Special Eu-Mak: A 30-second rant on a 26-second CNBlue teaser

Are you all ready for CNBlue comeback? KpopKolorado here and I just can’t… Can’t Stop!

“Can’t Stop”!!??  yah…


Can’t stop being hot!


Can’t stop being talented!


Can’t stop making me cry!!


Can‘t stop being AWESOME!



Maybe it’s because I’ve loved CNBLUE for so many years…maybe it’s because Yonghwa is truly a heartbroken guy and his music carries that emotion…maybe it’s just that slow piano playing gets me every time…I DON‘T KNOW!  But whatever it is, I had whole-body chills from the very first note of this Teaser MV!!

Wae Yonghwa??  WAEEE?  Must I be moved to tears within a matter of seconds at the mere sound of your voice????  It’s not fair…and the teaser is only 26 seconds in length!!  Hahah I’m ashamed of myself for spazzing so hard, but I kennot with Yonghwa…


Is it just me?  Readers, please be honest with me.  Did anyone else nearly cry at the sound of Yonghwa’s voice saying “miss you”??  GAH!  I don’t know, maybe it’s just too soon after seeing them live at BMLA  (click for my special report) – my feelz have not had time to settle.  One thing is for sure, CNBLUE has had my full attention since I heard them for the first time.  There is such a depth of feeling in every note.

I would love them anyway, but the fact that they are so gorgeous, loving, and personable is just the cherry on the top of the mountain of whip cream, covered in chopped peanuts and chocolate sprinkles. Lol…but I digress…

*runs away screaming*



8 thoughts on “Special Eu-Mak: A 30-second rant on a 26-second CNBlue teaser

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