Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 9


Hello, all! Here we go again with the food! Did you survive last week’s episode? WE barely did. Her mom’s food was just too delicious! And this week’s episode? All I can I say I never drool so much for popcorn! Also, something unbelievable happened with this week’s episode! Her mom sold her daughter out over Go-Stop game! I can’t believe she gambles her daughter’s life! Amuden, that’s the back end of this episode. I see several squee worthy on this episode too… Is the moment of love finally knocking on Let’s Eat door? *giggles* Ok, enough mumbling… Let’s get on to it!

Episode 9


My Myooz: Hi Laurie! I hope you’re doing fine and hope the weather is not brutally cold! Joking 😛

I’m going to start watching Let’s Eat ep9 now. I’m excited.

Oh gawd, I missed streaming live with Viki. *cries*

Is that matchmaking profile she’s forced to fill in?


Barasshi! I really love this dog!

Awwwww that’s nice of her. I wouldn’t share my side dishes with anyone lol


Omo, he eats right away!


Her mom is one feisty lady! Lol


But she does looks like halmoeni lol

Aish I wanna know her divorce ordeal

Wait wait, is he listening to his song again? Lol

Ooooh what game is that?

Geez she doesn’t look like she is been sleeping all night! The power of makeup!

Omo! Attorney Oh! No reservation!

Blind date? Is she disappointed now?

Geez she still thinks Kim likes her? Aigoo.


My Myooz: Ooops hotel called and wanted to switch me to a different floor coz they’re doing maintenance work. I hesitated but agreed anyway. Good news is my view is nothing but the volcano! Jjang jjang!

Ok let’s continue again!

She lied to her mom! This gonna get ugly when mommy dearest found out! *gasps*


It fits!

Hahaha the trick works! I should tell that to my inlaws!

What’s up with the hair, 806?


Aish I love this boy!

Side dishes as equal as a piece of gum? Lol

Wait wait, mommy likes 806?


Lol at Bara!

Bara is adorbs!


Bara has great tasty! What a freaking dog!



Oooooh I love 805’s jacket.

Ohmy god can’t it be any louder yelling omma in the department store?

Ya ya Oh, you can’t compare Manager with 805!

Dae Young ah?


Because of me? Oooh Oh, she’s full of it.

I just love this little little sound from this show lol

Aish video broken *cries*

What? Son in law into OH family?

Oh no, is she confessing????

Ahahahaha is she really? Omg the look on 806!


Hmmmmm attorney Kim is very suspicious. I don’t trust him.

Is he firing him over food?

Kimchi jjigae sounds good to me now!

Is he missing her now?

Can someone check on 806 for me???

Popcorn! She gets turned on even by popcorn a lol


Nachos and cheese! Hmmmmm




What is that? Mamma mia!


Fuck, I want nachos and cheese and jalapeño now!

My tummy growling now.

I pity her too but it’s her life.


Is digestion = heart burn?

Noona isn’t my style? Hmmmm

Aha! He’s jealous of her and 806!

Aigoo excuse you, attorney Kim!

Goodness Bara is a one fashionista dog!


With shoes??? Wow this dog!

Yes yes, be an entrepreneur!

Bara jjang jjang man now!

Don’t give up! Hah the irony now!

Stop sighing, just do it!


If 806 is there, he will push her that’s for sure!

Hahaha it’s ok to be indebted to me too!

Oh no! His house!

Jade mat! Wow!

Pig sty! Lol

She’s cleaning up the house?

Hahaha he’s giving her the proper garbage bag!


Now they’re playing game! FUNNY!!!!

Here we go!


Haha even her BFF doesn’t think she can cook!

806 really know how to act!

He just kissed her hand!

She lost and he’s collecting 3,400 won!

Look at her face! She lost big time!

Betting what? Omo omo


Omo is that his date? Her eyes looks big!

Her eye under bags!

Hah! Free promotion for Answer Me, 1994!

Stop! Why is he keep asking about 806 to her?


They bet on food????

Did he purposely lose so he can eat?

Aaaaah I love a man who can crack an egg with one hand!


Something like this?

Bibimbap! My favorite!

Fuck! I want!


He zipped his vest!

Omo omo look at them two!

She’s imagining him as her son in law now!


I can’t wait when my son can eat spicy! He and I will eat from our brass bowl.

They eat like a couple!

Mommy enjoys her view hehehe

Geez sexy pose!

Stop asking 806 on your date!


Geez he sounded gay too.

Mwo? Now I know how I feel?

So he misses 805!

He keeps all her snacks with him!

Geez just confess, attorney Kim!

Ok! He cries funny lol



She already found the candidate for 805? Who? 806?

Bibimbap again. I can eat this forever!

Is she feeling empty?

Hah! She just ate and now she’s going to eat again!


804 is a biz woman now!

Noona, you’re one.



Hahahaha she is betting her daughter? I knew it!



Chop chop!

Omo omo

Who’s the next victim?

Oh my god oh my god! Did you see the preview????

I can’t wait to hear your part!

Laurie ADgirl: Darn I had just turned the Kobo off at 3 AM. Would have stayed up to watch it with you. Tomorrow morning my time will be when I can watch it. Then no can have both PC and Kobo. Can’t wait till we can watch together again. I miss it.

My Myooz: Hah. I know. When I log in, I saw you just left FB for an hour. It’s ok. I’m going home soon! Woohoo.

Laurie ADgirl: I can only watch tomorrow or maybe tonight if I do not sleep. In the pain I am in I am sure it is a no sleep night.

My Myooz: Hi Laurie. I’m on my way home now. Why are you in pain?

Laurie ADgirl: I have suffered with back and hip pain for awhile. It does not bother me often, when it does, any position I lay, sit or stand in for longer than a few minutes kills me. I was fine yesterday. I am back to normal. I am getting ready now to watch Let’s Eat. I have not been able to get on the PC long enough to be able to watch and comment. Even today I cannot. So I am going to put them on paper as I watch. After I will type them here.

Laurie ADgirl: Hoping you have a good flight and travel back.

Let’s Eat… Here goes

Loved Beast before, its 100x more now.

Love the recap and the whole wiping lips. Melt.


Oops forgot her mom is still there.

Awe so sweet all 3 together to secretly meet, so she can see Barassi.

Hahahaha! 806 ..”Are all pets like old married couples? They become like each other. Look Barassi reacts to seeing food the same way noona does.”


She is sharing her mom’s food. How sweet. We cannot escape 804’s hug. 806 looking for his share of the food.


Love it!

love that 806 tricks 804, to thinking he will share with her. Nope not even one bite. Just his finger.

Haha not only does the mom wake up instantly, she assume 805 is sneaking back in from meeting a man. Even though they argue ALOT I am starting to love her mom. Minus the guilt.


Knows how to play games and download them on her own… Mom is great in some ways. She just does not want her to be alone.

Attorney Diva has a blind date… Too funny Attorney Oh seems a little jealous. Hehehe

806 meeting Omma in the hall. Are my side dishes worth a piece of gum?


804 and Barassi are too cute. Talking to him as a human too. Letting him choose material. He has expensive taste.

Love how the gets 805 to take her shopping. I would kill her in the end I think. By me clothes, don’t buy me and clothes… Make up your freakin’ mind.


UGH!!!!! That’s where the mom drives me nuts.

806 vs Att Diva….Diva is so jellin’ right now and 806 has no idea.

Att Oh’s reaction thinking it is all because of her.

OMO! I love it. Her confidence is daebak!

OMG choked on my tea, from laughter… 806, What’s wrong with Att Diva? Att Oh… Nothing to concern yourself with. It has to do with me.


She gives a whole new meaning to vanity.

My sweet 806… Look at his face while Att Oh is confessing and then pits her hand on his chest. He can’ t keep a straight face. He is trying so hard not to laugh.


I will wait. We won’t rush. Your wound will heal. She is so clueless and full of herself it is hysterical.

Manager and At Diva so hard to 805 choosing the food they can’t decide. I love At Diva’s reaction when Manager even mention 805’s name.

Look at her with the theater food. Have to admit when I smell popcorn I almost react the same way. Its a weakness.


I wonder how they will have her eat a hotdog? Problem no the same as when At Diva is there. Did I say that and type that.

Naughty devilish face

Wonder what he would look like watching her eat it?

I am at it again.

At Diva has indigestion , sees my 806 finds out just friends…. Indigestion gone. Hahaha. Love 806 I am not her type and she is not mine.


Manager no worries 806 is like that with everyone. I mean look at how he treats Att Kim.

Aaawwwe how sweet is 806 taking Omma in? Love him more and more.


What a pig sty…. Love how he is not insulted and just hand her a garbage bag.

Playing Go Stop….. He is such a hustler. Sneaky! I guess it is to have her Mae him food.

A moment of Squeeeing for me. Just showed Attorney Kim confession to 806, to my daughter. Who is not an Kdrama fan. The only A-star she finds hot is Kim Hi Noon. So you know when she points out on her own that 806 (Yoon Doo Joon) is good looking and worth watching, he is.

To which my response was calm…. Yah he is, just a little too young for me. *grin*

All angelic like.

Laurie ADgirl: Nelly I do not have the time to finish adding the comments right now.

My Myooz: That’s fine. Whenever you have the time. I’m in LA now. Waiting for my next flight, not until later tonight.

Laurie ADgirl: I will finish tomorrow.

My Myooz: I finished screenshot ep8 and I had no choice but to eat! That instant spaghetti made for 804 looked way delicious


Laurie ADgirl: OK to finish my comments. Sorry it has been so long….

Attorney Diva’s blind date- I bet with all the questions in about 806, she will think he is gay. He is so jealous not even funny.


Haha 806 got supper out of Omma. What did I tell you?

The look on Omma has me questioning, if she has a thing and falling for 806 (let’s face it any living breathing woman would) or if she is planning on setting them up? Hahahaha

His description of bibimbap was so good. I thought I was going to drool to death.


Giggle, the two of them eating side by side. They look like an old married couple. So cute! 


bahahahahaha told you she was going to think Diva was gay. I just did not think her response and face would be so hysterical.

Love the look on her face when Diva says I now know how I really feel.



He is talking about Soo Kyoung 805. Just realized his own true feelings.

I am hoping his over the top bawling was for the comedic value. Worked for me.

They are all together to eat.


Look at 804 taking the new business seriously. She is adorable, and I love her in this role it suits her well.

Get me some water Nunna. Why

Why? Because you are mine! Wae? I won’t playing Go Stop.


Bahahaha her mother placed her as a bet and lost. Seriously I would kill my mother.

I was wrong in thinking 806 played for food.

That concludes my ep 9.

Omo omo, did you see that? I still can’t believe 805 omma sold her daughter to 806! *jumps in joy* Is this the beginning of love? Sparkly love is the best of the best. And the preview for next episode? Is the stalking deal coming up again? Are we going to see more of this stalker? We need to know more. But until then, let’s think of the “because noona you’re mine” deal coz I can’t get over it. *giggles* 


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