Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 10


Finally we are on episode 6! The episode of love! Will we see love interest between Attorney Kim and 805? Or 805 and 806? Who do you ship now? Attorney “Diva” Kim or Mr. 806 Insurance? Hmmmm… Let’s not ruin this, shall we? C’mon, let’s watch it together!

Episode 10


My Myooz: Ok. I’m on Korean commercial now. Ok I’m at minute 2:02

Laurie ADgirl: I am at 1:23. 1;40 now. 2:06 now…

My Myooz: Ok. Let’s start. Barasshi the model! Give it to 804 for free service again!


Laurie ADgirl: I enjoy the beginning of all 3 in their own world.

My Myooz: Yeah. Shiksa over flowers? Omo!

Laurie ADgirl: 804 taking her designer role so seriously now. It’s fun to watch.

My Myooz: I know! I think she has the ethic for it. I thought she’s jobless. Why going for plastic surgery work? Oooooh it’s for her job interview. Geez she criticizes the doctor’s work already lol


Laurie ADgirl: 805 is just going to shoot herself in the foot. ROFL. All her interviews with legal this and that!

My Myooz: I think so! She’s definitely screwed. Oh wow. What is that food? Hmmmm that looks like roasted duck!


Laurie ADgirl: Looks like BBQ pork

My Myooz: Radish soup! That’s it! I’m eating Korean food for lunch!


Laurie ADgirl: Pigs feet

My Myooz: Did you look at her stomping her feet towards 806? Embarrassed eating alone? Omo! I’m not.

Laurie ADgirl: hahahaha here is the description… LOVE it


My Myooz: Pig trotters? Eeeewwww Eating etiquette? Not with Oh and manager!

Laurie ADgirl: Still acting like a Diva. *crosses her arms*

My Myooz: She wasn’t even listening to what he said, was she?



Laurie ADgirl: No just enjoying the food. Remember she told him she likes it hot.

My Myooz: I so wanna eat with 806! Lol With her attitude, she will never.

Laurie ADgirl: heheheh

My Myooz: Hahahaha She is his now!

Laurie ADgirl: Still calling her his *grins*

My Myooz: Ooooh is he trying to get her job back?


Laurie ADgirl: The constant nose thing with the manager drives me nuts! *gross*

My Myooz: Is that gifts = bribes?

Laurie ADgirl: You think?

My Myooz: To get her job back

Laurie ADgirl: He does border on legal con artist…. Just saying.

My Myooz: Haha Oooh lookie lookie Attorney Kim wants her back!


Laurie ADgirl: He sure does

My Myooz: Hahahaha she hang up on him!

Laurie ADgirl: I loved his face when he saw she did it.

My Myooz: Hahahaha Barasshi for the first time knows when to bark!


Laurie ADgirl: The way he is bouncing his knees… Diva looks more like he needs to pee.

My Myooz: Hahaha Aaaaaaaa he said it! He apologizes!

Laurie ADgirl: Hehehehee IT’S LOVE… for him.

My Myooz: Was that a smirk? Start bargaining for more!


Laurie ADgirl: Look at her playing all smooth.

My Myooz: Aegyo aegyo he holds her hand!


Laurie ADgirl: My son is supposed to be doing school work, he is sitting here watching and laughing with me.

My Myooz: Hahaha and my son watching Disney show! Bahahaha this Attorney Oh!

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahahaha Oh all excited.

My Myooz: Seriously she is such an airhead!


Laurie ADgirl: At least her delusions are fun.

My Myooz: I know! Wow! He’s really upgrading 805 status!

Laurie ADgirl: Is Diva now going to have her do no work? Hmmm *rubs chin*


My Myooz: Does he have to act like a coffee model now?


Laurie ADgirl: Of course. It’s what makes him a Diva.

My Myooz: Hahaha the spit on a coffee thing. Uh oh. Now she thinks she got the job because of 806!

Laurie ADgirl: Our bad guy.


My Myooz: Trouble trouble

Laurie ADgirl: and her phone rings!

My Myooz: Oh god! That was scary!



Laurie ADgirl: and yet giggle worthy.

My Myooz: Still just close the door!


Laurie ADgirl: Nope just invite him in! *shakes head*

My Myooz: Aigoo she’s just too innocent! He’s one clumsy delivery person! Oh, Oh! Hahahahahaha He ignored her

Laurie ADgirl: He left his gloves. I am guessing the real culprit will knock on her door and she will assume it is him and open the door to give the gloves.

My Myooz: I was wondering about the gloves thing too…

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahahah He wants to play tug of war… Today I will be tugged.


My Myooz: Omg attorney Kim! That’s too obvious! That bubblehead girl lol Oooh the new year holiday I forgot… Hahaha he forgot his wife’s BFF is there


Laurie ADgirl: Should I tell Kyun Mi what you just said…. hahahah Manager.

My Myooz: Hahaha complaining about her MIL

Laurie ADgirl: Death stare down

My Myooz: She made her son bow to 805. Revolving sushi house!. Ooooh they use Kakao Talk too! Darn! Now I want sushi!




Laurie ADgirl: Our eating fest begins.

My Myooz: Shrimp tempura! It’s girls time to feast!

Laurie ADgirl: I am now soooo hungry.

My Myooz: Yum! Me too! Cereal sure isn’t enough for me. Wah nice outfit for a lil dog.

Laurie ADgirl: Hanbok for Barra


My Myooz: Uh oh. She finally knew 806’s blog.

Laurie ADgirl: Now she will fall head over heels for him.


My Myooz: Ooh that gifts are for new year. My bad. Not bribes as I thought… Kim is kinda gay too! Geez laughing so evilish.

Laurie ADgirl: Love his over acting, it fits the part so well.

My Myooz: His nephew wants to be tall LOL

Laurie ADgirl: For some reason my app crashes and has to be restarted *grrrrrr*

My Myooz: Hahaha he’s tech challenge!

Laurie ADgirl: Love the nephew… I can leave for 10 bucks


My Myooz: No such thing as free meal hehe Share the things she likes! He was thinking of her dog!

Laurie ADgirl: She would be on her guard and not fall for it again.

My Myooz: Yup 805 is in love!


Laurie ADgirl: She is now head over heels for 806, Told you.

My Myooz: Yeah you did say that lol Goodness! Now she wants to hang out with him all the time. Oooo Oh is looking very poised in her hanbok! Love!


Laurie ADgirl: Hoping 806 will be hers!

My Myooz: Shoot i didn’t even give money for my son. Dumpling soup! Best meal for new year! Wow! She can’t put 806 out her mind!


Laurie ADgirl: No she can’t

My Myooz: So giddy! Goodness he’s at home. He talks to his dad just like how he talked to him mom on the phone.

Laurie ADgirl: Here I thought he was alone.

My Myooz: Poor 804 lonely

Laurie ADgirl: Poor 804

My Myooz: Don’t open the door!


Laurie ADgirl: She did.

My Myooz: The gloves! Wait! They might see each other again… Hmmmm

Laurie ADgirl: Hhhmmm! 804 and delivery guy ship?

My Myooz: Yes! Did she just run towards her Mr. Shiksha? Now she sounded like a stalker! Did she just leave her macaroon behind just like that?


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahah she sounds like a school girl on her first crush. Trying to act all cool … Diva.

My Myooz: Uh oh Kim is going to her apartment!

Laurie ADgirl: Barra barking when he should.


My Myooz: Good dog! Kim assh*le LOL

Laurie ADgirl: Bahahahah Kim Ass@#*e

My Myooz: Oooooh the meal looks delicious.

Laurie ADgirl: Yes it does.

My Myooz: Hahahaha he couldn’t comment her food. And they are sharing food? Food porn turning love fiesta!



Laurie ADgirl: Lady and the Tramp… *bat lashes*


My Myooz: I want bibimyun! Hahaha that’s right, Laurie! I love watching him eating his food!

Laurie ADgirl: My son is talking about how he has had some of the food they are eating at my neighbours. He said it’s delicious.

My Myooz: He’s turning Korean too! Lol

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahah

My Myooz: Oooh Kim waiting for her! Wait till he see her with 806!


Laurie ADgirl: Diva hungry while waiting. He is going to wait.. until he sees her with 806

My Myooz: Did he pack food for her? Aigoo

Laurie ADgirl: How sweet.

My Myooz: He fed her!!!!!!!!

Laurie ADgirl: When my thing eats till she is full I am satisfied.

My Myooz: She hiccup! Omo omo. The love has begun!

Laurie ADgirl: She’s in love. She gets the hiccups when she is in love! *giggles*

My Myooz: Sounded funny though!

Laurie ADgirl: Look at that smile.

My Myooz: Awwwww the smile


Laurie ADgirl: how can you not fall for him?

My Myooz: Do you think he likes her? She changed her hairstyle! Oppa? Omo the preview!

Laurie ADgirl: All about the two of them.


My Myooz: There will be more than one love triangle!

Laurie ADgirl: How catty do you think Oh will become?

My Myooz: Was the delivery guy just a filler story to remind us of that serial killer?

Laurie ADgirl: Not too worried, it seems like she does not have the personality.

My Myooz: She can be really catty!

Laurie ADgirl: I think so and maybe to give 804 someone. Well I am off to work now. Ended just in time. *grin*

My Myooz: Hopefully. They sort of matches together! Ooh great! Have fun working!

*gasp* what a beautiful ending! And the preview of catty Oh face off with 804 on the karaoke place? Oh my goodness I can’t wait to witness it! And did you see how cute Attorney Kim while waiting for 805 to get home? Awwwww, like a teenage boy, he’s definitely crushing on 805 a little too hard. Now that I’m thinking of it, I really don’t want to see him gets hurt even though we all know it is unavoidable being a the second male lead *tsk tsk* Ok, yeoreobun, see on your the next episode! Until then, keep your tummy full!


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