Wednesday Eu-Mak: Burrrrrr

Hello, everyone! Happy Wednesday from a frigid cold weather. Hello, winter! *sticks middle finger out*. I don’t think I want to move out of this bed. We have been at below zero (Celsius) temperature since the New Year. I have had this kind of cold when I lived in Midwest but never experience it in this region. The arctic blast (Polar Vortex) from the north made the weather even more frigid than it already is *shivers*. Burrrrrr… Because I’m cold, I want to share this cold with you too *wink*. Aren’t I nice?


And the first MV is by C-Clown! They are making a comeback and just dropped their single hit on Monday night (Korean time). The verdict? AWESOME! I can’t wait to download it as soon as it hits on iTunes. But I’m not featuring that song in here just yet… The song I have in mind is Cold. It’s so cold, people and my boys know how to make me feel warm in this cold weather *giggles*. Unfortunately, there is no proper MV for this song but I could just picture the boys singing with their poofy, big jackets in a snow covered hill and throwing snow balls at each other. Yeah, let’s keep dreaming about them… Kyeopta!!! But if you listen to the song, the boys were upset coz their girl give them a cold shoulder. I think! Oh well, what the heck… Just enjoy the song hehehe


The second MV is by Jewelry. It is called Hot & Cold. So appropriate. One minute we are hot, another minute we are cold *shivers like a chihuahua*. Hehehehe and a bonus to make your cold temperature rise a bit? A kpop hottie appearance by ZE:A’s Hyung Sik *snicker*. Nothing beat this cutie pie (hot off the oven) *ding ding ding* now after his recent famous work on Heirs (let’s not go there) and Nine (awesome performance!). The song is pretty catchy. It was released last summer and I’m not really familiar with the girls but the song is so fit in with the theme. They sang it pretty well and I gotta admit, my shoulders started to swing with the music! I’m sure yours too!

So there you  have it, two awesome kpop songs! I told you I’m making a kpop comeback *wink* Stay tune for more kpop music next week! Until then, stay warm if you are in the cold hemisphere. For those who aren’t… please think of me and the rest of us who are dreaming of warm weather! *wink*


What do you think?

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