Special Eu-Mak: Blue Moon Edition

Hello yeoreobun! My good concert buddy, kpopkolorado, attended CNBLUE’s Blue Moon concert on January 24, 2014 in Los Angeles. Since I couldn’t make it to the concert *pouts*, she has agreed to write a post of her sweet memorable journey and share it with all of us here in my blog. Aren’t we all lucky? kpopkolorado is based in Boulder, CO and she is my first guest post! Yup, she popped my cherry blog *giggles*. I was so excited when she agreed to do this for me! Yeoreobun, without further due, presenting…. CNBLUE 2014 BLUE MOON TOUR! Take it away, doc!

p/s: Yes, SHE is a doctor! *nods*


After years of watching CNBLUE on YouTube and in K-dramas and buying all of the CD’s and DVD’s I could afford, my dream of getting to see them in real life finally came true!  I live in Colorado and flew to Los Angeles to see them perform at the beautiful Pasadena Civic Auditorium. “Wow” is all I say.  Not only was the venue beautiful, but the Fab 4 are gorgeous and talented and playful and and and…!


They had us singing, screaming, and dancing for almost three hours.  Yonghwa was the penultimate rocker letting out shrieks and holding high, scratchy notes for longer than was healthy.  His child-like excitement was contagious and had him spinning around, jumping up on the drum set, taking Minhyuk’s drum stick and beating a drum, turning to the audience with a spinning drumstick several times while we all clapped and screamed our approval, and running the full length and width of the small stage.


 Jungshin was also thoroughly enjoying himself and his fans in the audience and gave so much fan service, even letting the audience talk in the microphone at one point. He sat on his knees and played bass at one point and a fan handed him a stuffed monkey which he managed to somehow include in his playing.  He is so tall, that even on his knees, he loomed above the audience.


Minhyuk was having a good time in his own world behind the too-tall drum set and was only seen by the majority of the crowd on the floor when he stood up to talk.  His greeting and his voice were so sweet that it sent a hush through the crowd.  His deep love is so apparent that just his ‘thank you’ was enough to get me teary-eyed.


Jonghyun seemed to be ailing and was also having technical issues with his monitor so was constantly asking his tech to turn up the microphone or his guitar.  His singing was beautiful, but you could tell he was having difficulty with his throat.


I am a huge fan of their songs so would have loved the concert anyway, but the fact that Jungshin and Yonghwa were so animated and playful the entire time made it really special.  My favorite moment in the concert is when a fan handed Yonghwa a paper crown, he put it on and ran across the stage landing on our side and squatting down to give even more fan service by blowing kisses, giving eye contact, and shaking hands.  I was unweilding in my desire to capture him up close on video, so I didn’t bother to approach him.  Instead I tried my best to hold my phone steady even though I was spazzing and got a pretty good video:

Yonghwa’s loving kindness is indelibly etched on my heart.


This was a true rock show by a group of four Flower Boys.  The ultimate eye and ear experience. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this historic concert and my congratulations to CNBLUE for holding the title of: “first-ever solo world tour by a Korean rock band.”


Here is the set list:

Where You Are

Get Away

One Time

Naran Namja

Coffee Shop

Have a Good Night

Sarang Bit


These Days

Y, Why

Just Please


In My Head



I’m Sorry

Encore Songs:

Hey You

L.O.V.E. Girl

You’ve Fallen For Me

Try Again, Smile Again (Eng. ver)

My love to BOICES worldwide and may you all get the chance to attend a CNBLUE concert in the near future!

Yours in K-Rock, @KpopKolorado


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