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Ugly Alert was never on my radar. The name itself throw me off. Plus, I never heard of it until I saw my tweeter timeline flying with Ugly Alert tweets between Belinda and Cassie. I really hesitated to watch this drama at the beginning. It took me couple of months to finally said “I do” and mainly it was peer pressure. But apart of peer pressure, Ugly Alert only is available on DarkSmurfSub and it is 133 episode long! Yeah, I screamed too. The build-up pressure in my head with so many episodes just kills me. Be and Cass assured me that I will not regret it. So I marched to DSS back in September, and started my suicidal obsession. I cringed so bad because not only I will stuck with a 133-episode drama, but I have no way out once I started it *bites nails*


So where I am now? Episode 105!Don’t worry, I’m still liking it. Each episode is about 30 minutes long, so it makes it easier for my watch. Funny thing is I don’t really feel pressured now. Plus, the story is very pleasant. I must admit, this family drama is nothing compared to Crazy Love and Thorn Birds. I’m all prepared, if you must ask. I couldn’t get angry at all… I’ve seen the worse *evil laugh* And to make it better, this is by far the best family Korean drama I’ve seen lately. The angst is peace of cake, I tell ya… I cannot get angry at all! Yes, yes… I’ve been tamed completely by Crazy Love and Thorn Birds. I’m no longer a wild, cursing woman you know this summer…


Amuden, Ugly Alert unites two families from two different background through marriage. A father with his gregarious son and a mother of two (a daughter and a son). The children grew up very sadly after both parents died at early age. The eldest son from the father side, Jun Su, is a very innovative, thrifty and money-savvy person. He took care of the household and did numerous odd job to support his siblings. He sacrificed his education so both his step siblings can focus on their study. He successfully did his duty until one day, he decided to take the blame for an accidental death (murder) caused by his brother, Hyeon Seok. The sacrifice Jun Su made in replace of his brother is the most beautiful thing one could do for his family. And even after years later, he remained mum about it and still defended his decision as being the best thing he had done for his family.


This is a long drama so I’m not going to spill any of it. And being that it just won for awards in the SBS channel, this is a drama you need to watch. It is definitely worth your time! I just can’t imagine how patient I am with Ugly Alert but because the stories are so engaging and fascinating, this is absolutely one of the best daily drama I’ve seen in awhile!


21 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Ugly Alert

  1. Hello! I’m here because I wanna ask you about the background music in Ugly Alert Ep 7 around 33.04 min and Ep 115 around 7.36 min. I really hope someone could help me finding this song since I’ve searched it everywhere but stll cannot find it.


  2. Do you know the song in ep 21 at around10:20 min? when Kang sora told a lie about her background family and he believe it. I think the song is cute and I want to know what the song is. Hope you know, thanks 😀


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  4. I think you’re referring to the bus song. It was around 6:04 in episode 5 when the mom was with Young GJS where she died in the back of the bus and 7:22 in episode 115 when GJS was reminiscing about the death of the mom, again in the back of the bus. I’ve been looking for the song title 🎼and artist 🎤for years now too. I would greatly appreciate it if you share the title of the song and artist. Thanks! 😘


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