Wednesday Eu-Mak: Getting Wild


Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! *waves* How are you all doing? I’m recovering from 5-day hibernation in the house! Yes, you heard me right? My area got hit not once, but three snow storms within 3 days! Yes, it was no fun. Sure, it was beautiful but not when you  have to shovel all that snow with an injured ankle. But I did it, along with my awesome neighbors. Together, we dug our cars and clear pathways for our cars to get out of our parking lot. Aaaaah, I love me my neighbors! And speaking of the weather, the temperature is going wild. If last week we were in below freezing cold, today we are definitely on the warmer side. How warm? It may still be cold for some, but for us, it is balmy! Aish this weather… So yeoreobun, in tribute of getting wild, I’m bringing wild to this post. Yes, it is time to feature the crazy Big Bang boys. I have been saving them for the rainy days and today is the day to bring out the good stuff!

The first MV is by the leader himself, G-Dragon. The song is titled Crooked, taken from his latest album. GD is one perfectionist hottie and you can almost see it through his dedication of time and effort he puts into this MV. He wants it to be so perfect for us, his fans. At the same time, you can just tell that he was having a blast shooting this vid. The MV was shot in London and featured some of London’s dark alleys. What amazed me is that how fashionista GD has became. You can just see some of the most ridiculous fashion in here but at the same time, it certainly fits his wild image.

The second MV is by his sidekick, Taeyang. The song is Ringa Linga, also from his latest album. Taeyang is like GD. Very open, very creative, very carefree… When this song was released, I seriously did not like it one bit. I thought it was a hot mess. But I let it sit for a couple of months and started listening to it again. Guess what? I’m obsessed! It’s so catchy and the song is extremely dance worthy. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Ringa Linga is awesome yo!

The third MV is by TOP and the wild song I select is Doom Dada. Ok, this is one song I still cannot listen to. For me, it sounded out of tune and disconnect. I’m not sure what message he’s trying to send to us fans. Also, I don’t enjoy the MV at all except TOP, the eye candy of the Big Bang. The black and white team is however a pleasant to watch except the apes. What the…?

The fourth MV is by Big Bang’s sweet heart, Seungri. Gotta Talk To U is one song I listen most of the time. I don’t know, I find this song super sexy. Seungri sounded very seductive and I feel it didn’t get enough attention as compared to GD, Taeyang and TOP. Is it because he doesn’t sound very Big Bang-ish? Lack of promotion? I don’t know… This song is totally my jam and I can dance to it all night long.

The last MV is rather old and it is by Daesung. Unfortunately, Daesung did not release any single last year. Hmmmm I wonder why… He has one of the greatest ballad voice of all Big Bang members. So I’m resort to using Wings from Big Bang’s last album. I love his voice and I believe he can go bigger had he decided to venture out on his own. Too bad he didn’t… His voice is just so angelic it gives me goosebumps.

All the 5 Big Bang members bring different uniqueness into the group. Together, they make their music in sync and harmony. As a solo singer however, I only see GD being the most successful one. He’s after all the leader of the group and I can see he has ballz to make it bigger than ever. I don’t blame if you don’t like some of my selections. I personally don’t like TOP’s Doom Dada but I have to give him a chance to redeem himself. Maybe someday… but not today. The group is rumored to make a comeback this year. All Big Bang fans, me included, are excited to hear the news and looked forward to the release of the album. When? Probably in the summer or fall but *shrugs* who knows… Anyway, enjoy all the songs yeoreobun and enjoy your hump day! See y’all next week!


One thought on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Getting Wild

  1. Daesung and Seungri are my Big Bang boys of choice. I love, love, love, love Daesung’s voice. LOVE. I guess I have a hankering for those strong voices that can rip into your heart with a ballad (G.O…..of course and Kim Junsu…without question). I am probably going to get the smack down when I say that GD does nothing for me although I completely understand his appeal. I think Taeyang has the best name ever, is super sexy and has an awesome voice. (I thought the dance vid he released for Ringa Linga prior to releasing the MV for the song was fantastic – but that song hooked me from the get go). And, I am going to say it….I honestly do not think TOP has that great of a voice. But…is quite handsome. Yes, I agree that together they make it work as they each bring something special – I really like the songs Bad Boy, Monster and Blue.. And…they are definitely entertaining. ^-^


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