Currently Watching: Give Love Away aka A Little Love Never Hurts


I think I must have hit midlife crisis because more and more, I found myself drawn to the family and daily dramas. The more I think of it, family and daily dramas are somewhat interesting. They are more dramatic, more engaging, more makjang, more down to earth… I feel at home when watching these dramas. Give Love Away is a last minute family drama decision I decided to watch in replacing Goddess of Marriage (GoM). After GoM, I was skeptical to watch another family drama actually *shrugs*. The trauma I had after Crazy Love and GoM was enough to send me into deep coma. The screaming, the yelling, the pain, the crying, the I-can’t-believe-they-did-that traumatized my 2013. *shudders* So when Give Love Away started airing, I was prepared for the worse.


Surprisingly though, Give Love Away is nothing as I pictured it to be. It is 180 degrees the opposite of what I had in mind! Wow! It is unbelievably GOOOOOOOOOD! I mean *facepalm* where can you get a decent family drama these days? There is no screaming, there is no angst, no makjang, NOTHING! What do they have? Nothing but love! And it is also funny! Ok, ok… There are still problems and issues presented as part of the drama plot but believe me, they are piece of cake. No blood boiling at all. I’m so impressed. And the probability of this drama going south is slim knowing that I’m already on episode 30 and still little conflict to handle. Bravo to Give Love Away writers, bravo! *claps*


This 50 episode drama is full of surprises. If you notice, the drama poster shows two main couples but actually, there’s another couple they did not feature. It is a surprise couple. This surprise couple is the cutest of all couple in this drama, and the cutest in my kdrama history. Every week, I look forward to witness the romance between the two. I will not reveal anything but I’m sure by now you’ll know who I’m talking about *giggles* if you are watching it too. BIG HINT: see above poster *wink*. Aren’t they the cutest? Give Love Away is a drama about love and searching for the love they all longing for. Simple as that. But I do believe, Give Love Away portrays all stages of love in life. But I don’t have to elaborate more coz love causes them to struggle more in their relationship and to find the perfect timing to get things work our based on the level of their relationship. One interesting part about Give Love Awya is that there’s a tiny twist between the two main couple. You wanna know? Pfh like I’m telling ya… *sticks her tongue out* This is why I’m doing partial review, coz I am not telling a thing *wraps her arm around*. You need to watch it yourself. Don’t be lazy *wink*


What do you think?

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