Wednesday Eu-Mak: Holy Sh*t!


I did not just say that! I did not! But yes, ladies and gentlemen… I DID! Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry to give you a big hiccup this morning… I can’t help it! Why? Just watch this bloody MV and tell me what you think!

So? So? Tell me, just TELL ME!!!! *strangles your neck* And what did you think of the title of the song? I almost choked when I heard the chorus part coz I wasn’t looking at the title. Hehehehe… She’s a little hot pepper, isn’t she? Ssssssspppppicyyyyyy! By the way, Happy February! Sorry, this post is a way shorter than the regular music post. I’m a little too busy with work now but thanks to Belinda for sharing this vid with me. She’s a sweetheart, trying to cheer me up with this provocative vid *laughs*. Actually, after watching this MV, I really want to make out with Joo Ji Hoon! Who doesn’t want to make out with the Prince? Gimme ma Joo Ji Hoon! Come to momma!

But do you know who Gain is? She is my favorite singer. I love that she can be so sexy and cute at the same time. Gain or Ga-In, is a singer and actress, and she is also a member of kpop girl group, Brown Eyed Girls. She’s been in several varieties but you know me, I’m no fan. But here, another MV of my favorite song by Gain. I hope you enjoy her sexy voice as much as I do! I think she’s way better than 4 Minute’s Hyuna. Hey, this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it *wink*.


What do you think?

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