Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 8


Greetings, yeoreobun! Another funny episode! Though Laurie and I couldn’t simulcast this episode together (due to conflict of time), but we managed to watch it on the same day! This episode is funny, as funny as last week! But this week is all about revolution! 805 did something out of stressed and quit! But in my opinion, I’m sure Laurie-shi agrees with me too, what she did is the best thing she have done for herself! To be stressed out from the same job for the past 10 years is one daunting real life experience! I don’t think I could put up with that this long… Yes, I love my family bu I love myself too. If I’m stress, my family would too. Ooooh, enough about me *sticks her tongue out*. Let’s focus on Laurie’s and my timeline cap. Yeoreobun, mokja!

Episode 8


Laurie ADgirl

Going to watch now? I have the night to myself. be of our sons plays basketball, the team and family members are gone to see the country’s top University men’s and women’s game tonight.

While Nelly is out of the country on business, we have decided it will be easier to do as we did for the last episode.

I HAVE STARTED, SO EXCITED! *jumps in joy*

Poor Barasshi… Not even his morning pee.


She did not change or brush her night before drinking breath…. eeewwwww *gross*

Bahahaaha…the dry cleaner smacks him with a hanger, for possible affair.



What, it’s my mother! *ROFL*

She doesn’t remember last night, so will not get in the car…. He goes right for the insurance to get her going *giggle*

My Myooz: I wish I could join ya! I’m having breakfast now *wink*


Laurie ADgirl: I just had supper, chicken bacon salad. Subway, of course *crazy eyes*

I know when you can, you will watch and add your comments.

I love the whole taxi vs drive scene, between 805 and 806.

806: get in if you do not want to be late! 805: Fine, just this once!

Hehehehehe listing off all the things he does to help her. Her response, I am thankful… Stop with the self-praise.

collCan you do me a favor.. pulls over. All to put a pain relief patch on his back…/… Hahahahaha…. It is such an OH so comedic steamy moment! If she doesn’t, I would gladly put the patch on for him…. OMO! It is hot again… 806’s back. YUM


Hahahaha… Before acupuncture you will get a punch from my fist first….

All cause he is teasing her about her weight… Never something a man should do to a woman. *shakes my head*

Our Diva is now jealous. *evil grin*


See, if he was nice to her with no other intention, she may notice him.

NNNOOOO! Attorney Kim has to act angry and nagging all the time to her.

Now taking all her snacks and telling her she is the reason there is bugs??????? All I would think is WHAT AN ASSHAT! *fist punch*


Here comes the food… !!!!!!!! Using the milk.

An actual recipe with it. Cannot wait to try it. *thumbs up*



Heheheheh Client and attorney Kim… Client made him jump. Hahahaha

Jealous or not… Knowing attorney Kim really likes her, …. I would still not work for him. He is being such an asshole.


Woot! She finally resigned. I would too after basically being called a slut.

He is saying it’s her fault cause she found a man… what an ass! *angry face*

To be fair, there have been much worse asses in other dramas. He just does not know how to express himself. Pfh.


Poor 804… Trying to show her mom how well she is doing on her own,. Her mom is concerned with her own self.


805’s mom showed up. Snicker… surprise. Not sure what is worse… A mother who could give a SH… Crap or a nosy, controlling busy body mother.

Laugh … 805 whispering the code on the phone to her mom to get in her apt, and her mother is yelling it as she enters it.


Belly Laugh… 804- Halmeoni… are you Unnie’s grandmother? It’s 805’s mother.


Why does she keep calling me Halmeoni? Do I look that old? Yes yes you do… Hehehe.. At least for a 23 yr old.

Now I want some ramyun.


805 found a restaurant to eat ramyun alone.

806 is there… out for desert, and he wipes here mouth.. She loves it. Well without knowing it of course.


He is concerned for her… So sweet. While he has to work taking her to a Karaoke bar for one.

Love him more and more each week.

Hahaha Attorney Oh is flirting with Manager.

Oh I was so fixated on her resignation… I loved the way Attorney Kim was about to eat one of her chocolate bars and coolly, hid it as she walked in.

Back to current events… nothing beats a stressful day like a mothers home cooked comfort food.


Her mom sure loves her.


Love the sweet moments between Manager and the BFF. showing how marriage works. It’s daebak… such a sweet moment topped with comedy. I know I can work too. I can work at your office and be your office wife.


Muhahahahaha… OMO! Not only his reaction.

I am thinking of how she will handle our Diva attorney, when he snaps at her for nothing.

Manager slick talking to get out of her working with him

My Myooz: I can’t I just can’t with your funny comment

laughing emoticon

Laurie ADgirl: Even I would not want to work with my Honey. I love him and all but not to work with him too…. Oh! Hell No!

I would come up with some sorry ass excuse too.

The mother with the dating contract… My daughters would have my eyes hands for attempting it.


I know her mom just does not want to see her alone, and wants her to be happy.

806 going to sing!!!!

One of his own… SWOON!


And dancing…


Preview. 806 going to hit it off with her mom????????? Wonder if she will try to match him up with 805.

You know how sneaky moms can be.

Attorney Oh with 806… Cannot wait for that moment.

My Myooz: Wish I could watch it with you! Dang dang it!

Laurie ADgirl: What may work next week while you are there is with the time change…

Mornings always better for me. So we can simulcast you watch in the evening and I watch in the morning.

My Myooz: Yes. Perhaps we can do it next week. Had I known you watch it earlier I would have skipped breakfast *snicker*

Laurie ADgirl: That would not have been good. Having to watch the food and be hungry.

My Myooz: I know! So did you notice anything? I heard they supposed to mention Warm Words the drama. I don’t watch it so I wouldn’t know.

Laurie ADgirl: Almost have to lick the screen from hunger. No clues for next week’s food.

My Myooz: Get out! Must be delicious.

Laurie ADgirl: It was her mom’s cooking.


My Myooz: I was putting up the post this AM and I was almost call for room service. Moms cooking! Whoa!

Laurie ADgirl: *Giggle* There are other reasons to want to lick the screen but you will have to wait… Not just the mom’s cooking is all I will say.

My Myooz: Was 806 being all cute? *bats lashes*

Laurie ADgirl: Wonder what work would think if you were late for an hour to watch it.

My Myooz: Aaaaaaa I need to watch it now but I’m leaving grrr

Laurie ADgirl: He is being drooled worthy cute.

My Myooz: Hahahaha I know. I’ll just tell them real life interruption hehe. Awwwww my heart is palpitating now!

Laurie ADgirl: I thought he was cute before, but this drama is making him so much more. Well you have a great day at work. I will read your comments tomorrow. I now have to go bake a cake. Ken’s birthday was Thursday and we are celebrating tomorrow.

My Myooz: Ok! I’ll watch it tonight. Have a great evening!

Later, that evening…

My Myooz: Ok here we go, am watching it via GoodDrama.

Wow, Korean commercials! I’ll take it

Goodness, she’s late for work again!

C’mon, feed Barasshi!


Poor doggie lol He’s playing dead now!


Hahaha getting scold from the laundromat ahjusshi for nothing!


Psycho Kim!

Hahaha didn’t we get close last night? Just hop in to his car, 805!

Did he make it up about speaking informally?


Geez just put your guard down!

Merciful neighbor? He’s good with his words.


Hahahaha she apologize in a clear state of mind.

Whoa! What’s that look? *covers her mouth*


Uhm hello! She uses her nails to patch that patchy lol


Is he flirting with her? Omo!

Gasp! Attorney Kim saw everything! Again! After that piggy back incident.


Oh! I’m gonna call PETA on you! Geez Oh…


Here comes the psycho!

Bahaha the tiger growl

What? He wants her chocolate?


Goodness, what bugs?

Hey! What the hell he thinks he’s doing? Confiscating her chocolate?

Breakfast with 806? What is he making?


Ansungtamyun!!! My favorite ramen!

Dujun dujun hehehe


Aaaaaaaack! She’s flirting and he’s not impressed! Too much drama, 804!



Toowoomba spaghetti? Omo! I’m totally in love with him!

Is he shooting for cooking show? *giggles*


Yum! It looks delicious!

Awwww he’s putting Pavarotti for her…. So romantic!


Jjang jjang man!

Mwo! What is he doing here? Is this the Warm Words crossover? Lol


Why is Kim doing this to 805? He’s going too far! Too, too far!

Bear it?

Resign! Resign! RESIGN!!!!!


Wow! Sue him!

Yes! She’s finally in charge of her work life!

Kim is in shocked lol


Ooooh yes yes, I wanna know everything about why she wants to quit!

Poor girl… tsk tsk tsk


I bet Kim’s ego is damaged now.

Poor Manager… From one devil to another lol

Whoa! She’s taking pic of her laundry?

Omo! 805 is a carbon copy of her mom! Wow they found the perfect mom for her lol

804 getting shut right away by 805’s mom.

Love this dog! Seriously!


Neh! You look that old, halmeoni!

Noodle house?

Ramen store for single person? Wow! They do exist!


Gosh, now I want ramen! Filipino food sucks! *not my cup o’ tea* tsk tsk tsk

Gosh! 806 is here!

Chocolate cake in a cup?


Lee Soo Kyung meoshita!

What? Is she regretting it?

Hah! Did he just… Did he just????


And he pulled her to karaoke for 1? Daebak!

He’s genuinely care of her after hearing her story on the last episode.

Man of capacity! And now his head is big from compliment.

Goodness, this psycho Kim!

Bar bar bar!


Growling!!!! Jeo doo molla!


Awwwww now she really feels useless…

Omma food!

They look alike!

Steamed eggs!!!!



I’m hungry again!

Quail eggs! Oh fudge, I need food!


Nurungunji! Aish jjeongmal! Da baegopa!!

Poor Manager. He’s doing two people’s work now.

He’s so depressed now. I’d envy too if I hate my job so much but can’t because of family.


This is life. This is the reality we are all facing. Sigh

Office wife?

Uhm not a good idea! NO!

Bahahaha he’s scared!

How can she eat so much?


Ooooh her divorced has been secret.

$2000 for 10 dates? Aigoooo

Marriage luck? With 806 of course!


Aaaah he stress relieve himself there too!

Gosh, I love Korean commercial!

He’s gonna sing???? Omo!


His own song!!!!

Fiction, fiction! And he did the steps too!

Aigoo love the next episode preview! Aigoo aigoo!

So yeoreobun, as you can see… 805 took charge of her life! Yay for her! And yay for the move 806 made on 805! Very spontaneous but dayyummmm! That was smooth on his part, wasn’t it? And he pulled her arm and send her off to karaoke for one person? He’s a keeper! Now I’m really convinced he has feeling for her… Maybe it is not obvious enough just yet, but who knows? I can’t wait for next episode. Can you?


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