Song of the Moment: Pass Me By


I’m in love! Totally in love with Brown Eyed Soul’s latest release, Pass Me By. I don’t know how to describe it… Very seoul-ly, very soulful, very R&B, very jazzy, very ballady…! To me, Brown Eyed Soul is like the SK version of Boyz II Men. Jjinja yo! This song needs more love from us. Why doesn’t it get more coverage? The song is beautiful. BE.U.TI.FUL! The quality of the song is excellent. Sure, the MV can be a teeny crazy but I find it very artistic. Overall, I love it. I can’t help but listening to it over and over again…. especially when I saw Kim Yuna’s awesome performance only to be taken down by darn Russian! Anyways…


2 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Pass Me By

    • You like, eh? Super duper naiiiseeeee! Very quality song. They took their time and didn’t rush to get this song out unlike most kpop group. Yes, very sad about the Queen… {{hugz}} Nothing could bring him back.


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