Currently Watching: Aftermath


I’ve been eyeing this webtoon drama for the past week on DramaFever. The title, though it doesn’t sounds scary to some, but for me it is. I asked my fellow blogger Belinda since she already seen it and told me that it wasn’t scary but very much  interesting to watch. And as soon as I found out that each episode is less than 10 minutes long, without hesitation, I immediately put Aftermath on my top priority list. And today is the day I decided to watch.


This is a story of Ahn Dae Yong. He possessed a special ability to see the intention of murder and death after 3 days of coma in the hospital, a superpower he gained from falling off of a rooftop of an apartment building. When he sees faces with red eyes, that means these people will be the victim of death. When he sees faces with blue eyes, these people have the intention to commit murder. Ahn Dae Yong was able to use his ability to see death beforehand and save people from their premature death. He became a hero to the public. However, he isn’t alone in this. An owner of a coffee shop, Kim Jun Ku also possessed the same ability as his. But Jun Ku has no intention to be an angel like Dae Yong. This supernatural ability somehow has changed Dae Yong from a normal happy student to a person who enjoys the public attention. This ability has slowly taking over his life but he seems not able to see it. He jeopardizes his friendship with girlfriend and best friend for it. Being an angel really hurts him and eventually he decided to ignore all these unnatural signs around him. No more being the hero he once thought…


Aftermath is divided into two series. The first series is 5-episode long and the second series is 6-episode long. I’m currently on episode 3, season 2. I have a lot of questions though to why Ahn Dae Yong was given this ability. There was no explanation to why he fell from the rooftop in the first place. And to make the story more puzzling to me is that when he fell, his girlfriend was with him. Who is she anyway? Does she possessed the same ability as he has? How about Kim Jun Ku? What does he wants from Dae Young? I’m really curious to where Aftermath is taking me from here. I’m not sure what will happened between Ahn Dae Yong and Kim Jun Ku. I don’t trust him at all. And I also wants to know how his relationship with his girlfriend will go. Basically, I’m curious. If you’re as curious as I am, come and join the fun with me.



13 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Aftermath

      • So I watched it! It wasn’t bad. A little disjointed in places (like there was more information they just didn’t have time to share), and I wish we could have learned more about some of the characters (chocolate shop guy, for example — and his connection with the girlfriend).

        But it was such a quick watch, and it had a really interesting concept. I got the impression there’s going to be a second season (at least, I think we got some ads saying as much) and I’m sure I’ll be tuning in. 🙂


        • What would the second season be about? It’s a little disoriented and incomplete. They didn’t tell the story entirely to us. I hate putting the puzzle by myself and I wanna know why he was chosen to get this ability.

          The more I think about it, the more I realize there must be something to do with his gf but I don’t know what yet…


          • The ad for the second season (if that’s even what it was) was all words. Which didn’t get translated until what I assumed was the last tag line that said “Aftermath: Season 2”. But I don’t read hangul (or understand Korean, for that matter) so… I could be completely and totally wrong. 🙂

            But yeah — the ending itself felt pretty wrapped up as everyone had lost their powers (apparently) and the guy moved on — happy with his girlfriend. But oh my gosh so many unanswered questions!! I’d hope a 2nd season would try and answer those questions but… that’s just me hoping. 😉


              • So I was checking the episode count of “Aftermath” and discovered I was totally wrong! There is no second season. Episodes 6-11 were considered a second season, so that’s what the subs were talking about. (I have no idea what the ad was for, then.)

                So sad! It means explanations will never come! 😦


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