laptop up and running.

My Myooz: Ok.

Laurie ADgirl: No worries. He is fast.

My Myooz: My fault for introducing it to him. I’m ready. Let’s start Let’s Eat ep6. Done with credit. I’m at 1:06.

Laurie ADgirl: I know so times how I feel about Running Man with my youngest. One sec…

My Myooz: *thumbs up*

Laurie ADgirl: at 1:09 and paused…

My Myooz: Ok. Let’s watch!

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

My Myooz: *thumbs up*

Laurie ADgirl: Let’s get read to get hungry and drool!

My Myooz: Hehehe

Laurie ADgirl: Here goes her imagination…

My Myooz: How can she rely on Barasshi? Oh geez. Pride and prejudice lol


Laurie ADgirl: How lonely she is. Hahaha

My Myooz: Sample?

Laurie ADgirl: Logical explanation, sample!


My Myooz: 806 looks a bit nervous though *crazy eyes*

Laurie ADgirl: He was showing her what it all meant… Yes he does. Maybe that is his scam though.


My Myooz: I’m afraid. *bites nails* What is she eating?


Laurie ADgirl: OMO!!! She will think it is 806.

My Myooz: Omo!


Laurie ADgirl: As for what she is eating not sure if it is a candy of some sort or if it like beef  jerky.

My Myooz: Looks meaty… The description matches 806! Aish

Laurie ADgirl: We know it will not be him. He is our lead.

My Myooz: What if the show is going the opposite? *pulls hair*

Laurie ADgirl: I refuse to believe they will make our lead be the bad guy.

My Myooz: I wanna cry!!! Is she gonna report 806?

Laurie ADgirl: I think so.


My Myooz: She did! Ack!

Laurie ADgirl: Holy crap!

My Myooz: Oooh, definitely not him! Andwaeeeee!

Laurie ADgirl: Alibi.


My Myooz: Please please *prays*

Laurie ADgirl: She will totally fall for him when she discovers he is the blogger.

My Myooz: Hahahaha

Laurie ADgirl: Hiding my eyes!



My Myooz: What?????

Laurie ADgirl: Dream in a dream.


My Myooz: Yes yes! As we predicted!

Laurie ADgirl: It is the attorney. No one will expect him…


My Myooz: Hah! So he’s saved? Goodness he’s being blackmailed now.


Laurie ADgirl: Not yet! 

My Myooz: Poor guy. Awww cute she wrapped the milk carton with ribbon.


Laurie ADgirl: When I am alone things that go through my mind… *shakes my head* Cannot imagine if I was alone like her.

My Myooz: She took the milk?

Laurie ADgirl: It would keep the imagination moving.

My Myooz: I think so.

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha Being mistaken for a pervert! ROFLMAO


My Myooz: Pervert for sure lol It’s bad though.


Laurie ADgirl: A difference between pervert and molester.

My Myooz: Attorney Oh likes 806 so much. She’s jumpy. It’s sample!

Laurie ADgirl: No legal signature.


My Myooz: Womp! Nope. It’s in all his paperwork.

Laurie ADgirl: She is so determined. I may hate 805 in the end.


My Myooz: I’m starting to *pouts* Haha She chickened out lol This is funny. 806 gonna find out soon who reported him. Lol

Laurie ADgirl: She has worked herself up beyond any logic. Hyung’s p*nis….. bahahaha


My Myooz: She’s a problem.

Laurie ADgirl: Such a boy thing to do *reminiscing old time*


My Myooz: Mwo? Lol

Laurie ADgirl: One sec!

My Myooz: Pause.

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

My Myooz: Ok.

Laurie ADgirl: No pause.

My Myooz: Mandu. I want some!


Laurie ADgirl: I am Viki frozen, one sec.

My Myooz: Lol tvN daebak with penis here and there. Ok!

Laurie ADgirl: I’m at 22:35

My Myooz: 23:40.

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

My Myooz: Ok I’ll wait until you catch up.

Laurie ADgirl: Play.

My Myooz: Ok. Messy home as always.


Laurie ADgirl: Oops you are 23 I read 22 … I will catch up. Where are you at now?

My Myooz: Oops. 24:20

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha I am going to make 3 of your penis.

My Myooz: No filter these kids *shakes my head*

Laurie ADgirl: How does she know that’s his seal?

My Myooz: Attorney Kim asked her to get his seal from his home.

Laurie ADgirl: What? She’s going to give his trophy as evidence? Play.


My Myooz: But remember 804 found some stain during BBQ time?

Laurie ADgirl: I knew that I just meant she opened the drawer and did not look. If she was that suspicious she would look.

My Myooz: Look at her. Wannabe lawyer. Hahaha in your face 805!!!


Laurie ADgirl: That was so funny putting her in her place.

My Myooz: He sacrificed that $100k. All her fault!


Laurie ADgirl: The brother broke it and being he does not clean pieced would be in his apt. MMMMMM! Ready for dumplings.

My Myooz: Look at the dumplings. Where are the p*nis dumplings? Great! I’ll be having it later! Kids love dumplings! Awwww Love at first sight! Lololol Hmmmmmmmmmmm


Laurie ADgirl: Yes they do. I think they had to draw the line…. Imagine the uproar if a child was eating a penis shaped dumpling… even hear in North America. The little one has a crush.


My Myooz: You’re right! I sounded like a pervert *sticks her tongue out* He got a kiss! First love.

Laurie ADgirl: Wish for my first love to come true…. Aaawww so cute.


My Myooz: Too cute! You think 805 will confess?

Laurie ADgirl: Maybe to Attorney Kim.

My Myooz: Don’t they have things to do?

Laurie ADgirl: Like other cases?

My Myooz: Everyone are mad at her. It’s a shame. Yeah like other cases hehe


Laurie ADgirl: It puts them in a ruff place. Client and office worker. I think they are mad that she jumped to conclusions without proof.

My Myooz: Technically 806 has the right to ask 805 $100,000, right?

Laurie ADgirl: He should.

My Myooz: She’s sooooo in trouble. Turning down food? *gasp*


Laurie ADgirl: What kind of secretary is she supposed to be?

My Myooz: It’s your fault! I think she’s what we called an office manager/admin?

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahaha Your name smells like sh*t


My Myooz: I can’t believe this Kim guy. Very emotional as a lawyer lol So dramatic hehehe

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahaha

My Myooz: Gasp! He just blurted his own secret!


Laurie ADgirl: Do you trust your own eyes? You can’t even remember someone who gave you a present?

My Myooz: I know. Wow! Foooooooood! She’s being 806! Lol Hmmmm makgeolli!


Laurie ADgirl: I love her version, it suits her character.


My Myooz: In a cute, innocent way.

Laurie ADgirl: Absolutely!

My Myooz: Looks delicious the way he chew that food. Goodness. I want!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: It is tofu so it is vegetarian.

My Myooz: Chomp chomp Yup.

Laurie ADgirl: Nom anom anoma

My Myooz: Side dishes may not though *pout*

Laurie ADgirl: True.

My Myooz: Smoke tofu! Why are they torturing us?



Laurie ADgirl: Can say I have not had smoked tofu before?

My Myooz: You’ll love it. I eat it as my protein with salad. Try it!

Laurie ADgirl: If I can find it I will.

My Myooz: Or five spice tofu. Oppa jjang! Cute! Attorney Kim is such a diva!

Laurie ADgirl: Psycho of an asshole ROFL



My Myooz: Is he searching for CCTV?

Laurie ADgirl: He is not the culprit if he wants police to keep her protected.


My Myooz: Goodness. His home. Geez attorney Oh.


Laurie ADgirl: OMO! She is going to tell 806!

My Myooz: Wtf! Shut up, Oh!


Laurie ADgirl: WTF!!!! Shut the front door…..

My Myooz: He is frustrated. Poor guy. Apologize!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: it is like a Pride and Prejudice thing. Just one is not stinking rich.

My Myooz: Of course! That’s what you supposed to do.

Laurie ADgirl: Stupid dream in a dream again? *raised brow*

My Myooz: Right right. It’s none of your fucking business!!!! Definitely pride… She can’t even say sorry and thank you.




Laurie ADgirl: What does it matter to her what and why? No life outside the office.. Almost be better if he was like the Walking Dead.

My Myooz: Poor 804 doesn’t know a thing about 805 and 806.


Laurie ADgirl: Do not feel bad at this point for her.

My Myooz: Not at all.Barasshi! No!


Laurie ADgirl: Pause, phone.

My Myooz: *thumbs up*

Laurie ADgirl: Play. I hope she says sorry with food.

My Myooz: Ok. Happy New Year! Omo Attn Kim’s abs! *wild eyes*


Laurie ADgirl: Yep…Drool. And Manager’s apron and a rose for his wife. Hahahahaha

My Myooz: Did you see his brief? Or boxer? Lol

Laurie ADgirl: I have to go back and watch!

My Myooz: Wow this episode really upset me big time… *sigh*

Laurie ADgirl: Me too.

My Myooz: I’m very disappointed with 805. Very!

Laurie ADgirl: Not enough food…

My Myooz: Lol

Laurie ADgirl: I am hoping they do not remove the food and stick to drama… Making chicken stir fry for supper.

My Myooz: Laurie! It looks like the end of food porn *cries*

Laurie ADgirl: Say it isn’t so.

My Myooz: I’m gonna have dumplings. That tofu with side dish sounded good too!

Laurie ADgirl: I have egg rolls in the freezer as close to dumplings as it gets for me tonight.

My Myooz: I can’t predict what we gonna see on next episode.

Laurie ADgirl: Going to have to find some good easy recipes.

My Myooz: Close enough *wink* Awesome episode today.

Laurie ADgirl: Making it for me. They can all eat when they get home. It really started to move the story.

My Myooz: Yes. One episode per week kinda sucky but it works *shrugs*

Laurie ADgirl: One thought came to mind about the culprit. The women attacked resemble 805.

My Myooz: What do you mean? I only saw one victim. All short hair?

Laurie ADgirl: That couple with Attorney Kim’s flashbacks from college. Maybe someone from then that she ignored.

My Myooz: By why not attacker her directly? Why is he attacking other women? *scratches head*

Laurie ADgirl: Not exactly sure. Just thought it’s of how the story line plays out.

My Myooz: You’re too genius for me I don’t even think of that.

Laurie ADgirl: It has shown him or implied he was following her and someone shows up to protect her. Now, for some ROI while I get dinner ready and have the time to watch. This way I am ready for Monday.

My Myooz: Yay. I can’t wait to watch it. Awesome. Ok. I’m gonna do screenshot for this ep. Ttyl. Feel better too. I’ll let you know when you can look at our timeline for edit.

Laurie ADgirl: OK sounds good. Now have to get my oldest son to eat before his hockey game.

My Myooz: Bye *blows kisses*

Now, now… are you as upset as we are with 805? The pride of this woman… *shakes my head* We still need her back story to understand why she’s so protective of herself. Like Laurie said, she must have hurt big time by her ex-husband. She’s pretty much by herself ever since her divorce hence, the cold shoulder and bitter smirk she gives to people. Amuden, I’m sure we will see a lot more on next episode!


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