Wednesday Eu-Mak: Love is in the Air!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! How are you all doing? I’m doing fabulous! I look great, I feel great! For the past two weeks I have been very sluggish. The travels drained me out completely. I don’t look myself at all and I don’t really want to see any human but my boys. Yeah, this is what happened when you travel and meet too many peoples in two weeks than it is in a year! I’m glad to be normal except my right foot and ankle is still recovering from my tiny mishap I had in the Philippines. Don’t worry, nothing  is broken *winks*

This week is all about love. Wae? Valentine’s Day is around the corner! What do you have plan in mind? But wait, wait… Are you single, attached, recently detached or like me, hooked for life? *laughs* This is very important question. I don’ want to offend the single one *pouts* but I bet even if you’re single, you aren’t feeling lonely coz you’re surrounded by your gorgeous biases, right? *wiggles eyebrows* *poke* C’mon, you know you  have a few… *winks* My goal for this post is to make you all feel all so good no matter what condition you’re in. Love is all around *blows kisses* Celebrate it with your pet. Celebrate it with your family. Celebrate it with friends, near and far. Just go out and celebrate the love *fingers heart*even just by yourself…

The first MV is a feel good song for all of you. It is called Always Love You by SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and SunnyHill’s Kota. The song is so sweet and lovely. The atmosphere is nice! Very summery, right? The MV makes me want to drop everything and fly to the pacific west coast and stroll on Hwy 1 on a convertible. Aish… those were the days I did with my husband.

The next MV is called Love Blossom by K.Will. Well, how appropriate the title is, right? I figured it would fit perfectly with the theme. Also, with Infinite Myung Soo aka L on the screen? How can I not select this song? *giggles* God I love him! Wooooops, did I just say that out loud? Ok, ok… and special mention for Sistar’s Dasom too *winks* But this song proves that love is all about fun. If it is not fun, take a big leap of faith and move one. I’m sure you’ll find love again…

And my final MV is by BTOB and it is called 2nd Confession. C’mon, I can’t leave y’all without my kpop boys, right? I love the pj version the most  just because… Boys in pjs are cute! I love watching them being all so cute with tiny pony tails *fans self* but for your sake and to be fair, I include the first version too… Hmmmmm *wipes drools* let this fantasy of them boys begin! Pst, ignore that girl… *sticks her tongue out*

I hope you love my Valentine’s selection *fingers heart* and enjoy the songs whenever you can. Take it easy and have a great Love day! *blows kisses*



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