Just Watched: Blind Detective


Back in the college, I watched many Cantonese dramas by Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau. I find these two have great chemistry. I even secretly wished that these two would be together in real life. *shrugs* Too bad they aren’t. I thought they would make a great couple! And when I saw them cast together for this movie, without any hesitation, I immediately watch it. It’s Andy and Sammi love all over again! Yippee! But half way through the movie I realized they both are caught up with their age now. I can see how much they’ve aged… *insert sad violin song* The movie is about 2 hours long… I think. It’s in Mandarin, not in their native Cantonese. I actually prefer this movie to be in Cantonese but I know they attracted more viewers in Mandarin. Anyways, I started the movie right before the plane taking off in hopes that it would end after my dinner.

Blind Detective 2

Blind Detective is funny throughout but the plots are everywhere. I was actually confused. Half the time I really don’t know what this movie is about. I finally understood what going on towards the end though. The blind detective is apparently was the best detective ever but was forced into an early retirement, relies on his smell senses to move on with his work. Another female detective found his talent to be very useful and decided to team up with him to solve one of the longest kidnapping case in history (heh, I just made that history part up!) *wink*. Well, you get the idea *sticks her tongue out*. The ending was kinda of wacky and a little tacky but I can live with it. I think Blind Detective is worth watching but not worth rewatching. Wae? Or should I say wei shenme? Well, just watch it and you’ll see…



What do you think?

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