Currently Watching: The Prime Minister and I


As y’all know, I’m a sucker for romance comedy dramas. I can’t believe I just called myself sucker *laughs* but it is the perfect description I could describe myself for now. Plus, being 13 hours ahead of my usual time is not helping at all. When I found out The Prime Minister and I is of this genre, I was really, really skeptical. Trust me, I was! The name itself has a political vibes *nods* and I’m no fan of such *crosses her arms*. But I brave myself to watch it after reading awesome feedback from my Tweeter friends. And now, it has become my first krack romcom drama of this year! Well, to be exact it’s last year drama but since it’s rolling into this year, I’ll make it a 2014 drama! Hey, I make my own rules, ok? *sticks tongue out*


The plot of this drama is very typical. A single dad with three children who happened to be the Prime Minister *rolls eyes* of the country. Pfh, the term “drama king” came to mind just about now LOL. Since his wife has passed away, he buried himself with works and disciplined his children like slaves. And make the house servant as an acting chef for the household  including taking care of the kids well being on her own. Now, it sounded a little like Captain Van Kemp and his 6 children from the Sounds of Music. Now, enter a woman into this picture. She’s a scandal reporter *screams*. No, really ahjummas and ahjusshis, she IS the kind of reporter that typically will give you hard time all the time. She’s the kind of reporter who isn’t care much about the political situation in the country, no no no. What she cares? His personal life, of course! Oooooh, scandalous! And then, throw in a contract marriage between the two! Oh, boy… *insert circus music* and after that, well… must I go on any further? I think you will know how the story goes. Even if you don’t know how it is, just watch it coz I won’t spill a single bean to ya! WARNING: DO NOT MAKE ANY JUDGEMENT BASED ON THE NEXT PHOTO!


So can you tell how much I love this drama? Really, really much! And somehow Yoona and Lee Bom-Soo made this really odd couple looking so adorable! I didn’t even think that they would compliment each other but guess what? They both rocked it despite their age difference! Good job on casting, director-nim! Unfortunately, I’m behind on this fab drama because of work travel *insert melo music in the background* but I plan to catch up madly when I get home. Yes, I’m prepared to lose sleep and look like a giant walking panda! Now that you know how much I love this show,  well, what are ya waiting for??? Chop chop *snap fingers*, go watch it!


6 thoughts on “Currently Watching: The Prime Minister and I

  1. I couldn’t get behind the romance at first, but Lee Bum Soo really brings out the best in Yoona. Their chemistry is awesome!
    My favourite parts have to be the interactions between Da Jung and the kids. Really heartfelt at times, and cute at the others.
    Great review!


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