Just Watched: A Spinster and a Divorced Man

2435What could be wrong with a successful woman who has everything in life? Unmarried. What makes it worse aside from being unmarried? When she passes her prime time age to be married. *shakes my head* I don’t actually object when a woman choose this path, it’s her choice and not mine. But the saddest part is the impression people have on single women. Coming from an Asian family, I know exactly how it feels. Surely the pressure to get married by family must be tough.

This drama special is just that. A 33 year old successful children designer have everything in life except a man in her life. So I’m sure you know the pressure she has to go through… The matchmaking rounds she went simply didn’t work out. Most of the men complains she’s too old for them. One day, she met her obgyn doctor and he said something that opened up his eyes. Of course, they eventually became friends and ended up together.

This is a mindless one-hour drama and it sure filled the gap in between the movies I was watching on the plane. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on this drama on the web. I couldn’t even find anything on the actress as well. Did I get her name wrong? At least I found the actor, he’s currently staring in Angel’s Revenge, my current daily drama. But other than that, nothing. Sorry. Maybe you can catch it on YouTube? *shrugs* I’m not helpful this time… *pouts* *sigh*


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