Wednesday Eu-Mak: Going WILD!


Good morning and happy Wednesday! *yawn* Yes, yes… I’m still sleepy! This sleepy head has been losing herself for the past 3 days because of work. She has now joined the many faces of tired workers with a touch of under bag. Beautiful….NOT! Oooh well… *shrugs* Real life can be a pain but the end result is awesome. In the mean time, I’ll remain wild and untamed for the next 7 months. Yeap, you heard me right. I really can’t wait for July to come so I can be done with all these madness!

And speaking of wild, I’m going WILD with GO and Mir! They are the sub unit of MBLAQ. Originally, the unit was supposed to debut in 2012 but it was put on hold due to GO’s busy schedule shooting for kdrama Ghost (aka Phantom) and their first Asia tour. There is no name for these two duo as of today but guess what? I’m naming them WILD! Why? Look at ’em two…. they are wild hot stud! Their voices are the bomb! GO’s smooth jazzy voice is complimented by Mir’s powerful rapping skill… And together, they produced the most balanced yin and yang compilation in today’s kpop generation. Very harmony, very soothing, very energetic, and very powerful compilation! They are not just another pretty boys, they sing REALLY well. Did I mention they are handsome too?


So, for the first song, I’m featuring is Because It’s Heaven. Well, it’s heavenly to my ears! Just listen to them singing this song… Very dangerous! I can’t stop listening to it. This song was featured as part of King of Dramas soundtrack. I like that it’s kind of ballad-y and then it turns 180 degrees when Mir steps in with his rapping part. It totally work out really well!

The next song is called Foolish Me. This song is a little upbeat and you totally want to dance with it. Foolish Me is very addictive. I love it. This song too is part of another soundtrack, Iris 2. It’s awesome that these two received recognition for THE voice producers want in their dramas.

I hope you enjoy these two songs as much as I am. Stay tuned for more MBLAQ news as they are ready to make a comeback in February… As one of their BIGGEST fans, I can’t wait!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Going WILD!

  1. You know how I LOVE these two paired off!!! G.O’s voice is such a smooth complement to a rapper’s voice, isn’t it???!!! LOVE (of course). It’s so cute you name them WILD because they do have that funky number called Wild that they did during the Asia tour. I love Mir’s deep, rich rap voice that comes at you full force – powerful maknae (and so cute, too)! I don’t even have to go into how much I love G.O – this man can sing the phonebook and sound fabulous! Sigh……these boys!! ❤ Cannot wait until February!!!!


    • I know you do and that’s why I decided to feature them for this week’s post. Unfortunately, I couldn’t review their songs in detail but whatever… As long as I’ve them on my post, that would suffice 😉

      I really can’t wait for February too! And I want my album to be signed by them if I could! Goodness, now the mission to get the CD sign… Aish.


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